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  1. Re: Order of the Stick You say that like Tarquin really considers Nale a threat.
  2. Re: overmentalizing "Congratulations. Due to his highly effective interrogation techniques, Mindworm has been drafted to special service. He's going to be busy for the next few years going through Gitmo, federal prisons, everyone potentially connected to any missing persons cases, and everyone involved in the last few rounds of financial meltdown. While he's busy, what would you like your next character to be like?" If you want to keep him in the game, let him do the stuff, but don't have the rest of the campaign sit around while he does it. "OK, you're partway through the scanni
  3. Re: Idea to art by Storn. Year 8 PUNCH - Small (18"?) puppet brought to life and imbued with massive power and an equally massive attitude. Pinocchio meets Howard the Duck meets the Thing (Ben Grimm).
  4. Re: Getting to know the game Hi, welcome! One possibility would be to poke around in some of the games on HeroCentral . Character sheets, discussion of actions, rolls, etc. A number of them may be running 5E instead of 6E, but most of the basics are the same or pretty close.
  5. Re: Looking for Hero book reviews in magazines for Wikipedia. http://wiki.acaeum.com/wiki/Index:The_Space_Gamer
  6. Re: Looking for Hero book reviews in magazines for Wikipedia. I have a couple of the Space Gamer issues in question: Revised Champions in issue 65 (Sept/Oct 1983) by Russell Grant Collins. Also a note that the original Champions was reviewed in issue #43. Short Champions III review in issue 70 by Allen Varney. I remember some Champions reviews in Dragon too, but don't have them close at hand.
  7. Re: Coming up with terminology for humans who turn into superhumans using "-thrope" I like Metathrope. Kratos is Greek for power, so something like Kratothrope could work, but not be as easily "cool".
  8. Re: A Marvel-ous Suicide Squad? Tumbler Amphibius Boomerang Brothers Grimm Grey Gargoyle Black Mamba
  9. Re: Powerball My first instinct is to have it be similar to football, where you try to get the ball to a specified end zone. Of course this part would be very easy for speedsters/teleporters, so to score you have to also KEEP the ball there for a certain period (for Champions, perhaps 6 or 10 or 12 seconds). Could do it team vs. team, or two teams individually against the same danger room setup and compare how well they do.
  10. Re: Tropes Revisited: Beautiful Female Martial Artist. Ideas sought Female Luchadore?
  11. Re: Tropes Revisited: Beautiful Female Martial Artist. Ideas sought How about military dress uniform (braid, medals, etc), a palette and brush? With a beret, works for both aspects.
  12. Re: How to understand the SuperHero Genre For "this is a superhero, and there's more going on than just punching villains" the best thing I can think of off the top of my head is to read early Amazing Spider-Man. A lot will look pretty cheesy perhaps, but you'll have villains, family concerns, financial/school/job issues and conflicts, PR problems, problems with friends and love life, etc.
  13. Re: Where are the great shooters with lower dex? [Mod]Calm down.[/Mod] Besides, he's right. Dex, with no limits like NCM placed on it, was generally a cheaper way to make accurate characters, but it was never the only way. Dex for general ability, levels for skill. One of the great things about HERO, but understandably frustrating at times is that everything is easily changed to however you/GM/group sees fit. I've been in games with 30dex/6spd agents, and others where olympic gymnasts would be dex 10-13, just with some extra points spent on acrobatics. It's a
  14. Re: Guess the inspiration behind this superteam! Hah, I don't think I ever saw those ads. I guess PM's existence can be forgiven a little if it led to those. Indeed. Actioneers for Action Comics, faster than a speeding bullet, man of steel, big blue boy scout, and three of his most iconic power sets. edit - Great Caesar's Ghost! I must spread it around!
  15. Re: Guess the inspiration behind this superteam! Several of them have already been guessed, but: New team: The Actioneers Bullet: Flying speedster. Steel: Brick; strong and tough. Scout: Enhanced senses, can also fire energy blasts from his eyes.
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