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  1. Oscar was the ultimate hoarder, enjoying keeping what other people threw away and keeping them in what is, for most intents and purposes, a pocket dimension (many have compared it to the TARDIS, though Snoopy's Doghouse may be an equally accurate approximation). He also kept a pet caterpillar, showing affection to one of the lowliest of creatures. He too had a big heart like Big Bird, but you could never get him to admit it.
  2. Napoleon III wasn't mad -- probably -- and was good at domestic politics (even with his dictatorial leanings), but he also fancied himself a soldier and that was his downfall. He did help unify Italy and secure its independence (and took more credit for it than he probably deserved) But the Mexico adventure was a disaster and the war with Prussia/Germany a catastrophe that resulted in abdication, exile, and enormous suffering in France. It was especially bad in his beloved Paris which was besieged and starved out for more than a year. But he did last twice as long as Napoleon I did (he antagonized many, but didn't antagonize the entirety of Europe or go on conquering sprees), rebuilt Paris into a modern metropolis, and encouraged the arts and sciences. Art, music, and literature flourished during his regime, even if a lot of it was satirizing it. The hilarious and biting operettas of Jacques Offenbach are as beloved in France as those of Gilbert and Sullivan are in the English-Speaking world. Still, the disasters in Mexico and at Metz almost completely overwhelm the memory of his accomplishments. Since then, the Bonaparte family has been completely locked out of French politics. There will be no more Napoleons.
  3. Aside from the usual complaints about men wanting the women in their lives to exercise so they can have better sex and/or meet an unrealistic image of physical attractiveness, Ruiz looked much as she did in the gin ad -- traumatized and trapped, and somewhat terrified. Peloton's share prices have fallen about fifteen percent since the ad was first released.
  4. And I'm listening to what everyone else on the planet is listening to, too...
  5. This is the actress who appeared in that ad for an exercise bike that went viral... Yes, it is an ad for gin -- a gin whose maker is partially owned by Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). The actress (Monica Ruiz) is taking the controversy surrounding "Peloton Woman" in stride as best she can.
  6. A Chinese-Canadian animator has been accused of plagiarizing work from numerous animated films and shows in a spot for the PlayStation, and his career is ruined. Kevin Bao was commissioned to do the ad for Sony. He is accused of using and tracing over entire sequences, frame for frame, from numerous recent films including FLCL and Steven Universe: the Movie. After complaints, Sony pulled the ad from Youtube, Bao's former studio cut all ties with him, and even his agent has dropped him. Animation is grueling, lengthy, and often unappreciated work. Shortcuts such as reusing shots and music have always been a part of the form. But no artistic community likes an open plagiarist. Bao may well find he's going to have to do something else for a living from now on.
  7. Q: Pepe is defending himself from the "Me Too"-motivated sexual harassment lawsuits in a particularly asinine way, isn't he? A: Obviously whoever that is has mastered the Cute Side of the Force.
  8. There was a man being treated at the same mental health clinic who had the idea that he had the same sort of personal relationship with Adolf Hitler that Christians have with Jesus. I found it pretty revolting, for obvious reasons, and hated having to overhear him at clinic social events. Few people know who Scharnhorst was outside Germany, which may help explain your observation. and Clausewitz is best known in military and wargaming circles as a theorist on strategy and tactics.
  9. Gerhard von Scharnhorst played a major role in the final defeat of Napoleon by spearheading the reorganization and revival of the Prussian army. Thus he helped secure the continued independence of Prussia, who then went on the absorb the rest of Germany later in the century, as well as being a pioneering military theorist and writer on military matters. He did have quite a reputation in Germany as a national hero. Whether he still holds that position after Stalin destroyed Prussia after WWII (most of it was absorbed into Poland with its German residents forcibly expelled, and the remainder was incorporated into the puppet state of East Germany) is open to conjecture on my part.
  10. "Hello new friend, my name is Fred. The words you hear are in my head. I say, I said my name is Fred, and I've been... very naughty."
  11. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (2010-2019) It's easy to dismiss this show because of its singular art style (with arms working in weird ways), but this animated series produced for Cartoon Network broke ground in numerous ways and easily transcended the notion of what a comedy adventure cartoon should be. It chronicles the adventures of the last surviving human in the psychedelic wonderland that has followed a nuclear war in the distant past. It is funny and weird, but also sad and frequently moving. It even succeeds in making a creepy, delusional bad guy (who engages in some truly repulsive behavior) into one of the most tragic figures in the history of American animated television; and he is just one of many great characters in the series.
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