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Batgirl: TAS: Gotham City

Mark Rand

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Gotham City is the county seat of Gotham County, which is the Southern half of Ocean County. Gotham Bay is Little Egg Harbor. It's about six miles from there, across the Intracoastal Waterway, to Beach Haven Inlet.


The inlet is marked by Beach Haven Inlet Lighthouse. After the Coast Guard called the light unusable, the Wayne Foundation bought and repaired and renovated it. The Principal Keeper's house, with its attached tower, was then leased to the Gotham County Port Authority for $1.00 per year and the house once shared by the First and Second Assistant Keepers was leased to the Gotham County Historical Society for the same price. The Historical Society has converted house into a maritime museum.


A mother-daughter team tend the light, which has a cluster of 16, 250-watt bulbs, only four of which are lit at any time. There are also an electronic diaphonic for horn,BEEEEooooh, and aircraft and marine radionavagation beacon transmitters in the tower.


Next, we go slightly north of Bristol Township.

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Re: Batgirl: TAS: Gotham City


Okey. We're slightly north of Bristol Township. In this area, besides the resorts and upscale malls, are Gotham International Speedway, Gotham Downs, Gotham Park, and The Gotham Hunt Club Arena.


Gotham International Speedway is a 2.5-mile Indy-style oval with a 3.194-mile internat road course that has two chortcuts. With only the first shortcut in use, the track is 2.940-miles long. With only the second shortcut in use, the track is 2.980-miles long. With both shortcuts in use, the track is 2.700-miles long. It has a mumber of official sponsors, but no pace car. Also, the track owner doesn't permit amateur racing there.


Gotham Downs is a throughbred track. It has a 7/8-mile turf track inside the one mile main oval. The parade marshal wears English riding clothes, and her horses, white Arabians, have English tack. The bugler, who wears a red swollowtail coat, is known as the horn blower because he plays a coach horn.


Gotham Park is a greyhound track. The owner's four year old daughter named the rabbit lure Thumper.


The Gotham Hunt Club Arena has an outside steeplechase cource on its grounds. The owner also forbids Western clothes and tack on the premises.


Next, area universities and cell phones.

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Re: Batgirl: TAS: Gotham City


Gotham City has a number of institutes of higher education. They are Gotham State University (which is also known as either Gotham City University or Gotham University), Abel Art Extension University, the University of Gotham, Glendale Institute of Technology, Sherwood College, and four campuses of Gotham City Community College.


On to cell phones. In this campaign, the FCC permits the installation of cell phone jamming systems. The places that have them have, the area houses of worship and public aditoriums and lecture halls, to be licensed and have notices posted that such equipment is in use. Other places either restrict their use to certain areas or refuse to wait on people talking on cell phones.


Next, we visit Sommerset Township.

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Re: Batgirl: TAS: Gotham City


Okay. We're visiting Sommerset Township, home of Gotham Raceway, Sommerset Park, and the Gotham Horse Show Arena. All three of which are owned by Wayne Enterprises companies.


Gotham Raceway is a car track. It has a 3/8 mile oval, a 2.3 mile road course, and a drag strip. The road course is used by various car clubs, the oval by USAC and NASCAR short track series, and the dragstrip is used for amateur races. Unlike Gothan International Speedway, it has a pace car, a Ford Mustang, which is also the SCCA region's pace car.


Sommerset Park is a 5/8 mile, limestone-surface harness track. The parade marshal wears Western clothes and her leopard-Appalossa horses have Western tack and the bugler is a recording.


The Gotham Horse Show Arena has the area's rodeo grounds beside it. In both places, Western clothes and tack are preferred, but English clothes and tack is permitted.

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Re: Batgirl: TAS: Gotham City


Gotham City's government has a mayor and a city council.


As of last year's ballot, Gotham County's government has a county executive and a county council. Before that, it had a board of commissioners.


Our map of Gotham City is identical to the one DC is currently using, However, The names that were given to honor the people involved in writing the series have been replaced with either the original name or one that I made up.


Due to the financial problems of the Gotham County Transit Authority and the Gotham County Airport Authority, they were absorbed by the Gotham County Port Authority.


One of Gotham Harbor's inlets from the south is spanned by a drawbridge. (For those who care about such things, it's a Strauss-type Bascule Bridge.) Instead of the operator being in a booth beside the bridge, the operators, a mother-daughter team, work out of their third-floor apartment that is within fifteen feet of the bridge.

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Re: Batgirl: TAS: Gotham City


Tricorner Island, in Gotham Harbor, has about half the city's dock space. It also has Gotham Harbor Lighthouse.


Unlike Beach Haven Inlet Lighthouse, which has an array of 16, 250-watt sealed beam locomotive headlight bulbs that act like a first-order lens, Gotham Harbor Lighthouse has 4, 1000-watt high-intensity lightbulbs inside a plastic sixth-order fresnel lens. Additionally, each light has a different characteristic.


A husband and wife team tend the light. They share the house with his bedridden father, his nurse, and six spayed cats. One, Patches, a calico, stays with the father.

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