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  1. How I imagine Math man's powers
  2. Totategumo Yoshio Inaba is a defensive and tactical fighter a former JSDF special forces sniper until he was wounded by super powered terrorist causing his rifle to explode with a thought he lost his right eye most of the vision in his left his right arm from the elbow and serious facial scaring. he would spend the next 2 years undergoing multiple surgeries and recovering as part of the process his Physical therapist convinced him to take up archery to help him develop his off hand dexterity coordination and strength. his previous experience as a sniper allowed him to develop his skill rapidly until he found himself representing japan in the special Olympics and winning the Gold. His story was taken up by the media which resulted in a large Industrial company approachinghim to be a test patient for an advanced cybernetics system they where developing. he was an excellent candidate for the program and his Right eye was replaced with an advanced Cybernetic offering multiple vision modes and telescopic vision (the damage to his left having mostly been healed/repaired) his right arm was replaced with a prosthetic limb that not only had full dexterity but beyond human strength. his recovery was shown off at a company press conference when his life would change again three super villains attacked to kidnap the projects Lead scientist he had his bow and a quiver full of arrows though in the end he only required three well aimed shots to put down all three despite their powers. The company saw an opportunity to create their own superhero and Yoshio saw an opportunity to serve his country once more. Now as Totategumo The Trapdoor spider he is the tactical specialist of the team mostly know for his bow and selection of specialized arrows his real secret is his gift for preparing the battle field using a combination of grenades mines and his smart camouflage coat that allows him to control the battlefield striking from ambush and guiding enemies away from civilians and towards his more straight forward team mates.
  3. Scarlet Star Samurai A popular multi media title Scarlet Star Samurai is eponymous main character A holographic techno magic girl defending a futuristic Japanese space station. The latest version of the Anime was about to Launch so most people thought it was Just a Publicity stunt when the Holographic Display facing the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo stepped down from the plinth and stopped a speeding car that was about to plow into the pedestrians with a holographic shield. S3 or Akasuki Hoshi wasn't a publicity stunt in fact she doesn't know what she is she has all the memories of her fictional counterpart a dead girl resurrected by her scientist father in the form of a hard light hologram generated by a floating drone she has been welcomed by the Seven samurai while she tries to work out where she came from bet that another dimension where her character is real or created by some super-scientist Otaku. She lives as a normal school student to learn about modern Japan while using her powers to defend it and the world. her powers are all based around her hard light holograms which protect her core can make energy shields from personal to the size of bus she's also able to make incredibly sharp blades usually Katanas but she can manifest any kind of historic weapon she also can make energy beams with a power range from a beanbag round to a main battle tank mostly she will make her arm into an energy weapon but it just depends how she's feeling sometimes she does Eye beams or Kamehameha/ spirit ball style attacks. her holographic body allows her to change everything about her appearance while she mostly uses it to have a constantly changing range of Kawaii outfits when the team needs an infiltrator she can duplicate anyone's appearance or even create energy shields that disguise whole areas. she's also a skilled hacker able to interface with most unshielded technology and control it.
  4. I think the one that stayed in my head most was B' Li an alien Cephalopod Space Pirate pilot and weapons Who Uses six guns at once he's the youngest member of the crew so he's called the KID the human crew member replicated a Stetson for him Code name Mr. Wolf or Big Bad Wolf has a partner who dresses like a lumber jack and carries an axe and helps him fake his death to esc ape when he needs to do the brush off
  5. I'm a sucker for these so my Uk hero stuff is full of them. The Department of Administrative Affairs is the government office responsible for all extra normal activity in the UK . It's nice and nebulous and of course is stolen from the classic sitcom Yes Minister. I also Have a unkillable scottish vigilante called Glasgow Kiss Blackpool's super hero is The Illuminator. Brighton's is Promenade London's big villain is a insane super genius former army chaplain aka the White Chaplain his gang includes the density mimic enforcer Ton O Brix, Their armorer Mr Maxwell Smith and His Silver Hammer and Sword wielding assassin Edgeware
  6. Gigantes Stefan Xenophontos is a Greek ex-pat super hero he grew up in one of the small villages that serve the many monasteries on mount Athos and is a devout Orthodox Christian who is eager to do good in the world. he joined the Musketeers as their muscle A size manipulator he is able to shift not only his size but objects he's holding allows him to turn tiny pebbles into huge boulders. Will someone do a fourth new member who might perhaps pick a fight with all of the originals?
  7. Brutish Summer-time Cyrus Samson is the British super criminal bruiser known as Brutish Summer-Time has the ability to absorb sunlight and turn it into temporary muscle mass going from a skinny wimp to a muscular beyond body builder level strongman at will. activating his powers releases a blinding blast of sunlight and he glows enough to make his features hard to see and to dazzle most video cameras. Unfortunately for Cyrus he only has a limited store of energy and will burn through it quickly outside of direct sunlight. With the British weather being what it is he either has to spend a lot of time on a sunbed between crimes or do most of his work abroad which resulted in him joining Unseasonable weather for their international connections.
  8. Hyperjump Oan Da-Lam was a High speed Courier on the city world of Nu-Yalk. Using semi legal thrust bikes, Ion-Boost skates or Hyper Parkour skills the Courier underground got things to where they needed to go in a planet spanning city in near permanent gridlock. Da-lam needed to be faster to get the cybernetic speed upgrades needed for better jobs and took a loan from organized crime paying them back by doing a few side deliveries. you deliver one murder weapon that's used to assassinate the local district Governor and next thing you know your on your way to Ry-Ker 5 the prison moon. Getting busted out by the jailbreaker was great and Oan is enjoying his time on a planet with actual nature. A hyper-Parkourist with cybernetic enhancements that give him Hypersonic speed the ability to run on any surface and selective gravity manipulation he can get anywhere and fast. he has a hyperactive personality and is constantly developing new obsessions with earth fads and touring natural wonders at super speed. so I guess that's Six Next team UNSEASONABLE WEATHER 5 Weather themed villains from unexpected places.
  9. and thinking about Africa The short Iklawa version of the assegai spear used by Shaka Zulu would be ideal cuts stabs can be thrown in a pinch more useable in a tight space than even a gladius style short sword with a bit more range you could even add combined with the heavy club and the small buckler style of Nguni shield used in traditional stick fighting you've got a pretty solid selection of tools for any dungeon fight. https://www.militaria-history.co.uk/articles/weapons-of-the-zulu. Roman Legionary gear which was similar in concept could work too while a full size Scutum is going to be unwieldy in together dungeons it would be an excellent defense in a tighter space or the smaller 3ft circumference Parma would be more a maneuverable but reduce coverage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parma_(shield). the gladius is idea short enough to use anywhere robust and useable both for stabbing and chopping the Plumbatae (lead weighted throwing darts) carried attached to the shield area simple range weapon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parma_(shield) and Lorica armor is a good compromise in terms of mobility and defense.
  10. a magic/tech size changing one would be even better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7B2SsJOAx0 It could also be improved by adding a lantern/glow stone etc. like a less extremes version of the lantern shields https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGnqhj3qx-A https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lantern_shield
  11. I meant Flexible as in Multi Purpose. Although I did have one Flexible weapon in mind and not the bull whip no matter what certain archeologists and vampire hunters might say. I'm thinking of the The Meteor hammer a heavier version of the Rope Dart https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteor_hammer https://youtu.be/ElMET8oSyAU not so much as a weapon although in the right circumstances it is probably very useful for crowd control and it has the ability to be useful at all ranges close up it can be used like a morning star and with enough room to generate momentum it can be extremely dangerous out to 6 meters. I think it's main utility is as a tool checking for and setting of traps activating buttons breaking things at a distance. it can also be used as a grapple both for pulling objects or people to you or for climbing. By changing the weight you can perform other tasks. a flaming head can be used to start fires, illuminate an area while you maintain a safe distance or just fight things that are vulnerable to fire. equally a Thurible/censer full of incense or holy water etc. might be useful against the undead or it could be used to spread poisons/drugs. its also a easily improvised weapon if you've trained with one you can make one just about anywhere you just need between 3 and 20 ft of cordage and something heavy and no good adventurer goes anywhere without a rope or at least a towel he can turn into one.
  12. So I've been reading a lot of Lit-Rpg watching a load of Isekai anime and found my self thinking about what weapons would be carried by Dungeon Delvers. The idea that standard medieval arms would be used seems silly because weapons are always adapted to the environment they are used in. Bearing that in mind what are the key features of a dungeon. * Variable terrain you're unlikely to be fighting in a single type of space from narrow to wide open caverns water heights flexibility is key. *Utility a weapon that only does one thing is just extra weight in situations where it isn't useable. Attacks can come from any direction dungeons are 3 dimensional battlefields and you need to be able to attack and defend in all directions. * Variable opponents not just weapons and defenses but size speed and modes of attack a weapon only suitable for human size/strength opponents will limit your responses to larger and smaller enemies a weapon designed for charging beasts will be useless against a horde of goblins. I'm going to add a few separate posts for historic weapons I think would make sense. The Spiked pavise The version used in this video The Spiked pavise The version Seems ideal for a dungeoneer usable in a tight space the spike gives you a weapon even in a low corridor offers defense and attacks in multiple directions. Piercing and bludgeoning damage depending opponents vulnerabilities can be jammed into the ground to set up a defensive emplacement break up enemy formations or allow spell casters and other range weapons users to take cover between attacks. The Spiked pavise The version shad uses in this video seems ideal for a dungeoneer usable in a tight space the spike gives you a weapon even in a low corridor offers defense and attacks in multiple directions. Piercing and bludgeoning damage dependinon g opponents vulnerabilities can be jammed into the ground to set up a defensive emplacement break up enemy formations or allow spell casters and other range weapons users to take cover between attacks.
  13. Love Zap she has a very Jolt from the original Thunderbolts team with a side order of Static thing going on it's great
  14. could you do it with duplication? basically, create a dupe at the instant of death use the change duplicate adder lets you adjust complications and alter powers
  15. seems like that character would have a lot of ability to scramble the experiment I would suggest not shocking the hero but an innocent victim or DNPC . for extra meanness let the hero futz with the experiment think they are getting away with it then bring in the innocent. (a really good way to resolve this would be to have the hero communicate an escape plan to the other captive using telepathy. if you're looking for more ideas for the limitations and strengths try Benedict Jacka's Alex Verus novels it's a series of urban fantasy novels about an insanely powerful precog.
  16. drat did I finish both teams lol well Might as well do the sinister Left-hand version The Puppetmasters five evil puppets/puppet inspired villains
  17. The Puppet Pals Puppets, Muppets, Dummies, marionettes, shadow, finger, sock or glove this team of five is home to any hero inspire, imbued, possessing or possessed by them
  18. Gold spike everyone knows that the transcontinental railroad was completed with a golden spike. what most people don't know is that there where four ties Two gold, one silver and one iron with silver and gold plating. only the whereabouts of three are known the fourth golden spike was stolen from the News-letter newspaper in San Francisco shortly before the 1906 earthquake. the spike is a potent magical artefact containing mystical energy syphoned from decades of transcontinental travel. its current wielder is able to perform some incredible magic by harnessing its power. she can spike people locking them in place teleport anywhere in the continental US with a rail line, slow down time for victims like a never-ending train journey, but mostly she just uses it as a telekinetic bludgeon. she dresses in a steampunk-inspired bodysuit .
  19. Henrietta Hartman is the Heart and soul of the team. before the event, she was always the one to try and drive fundraising to encourage others and had incredible empathy and love for animals and wanted to be a vet. after the event her empathy exploded outwards she could literally feel the emotions of others soon she discovered she could absorb and suppress and store them within her self and even transfer them to others within a fairly larger area. some people think she's the team's weak link, and initially don't take her seriously. Those people have had the concentrated fear of 50 terrified hostages implanted in their brains yet!, because that's as serious as a heart attack(literally). Henrietta is technically the team leader she motivates guides and shapes the teams' overall strategy but as cortex is a Telepathic super genius she tends to leave tactics up to him. shes kind of annoyed by the fact shes basically the team Mom and wants to expand with more females but thinks her powers and personality will leave her stuck in that role regardless. her empathic sense has considerable range, especially for the most powerful emotions. She is often responsible for leading the team to action and adventure; when she is compelled to investigate someones or somethings emotional state (they once defeated a villain before he had even begun his plot because he upset a family of prairie dogs building his base ) she goes by Empathy. (team initials spell ACME or MACE)
  20. completely unrelated but the title made me picture a mental entangle/ego blast that traps the target in a nightmarish long-haul coach flight (screaming baby broken screen middle seat grandmother with Photo albums PLURAL!!!!!)
  21. I feel like your over thinking it maybe just buy telekinesis with the special effect luck causes object to move
  22. ok new team I came up with this one on memorial day. the undying patriots these 5 supernatural patriots defend their respective nations and the world from the evils of the other side. five members each from a different country each a different supernatural being and a flag suit (vampire union jack/spitfire and werewolf captain America being comic book examples)
  23. Shadow runner the youngest member of the team Drew Durden was playing a pretty much straight copy of legendary Drow assassin Drizzt Do'Urden (there's always one) he called shadow runner and wondered why everyone laughed and asked about cyber wear. since the spell he has gained the abilities of a Drow enhanced senses speed and agility and is able to surround him self with a cloud of utter darkness only he can see through. weilding twin scimitars and spells he's the teams stealth specialist.
  24. oops I missed the collective backstory just pretend he got his powers from the spell but made up a more cyberpunk backstory lol
  25. CYBERPUNK 20/20 Mick Lakewright was an IT consultant by day, punk rock singer until a pyrotechnic accident during a show cost him his eyes. following extensive plastic surgery he was finally getting his life back in order on disability and depressed because his loss of vision made it hard to follow either of his passions when an old college buddy offered him a chance to take part in an advanced prosthetic vision program he jumped at the chance. the implantation worked perfectly the prototype neural interface linking his organic vision centers to the synthetic eyes gave him 20/20 vision once more and that would have been an end to it a modern medical marvel giving him his life back if his vision didn't keep getting better. it started small he realized he could see the infrared communication between his TV and the remote soon it wanst just his vision that was affected he could "hear" his router . after several days of thinking he was going mad he spoke to the project doctors and discovered the truth the neural interface was an adaptive Neural network and the programming had worked a little too well instead of merely adapting the feed for normal human vision it had interfaced all of the signals it could receive to his brain including the Diagnostics wi-fi channel. Mick quickly discovered the power of his new senses from thermal vision to his ability to think wifi commands and became the most sought-after IT troubleshooter in the city. which is how he ended up kidnapped to fix a computer problem with a super-villains doomsday weapon. using his abilities to escape and thwart the villain's plot brought him to the attention of a local superhero team now Mick is the go-to It consultant for the superhero world. so by day, Mick fixes superheroic IT problems by Night is the mirror-shades wearing badass battling rogue AI and techno-ninjas with his Cybernetic eyes and the custom smart pistol fired with his mind. at the weekends schedule permitting he plays gigs with his band.
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