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DC Random Plot Generator


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In case anyone's not familiar with it, the Omnihedron is a random number generator/table result program: it can generate random numbers for any combination and type of die, and can apply those results to tables you input including nested tables.


In teaching myself the simple way to generate your own lists, I've input the random plot generator from Dark Champions. I had to include one caveat - since it doesn't have a method to query the user, it will generate two Goals one time out of six. Otherwise, it's the same as in the book.


Once you have the Omnihedron installed, just open the .zip file and copy the .xml file therein into the "Lists" subdirectory in the Omnihedron folder. I figured others might want to use it. Steve, let me know if you want me to take it down.



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Re: DC Random Plot Generator


Cool! I've found it to be a really handy jumpstarter when I've just gotten to the game table and have no idea what the heck I'm going to do today.


Unfortunately, I must be getting Alzheimer's because that seems to be happening more and more frequently lately.


I also like (and have done) Aaron's (or yours) Instant Plot Generator from Champions, but that's much more involved and has a lot more content, so I don't think we'll be sharing that one. It's also much more closely superhero-related, and therefore of less use for the other types of Hero games I tend to run.

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