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The Domed City of Kowa! Plot seed


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From Jess Nevins incredible site, the Pulp Heroes:


Kowa. Kowa was introduced in Charles Foley's Kowa the Mysterious (1909), a novel I haven't yet read but am working on finding. Kowa is a vast, domed Chinese city in the caves underneath San Francisco. The inhabitants plot against the white surface dwellers, intending to conquer them. At the end of the novel the dome collapses, crushing Kowa and causing the San Francisco earthquake.
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Re: The Domed City of Kowa! Plot seed


Does anyone recall a strange story about a guy who gets lost under the surface and encounters a hidden world down there? All I can recall is huge tank-like machines with electrical weapons. Our hero becomes ruler of the city and tries to enact "modern" traffic laws and regulations (which are hated and ignored). He also tries to enact a peace treaty with the neighboring city-state, only to find the guy running that place is his old buddy, who had been exploring the original cave system with him.


Ring any bells?

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