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Character: Christine Hunter

Mark Rand

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This thread is a tye-in to A Bat-ty Campaign Idea.

In it, quirks, one point disadvantages are used.

Christine is the DOSPA liaison assigned to Batgirl and her team.

A former CIA operative, specializing in black-bag jobs, she transferred to the DOSPA and was assigned to the liaison pool after an enemy power accused the CIA of stealing top-secret data from that country and a disgruntled former agency executive spilled the beans and identified the agent as Shadowdancer, Christine's CIA code name. He died soon after, when a drunk driver ran him over.

While in college, Christine acted in plays. While preparing to portray a fashionably-dressed woman in a play set in 1903 Boston, she learned to do everyday tasks with gloves on and decided to wear gloves all the time.

Is her always wearing gloves a 1-point quirk or a psyc lim?

What package deal is best for Christine, cat burglar, cinematic spy, or field agent?

Would the CIA let her let her keep her burglar tools or would she have had to get them from contacts she'd made while working for the CIA?

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