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  1. Q: Like my new good-luck charm? It's the severed thumb of Colonel Kiester of the King's elite Duckhunters regiment! A: There's an enraged rabbit at the front door, and he wants his foot back.
  2. "Passing Through Gethsemane" has little to do with the overall storyarc, but I found its story of a man trying to repent for sins he doesn't even remember, and of a punishment that seems merciful but is in reality anything but, quite compelling. {Plus the idea of a holy order bent on studying the religious impulse in all its myriad forms across the galaxy has a considerable appeal as story fodder.
  3. I tried to watch Disney's attempt to get into the sci-fi market in 1979, The Black Hole. I tried to have an open mind about it, but about half an hour I had to give up. So much stupid... In between an "adorable" little robot companion who looked just silly, an enormous spaceship that looked equally stupid, all the signs of a Forbidden Planet outright remake, and completely uninterested performances from every actor on screen playing characters thin as cardboard (it's like everyone, including such distinguished actors as Maximillian Schell, Anthony Perkins, and Ernest Bo
  4. Two men enter, one man leaves. NT: Subtle signs the person you hired to prepare your house for winter is out of their mind.
  5. Q: What is the polar opposite of the Force? A: Lo! An unconnected rabbit part!
  6. The corpses of the cast of Trolls World Tour.
  7. Terry Nation (creator of the Daleks, who considered putting them in Star Trek) believed the ST Federation would inevitably become a horrific, corrupt dictatorship and enslave the galaxy. This was part of the premise of Blakes 7, a series he created for the BBC that has an American cult following.
  8. Little Donnie should not play around with backhoes.
  9. The Hugos, because everybody hacks the Hugos and they didn't want to feel left out.
  10. Or the diamond-studded laser satellite SPECTRE built fifty years ago.
  11. He mistakenly believes he has crossed into the Twilight Zone. Unless this actually is the Twilight Zone, in which case we're all jusy waiting for rod Serling to sum everything up after the Big Twist and then turn off the camers and go home. NT: Subtle signs that this actually is the Twilight Zone.
  12. Pairing Pinot Noir and Cheetos is a waste of good Cheetos. Say, that restauarnt that made those outrageously creative (if dubiously edible) sandwiches on a monthly basis -- is it a COVID casualty?
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