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  1. In news relevant to RPG players, Paizo (the company behind Pasthfinder) has become the first RPG publisher to unionize. The weird thing is that the certification was voluntary. Union recognition is almost never voluntary.
  2. There's an enormous blind blob at the center of the universe with a brain the size of a toaster. So we phasered it to death.
  3. When I was an actor in college, I worked with dangerous props on a few occasions. We had one particular revolver that was used in a couple of on-stage and off-stage shootings over the course of the various plays. Although the gun was always loaded with blanks, someone familiar with guns would always open a training by shooting a piece of paper at close range, and then showing the paper to the cast and crew. Given how close the range was, there were always closely-bunched tiny holes in the paper. The message was clear. Whatever you load into a gun for stage or screen work, it is always dangerous. Needless to say, I was never cast in a role where I would need to touch the gun, much less pull the trigger. For sall I know, theya re using the same gun nearly forty years later.
  4. Sincewhen has Halloween been about horror? Do children go trick-or-treating dressed as Winston Smith?
  5. Q: Have you heard? The Enterprise just got back to Earth! A: I'm afraid your Hour of Power is up, Mr. Biden.
  6. No thank you. It gets hard as a rock the next morning.
  7. Not murder (at least not by the textbook definition) but still horrible -- actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a crew member on the set of his film Rust, because he didn't know the prop gun he was using to shoot a scene had live ammunition loaded and not blanks. The director of the film also took a round, but was treated and released. It is unclear from the article whether Baldwin will be charged with a crime. EDIT: Namer Correction.
  8. Q: How dare you mock the King of the High School Vampire Club! Now yuou will -- suffer? A: Ir's those dang Whywolves you really need to worry about.
  9. Do you want Orcs? Because that's how you get Orcs!
  10. Q: Our guys are having real prpoblems in Foxboro tonight, eh, Bob? A: He must not be cheatin' after all!
  11. The demons looking after the ink are not on strike.
  12. You're the only one there with a Centauri haircut.
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