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  1. I would like to see your own special Frankenstein's monster of a recipe sometime.
  2. Q: What have you done with Dale, you monster? A: I know you're a renowned fanfiction writer, but you're taking self-insertion entirely too far.
  3. The Fictional Central Asian Republic of Gatchastan Official National Cookbook and Guide to Alcoholic Beverages (And remember, Bertrand Russell says you cannot make any true statements about the Fictional Central Asian Republic of Gatchastan.) NT: What they drink in the Fictional Central Asian Republic of Gatchastan to make living there somewhat less terrible.
  4. Frozen into a creamy consistency and flavored. Served like ice cream, especially to random visitors who don't know any better. but Gatchastani children love it.
  5. That is devastating news. You don't expect a Portlander to say anything good about a Laker (the 2000 Conference Final is a sting that will never be forgotten). But Kobe bedeviled us constantly. He had a sweet shot, great toughness, and a genius-level basketball IQ. The only player who comes close to that game-smarts in Lebron James, and one of my regrets is that they never got to meet with everything on the line. He was a decidedly imperfect man, but man could he play basketball. Rest in Peace.
  6. The last survivor is taken off to be beheaded. NT: Reasons for tourists to visit the fictional Central Asian Republic of Gatchastan.
  7. That is a tragic loss. It is always disturbing to lose such significant parts of anyone's cultural heritage. I hope to high heaven this wasn't arson.
  8. I missed the Senior Bowl, where many of the top prospects got to display their talents in semi-game-like conditions (getting injured on the field during your audition is not a good way to start a career in pro football). Did anyone see it, and who impressed them?
  9. Harry is tossed out of the ring by Charles and William.
  10. Blackadder Goes Forth (1989) The four seasons of Blackadder are all very funny, but this final installment deserves special attention. Set on the Western Front in 1917, it tells the story of an infantry officer who is cursed to be the only sane man in the whole friggin' world. Unlike almost everyone around him, Captain Blackadder does not want to die. He sees the war as pointless, the cause he is fighting for vacuous, and his superiors utterly mad. Rowan Atkinson's comic gift is on full display, ut there is a sort of tragic grade to Blackadder. remarkably, in the final episode, when his efforts to avoid the "big push" fail, Blackadder does his "duty" in a beautifully tragic sequence that shows that, despite his efforts to survive the war, he is no coward. He knows the charge is suicide, yet goes anyway. Whether it is a moment of redemption or supreme folly is left to the viewer to decide.
  11. How do they compare, statistically and in terms of their impact on their teams, do guys already in Cooperstown?
  12. Q: How do you know your relationship with Barbra is on the rocks? A: Excuse me while I kiss this frog, and do several other things to him as well.
  13. In Space, Nobody can Hear You Explode. No, not even a small boom.
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