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Non-Hero Supplements for DC


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I am often lurking about in those hidden places where dark and evil supplements are discussed. I started to email a link to Edsel our Dark Champions gamemaster and thought to myself why not share with the whole Dark Champions forum.


If you know of some cool new RPG game enhancers feel free to unload 'em here.


12 to Midnight is pleased to announce that Fabled Environments studio has chosen us to be the publisher of their line of modern maps in PDF. This line will be called Modern Floorplans, and three volumes are currently in production with more being planned. Volume 1: Office Spaces offers up a series maps related to places of business. It includes a 2-floor warehouse facility and a highrise office building, which includes lobby, generic business floorplan, and penthouse restaurant.


Each map is rendered as a 8.5" x 11" page, a 24" x 36" page for those with access to large-format printers, and a tiled version for those who want a full-size (1"=5') map from their injet or laserjet printer. The maps in Volume 1 are complete and the file is in the final stages of production. We expect to release this first volume in about a week.


The next two volumes in the series are called Living Spaces (apartments and homes) and Dining Places (cafes and restaurants).


12 to Midnight thier products are also available on RPGnow


** I have no affiliation other than doing an occassional review.

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Re: Non-Hero Supplements for DC


The compendium of modern firearms is a pretty cool book, though its starting to show its age (1991). http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0937279234/103-4185169-6007043?v=glance&n=283155


It includes HERO writeups for tons and tons of weapons. The writeups aren't all that useful now that we have Dark Champions, but the book contains a wealth of information about the weapons themselves, something Steve L. didn't really have the space to do in DC.


Its probably only marginally useful for the average DC game, but in a military-oriented game, or one about gun smuggling, it would be very useful, plus its a great coffee table book.


The book also has writeups for other systems, like d20 and maybe cp2020 IIRC.

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