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  1. "We have poor people in Agrabah?" "I wish I were a fearsome engine of destruction!" "I wish I were plummeting to my doom!"
  2. Kyoto Animation, the studio behind anime classics such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and K-On!, has been the target of an arson fire that has so far killed at least 30 people, almost all of them employees of the studio. Part of the tragedy about this is that KyoAni is one of the few studios that treats their animators well, as opposed to working them impossibly hard at poverty-level wages. The suspected arsonist is in custody.. Japan's conviction rate in criminal cases is an astounding 99%, so his being imprisoned is a virtual certainty. In addition, Japan has the death penalty and has executed some of its most notorious criminals.
  3. Q: Captain, is there nothing in the codebook between Order 65 and Order 67? A: That you insist that the universe make sense is proof positive that you are far more insane than the rest of us.
  4. I hope he had some idea where that sword was going when he tossed it off the stage. Alice Cooper's mastery of stagecraft and self-image was backed up by some pretty serious songwriting chops.
  5. Q: What would the Batman story be like if Bruce Wayne were only moderately well-off? A: I am deeply honored you took me to this display of moving pictures on a screen. So when do we copulate?
  6. "Dogs don't know it's not bacon." 'IT'S BACON!!!"
  7. "Looking for books at my dad's place." "Why are you singing that?" "It's something we do."
  8. Doofenschmirtz Evil Incorporated! Doofenschmirtz' House in the Suburbs! Doofenschmirtz' Quality Bratwurst! Doofenschmirtz on a Crab Boat! Doofenschmirtz in his Underwear!
  9. For the record, it's actually Winter in Australia. And since the kids were apparently planning to do some fishing, I can see why police would be concerned. It is fortunate for these kids that in most countries juvenile records get expunged on reaching adulthood unless the offense is especially severe (murder, kidnapping, etc.). They would have a lot of explaining to do when they grew up and tried to get their own drivers licenses. ("You know, driving just isn't the same when it's actually my own car...")
  10. Q: What makes you think disney is abandoning the family animation market? A: I'm sorry, but your child is too young to see this movie. Or, for that matter, any other movie.
  11. Q: They locked away all the frozen dairy products to stop people from throwing them at politicians! What's our new rallying cry? A: There is no such thing as a concrete milkshake!
  12. Q: Mommy? Why is Daddy standing in front of the hamsters' cage in his underwear? A: It looks into the window with its unblinking stare -- it's clearly fascinated by what goes on in there!
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