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What's in YOUR Dark Champions?

Enigma Blue

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Hi folks,


I just bought Dark Champions and Hudson City off of Ebay and am looking forward to putting together a campaign. I was just wondering if those of you who already have experience running and/or playing in the Dark Champions setting could share some of your game experiences with me (and the rest of the forum members, too! :) ). I'm also interested in hearing what things you enjoy or don't enjoy about the setting, what challenges GM's have had and how they dealt with them, etc. Hearing from y'all will help me to get my creative juices flowing while I wait for my books to arrive.


Thanks a bunch!

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Re: What's in YOUR Dark Champions?


First, welcome to the Hero boards, Enigma Blue! :D


The single most important thing in any campaign is to make certain you and your potential players are on the same page. If you want to run a gritty, lethal, normals-get-hosed-down-wholesale kind of game and your players are more interested in a "low-powered supers vs. streetcrime" type of game, or vice versa, you're going to have problems. Talk about the flavor of game you want with your players. Good communication is always a good place to start.


Our DC campaign is rather new (I think we've only played 4 sessions now), but we very carefully decided in advance what type of game we wanted and how it would relate to our "main" Champions campaign. (It's set in the same world but we're low powered supers vs. organized crime and low-powered supervillains; as opposed to our main Avengeresque game with high powered supers fighting world-class menaces.)

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