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The above title stands for Acronimed Groups In Dark Champions.


Basicly, what groups of agents, both good and bad, exist in this world.


Will there be a S.A.T. (Special American Tactics, the group which originaly was started up to be a stopgap measer until PRIMUS got up and running, then thay forgot to shut it down)? I no not so humble opinion, SAT would make a perfect sourse for heroic DC charaters to be members of, if you can get past the "pore man's G.I.Joe" stigma.


RAVIN? (Or is that spelt RAVEN?) I see them as sort of the James Bond style excentric villians (but relativly normal) group.


Card Sharps (Card Sharks)? While not acronimed, thay ARE the Hudson City answer to VIPER.


Anything else?

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