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New Campaign Looking For Players

Guest Worldmaker

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Guest Worldmaker

Baron Samedi stared out of the floor-to-ceiling windows at the rain, pouring from the sky onto his city. His city. The thought always made him grin like a schoolboy just out on summer break.


Behind him, the reports droned on and on. He listened, but didn't actually care. Hardy would fill in anything that the Baron missed later on. One of the many reasons the hardcases gathered around the table behind him were always nice and polite to the bookish, nerdish Hardy. Hardy had the ear of the Baron, and in this town that meant he had the ear of the only power that mattered.


"... and he agreed to give us 60% of his take. Seein' how he's new to the city and don't know the rules yet, I figger its better to make omelettes than break eggs just for the hell of it."


There was silence as the Baron turned his chair around to face the meeting table. "Yes, better. Keep me informed as to his progress and perhaps we'll put him on payroll. If not, then not." A glance to his left. "How is the sewer project coming?"


The pale man in the burgundy suit, LaCombe, swallowed before answering. "Well... we've hit a problem. The Mayor doesn't like our nominee. I mean, personally... he hates her. They got some sort of history."


Baron Samedi closed his eyes. Without opening them, he spoke. "Tell Mister Nagin that he needs to get over it. The city might be supplying his house and his car, but everything else he owns he got from me, and if he thinks he can just forget it... well, he's got another think coming, now doesn't he?"


He opened his eyes and smiled, then glanced toward the back of the room where shadowy people stood. The other people at the table followed his gaze, getting the message. They all nodded, swiftly.


"Now... " Baron Samedi interjected. "Someone tell me why the Richmond Shipping hijacking was not completed?"


No one spoke. No one spoke for a long time. Then Hardy... Hardy of all people... coughed nervously and spoke up, to the utter relief of the rest of the table. The Baron never punished Hardy for bad news.


"We seem to have a costume problem..."





Hard Times In The Big Easy is now accepting submissions to fill a single player position. This campaign is a Dark Champions campaign in the Vigilante Crimefighting subgenre. The single player will be fighting mostly against street thugs, drug lords, and other "normal" criminals, though occasionally, he will be pitted against an actual supervillain.


Submissions may be made between now and 12 midnight on September 3, 2004 (American Eastern Standard Time). After that point I will accept no more submissions. The announcement of who gets the single player position will be made shortly thereafter.


Please submit a completed character sheet and background containing all the information found on a standard Global Guardians character sheet. Incomplete character submissions will be rejected summarily. Please submit the character as an attachment, in either plain text or Microsoft Word format, and if you have Hero Designer please accompany your submission with the character's .hdc file. (Submissions consisting solely of the .hdc file will be considered incomplete.)


Submissions should be sent directly to my email address, jack@globalguardians.com


Characters submitted to this campaign should be street-level characters, specifically "super-normals" along the lines of Batman, Daredevil, and the Punisher. All character submissions should follow these guidelines:


Starting Points: 200

Maximum Disadvantages: 200

Maximum Points From One Category of Disadvantage: 60

Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 45


Special Restrictions:


While Normal Characteristics Maxima is not a mandatory disadvantage, the character should not have more than one characteristic that exceeds 23, and even then should have a solid reason for it.


Characters need not have a Code vs. Killing, but should not be sociopathic monsters who kill at the drop of a hat, either.


The character must have Social Limitation: Secret Identity.


The character must have the Street Detective package, as per the Global Guardians house rules.


No aliens, robots, or super-apes will be accepted.


The player is encouraged to take either Contact: (Crusading Member of the District Attorney's Office), Contact: (Crusading Police Captain), Contact: (Crusading Newspaper Reporter), or any combination of the three.


Characters are permitted to spend points on bases and vehicles.


Equipment must be paid for with character points.


The "super-skills" found in the Dark Champions book are acceptable.



More information can be found on the Big Easy campaign page: http://www.globalguardians.com/campaigns/bigeasy.php All players interested in making a submission to this campaign should read this campaign page first!


Those interested in lurking and reading this campaign should send a subscription email to bigeasy-subscribe@globalguardians.com

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Guest Worldmaker

Re: New Campaign Looking For Players


400 points though?


The default for this style in Dark Champions is 100+100, and for many other styles 75+75.


At 400 points, about the only ideas I would have are robotic super-ape aliens. :P


Given the rest of the game's set up, its not unreasonable.

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