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The Next Avengers (TV, not Comics)

Michael Hopcroft

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"The 21st century' date=' so they say, is the age of the professional. A world so complex that only by specilization is there any hope of making even a small difference. There is no longer room, they say, for the generalist, the dilletante -- for the latented amatuer. But I believe they are wrong. My grandmother was such a person, and the world is a far better place for her being in it. I bear her name and her legacy, and I will follow in her footsteps. With the help of the friends I have made, there is no challenge I cannot overcome. This is my story. My name is Emma Peel."[/quote']


This campaign seed is an updating to 2006 of the classic 1960's british spy show The Avengers. Forty years ago "Professional agent" John steed and "talented amateur" Mrs. Emma Peel humiliated and destroyed the beneies of the United Kingdom with a style and panache that is, to this day, utterly uniue. Now, forty years later, emma Peel's granddaughter, also named Emma Peel, has just graduated from Cambridge with several degrees, a large trust fund, and boredom ready to be forged into purpose. Grandmother has seen this before, in herself, and she knows just what to do.


For the last nine months, Granny has been supervising young Emma in a phsyical and training regimen the SAS would envy. The yioung girls body, mind and will are all sharp, finely honed tools and weapons, ready for any contingency. There is no firearm on earth she cannot shoot with some degree of accuracy.


But no amount of training can provide everything an Avegner needs. For that, Emma needs friends, and she has found them in two young, handsome and brave men. One is a science and technology expert who hails from Mumbai. The other is an MI-5 agent of Ukranian descent who knows the underworld and poltical jungles like the back of his hand. By odd coincidence, in their native languages the surnames of each of these men would translate as -- Steed.

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