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Steroid Healing


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I'm trying to design some cyberware that can grant an adrenaline surge to get people up and out of combat. Medic runs up sticks a guy and he's somwhat better, for a while. something like 2-3d6 healing RSR. but I need a mechanic to have the effects temporary and then a side effect of STUN only damage (Maybe body if I feel nasty). So yes you get him up and out but you better moniter him becuase he's going to crash in 30min, an hour or whenever. I know side effects can cause the damage but how do I delay it and have the healing effect disappear. Can I link the healing with a delayed effect NND attack? There has got to be a simpler way I'm just not there yet. My rules-lawyer fu is still weak. Thanks in advance.



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Re: Steroid Healing


Just do it as an Aid:Stun, and set the fade rate however you like. When the AID fades, he'll be where he would have been had he taken normal recoveries.


For extra fun, do it as an AID:Stun and Body simultaneously, with the Side Effect of a 1d6KA Always Affets Target of AID. Now, the character is "healed", gets up, leaves ombat or keeps fighting. When the AID fades, he has even less Body than he did before.

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