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DOSPA liaison background

Mark Rand

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Re: DOSPA liaison background


I'm looking for a character type that would work well with the campaign that's rattling around in my head, Barbara "Batgirl" Wayne and her team protecting a version of Gotham City, New Jersey that's set in the CU/DCU instead of the DC Comics Universe.

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Re: DOSPA liaison background


why limit yourself.


i say all of the above !!!!

Let's see. Maybe more than one liaison.

The DOSPA provides the official federal liaison, but other agencies, not trusting the DOSPA to provide them with what they want, assign their own liaisons. Of course, they often assign the liaison position to a troublemaking person.

The DOSPA liaison is a middle-aged bureaucrat who has a heart problem. He has no interest in computers and can't program either a VCR or digital clock.

The FBI liaison is a low-power metahuman that can shapeshift into a cougar. She's interested in making arrests, not her career.

Homeland Security's liaison is a former military man who got into trouble for completing his mission be doing what he wanted, instead of what his bosses wanted.

The PRIMUS liaison is a former CIA agent who was dropped, at the insistance of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee because she found evidence that a high-ranking official of an agency that they claimed could do no wrong was a terrorist,

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