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need ideas for interesting character concept


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I'm looking at building a character that uses TK to mimic other superpower flavors (i.e. might pose as a gravity or magnetism based superhero). Each 'scene' he might be posing as a different superhero (one that isn't known to already exist) themed on different sfx.


Unfortunately, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this in a 'low-powered superhero' game (150 base pts+ 100 pts of disads). So far, all I've managed to come up with is either a huge VPP, or TK with the variable sfx advantage.


Any ideas/thoughts?

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Re: need ideas for interesting character concept


start by deciding on you different heroes


gravstar gravity manipulator

magnetron magnetically powered hero

slugger mini brick

shadowstrike stealthy martial artist type


then work out what powers you want them to have



gravstar can fly and make people heavier or float

magnetron can move metal objects around fly and damage electronic devices

scrapper is tough and hits hard and can lift heavy things

shadow strike is stealthy can leap great distances and is a master of chi strikes


now work out what powers you nee to produce the effects you want and see where they overlap


so you buy high powered telekinesis with whole object and lower powered telekinesis with fine manipulation . then you get an rka and maybe an energy blast or HA.

then force field and flight to round out the set whack them all in a power pool of some description either an EC or multipool then buy a small vpp to cover other effects.

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