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Ideas for a Beginner Group/Campaign


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Thinking about a trainer campaign for myself, wife, and two kids. I would like to take them from the early days of basic training, through a spec ops career and end up with some Hudson City vigilantes. I kind of like the progression because I can gradually add in rules and build the characters through the basic training process and on up. Can anyone give some suggestions for a novice group starting up, maybe some resources that would be useful for this?

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Re: Ideas for a Beginner Group/Campaign


Sounds interesting. Not sure about resources to help you. I imagine you would make basic characters, RP/play through one section, award X extra points to up characters (with GM help/suggestions on how to spend them) and/or "heres what you get" packages. Repeat for each stage until the campaign proper commences.



Start: basic 75 pt characters.

After basic training: WF, a few skills, some stat increases.

After spec ops training: demolitions, stealth, systems ops, levels, martial arts, stat increases, etc.

After spec ops missions: +50 pts to do whatever


If they're novice to HERO, I'd run some sample combats that don't count up front. Introduce new elements each time to show how useful they are.

Give everyone a basic person, SPD 2, 10 dex, etc. They have pistols and WF.

Opposition is Dex 15, SPD 3 thugs with pistols and one level.


Fight one: PC's get attacked in the open by surprise. Should be over pretty quick.


Fight two: PC's get attacked with lots of cover around. PC's should still lose, but take a lot longer.


Fight three: PC's get attacked with lots of cover, and have body armor. Gets interesting.


Fight four: PC's are at Dex 18, Spd 4, have pistols, body armor. Lots of cover, saved phases when bad guys show up. Bad day for bad guys.


Fight five. PC's are at Dex 18, Spd 4, have variety of weapons (pistols, shotguns, automatic weapons), a few levels, body armor. Lots of cover, ambushing bad guys. Should go real quick in favor of PC's.


Should teach them the values of SPD, Dex, OCV/DCV, levels, how deadly things are and how much body armor and cover are their friends. And that it's better to get the drop on someone than the reverse.

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