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  1. "Bones, what have I done?" "What you always do. What you've always done. Turned death into a fighting chance to live."
  2. Q: Anyone seen Donald Trump's ego lately? A: Oh, never mind. Here it is.
  3. I loved that episode when I was younger. Haven't seen it for a while, so I'm not sure how it holds up, but the idea of unchallenged gangster bosses being the de-facto government of that world (which they viewed as another "racket") could easily have been explored as a novel in itself outside of Trek. It is either a libertarian's dream or a law-abiding citizen's dystopia. Someone wrote a novel once where the Mafia actually overthrew the US government, took over, and unintentionally created a utopia. I did not read it, and since my memory of seeing it on the shelves is from 25 years ago I doubt finding a copy (or even the title) would be a simple thing.
  4. Like all heroes, Kirk had a great foe -- himself. And no, I'm not talking about transporter duplicates. I mean his ego, his demons, and his conflicted instincts. He had some distinct flaws (for one, his libido was constantly getting himself and the women he became involved with into trouble) but he had earned more than the respect of his crew, especially the core officers -- he had earned their loyalty.
  5. I'd go with Balance of Terror or The Corbomite Maneuver, episodes that show Kirk using his substantial brainpower against ruthless foes very much like himself. The former is a classic submarine drama in space, with the Enterprise as the destroyer trying to fight an invisible enemy, and also one of many Trek episodes to examine racism in the person of the Vulcan-hating officer obsessed with the Romulan War. The latter pits Kirk against a mysterious, unfathomable foe of infinite bluster who, as he finds, is not what he seems. For sheer terror factor, I'd go with The Doomsday Machine.
  6. Ellison hated what the producers did to his story nad refused to acknowsledge it as his own for the rest of hjis life. Having read the teleplay he wrote, I think the changes were a substantial improvement.
  7. "Scotty, you've eared your pay for the week!" "Strangely compelling, isn't it? To step through there and lose oneself in another world." "I am a fool! My tricorder is capable of recording even at this speed. I've missed taping centuries of living history which no man before has ever..."
  8. "What should we expect next? The dreaded bunnywolf? The ferocious penguinlion? Perhaps the terrible ducksnake?" - Vaarsuvius, the moment before they were fed to an owlbear by a ticked-off halfling.
  9. "What did you say this popcorn was called again?" "Smartfood." "It can't be Smartfood. Smart food would have run away by now."
  10. Spoiler Alert: the British win. NT: Subtle signs that it is, in fact, wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon.
  11. The cinematic version of that video is much better. I don't know what compelled the band or their label to think they needed a second one (unless that was the one that came first).
  12. The virus has claimed actor Nick Carduro after a battle that lasted nearly a hundred days. Carduro was better known for his Broadway stage work than for TV or film, but he had just relocated with his family to LA last year. Then the virus took hold of him and never let go. I will not give you the details from the link here, but they are shocking. And to think his story is one of a hundred thousand other stories of people who went through this ordeal and did not emerge.
  13. That was what my mother referred to it as. It could be described as a hip-hopera since most of it is rapped, but the point stands. Despite the musical style, which would normally not be to her taste -- Mom loved Hamilton. She found it very intense.
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