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DC villains write-ups?

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I'm looking for DC villains that have been written up in 5e or 6e. I love Surbrook's site but it seems like mostly heroes. I'd be happy with links but also reposts of DC villains that have been done here on the herogames forums.


(I'm running a Suicide Squad campaign and I just want some characters ready for the non-Hero players to grab rather than spend a lot of time in character creation.)

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On 2/5/2024 at 9:27 PM, Sketchpad said:

There are a few in the Downloads section. You may want to search the boards as well. 


Thank you!


Okay, don't nobody take this the wrong way. And, I ain't lazy. But I am having trouble finding DC villains in the Downloads. And in the herogames.com forums.


Normally I am a wizard at this. My first instinct was to go to Google and do a search of the site (site:herogames.com) with some key terms, such as "harley quinn" in quotation marks, along with "disadvantages." It's not working. I guess I could search character-by-character using my DC Who's Who books, or an online list of DC villains....


If anyone has any suggestions, or, if you remember a specific villain that was written up, please post the name on this thread and I'll do the rest! : )


PS: Another thing I could do, I realized, is take any posted villains from any franchise (Champions, Marvel, homebrew, etc.) and then just identify them as a new villain. That might actually be the smarter play, because it would allow the players to develop the personality how they see fit. I could leave some Psych Limits open and then paste them in once I see how it's going...

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