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  1. Q: Man, you got hurt really bad by that bull. How did you start it? A: Cybernetic Enhancement. It does a body good.
  2. I managed to find that YouTube carries some of the audio adaptations of The Twilight Zone. I'd been looking for this episode for a long time, in any form.
  3. Gospel Soul turns out to bhe a perfect match for Bono's lyrics in this Postmodern Jukebox track. Plus, this man (Rogelio Douglas, Jr.) is an incredible performer.
  4. I've seen this one small person in numerous music videos from this period, from the sublime ("Fortress Around Your Heart") to the risible ("Dog Police"). Who is/was he? Music Videos generally don't have credits, so that's little help.
  5. Q: Here you go, Chief. Think the readers of the Daily Planet will be finding this story amusing? A: I hear the Daily Planet has an opening for a music critic.
  6. Q: What is the least popular lullaby on the Ferengi homeworld? A: I'm afraid you just drank the changeling. He's not gonna like that.
  7. That sounds like a fate worse than numerous other fates that are, on the whole, pretty bad. And what are the consequences if there are people out there (possibly a lot of them) who can create water out of thin air? Forget showers -- what about literal rainmakers who go around irrigating farms for a price in the middle of a drought? Does the supply of water in the world remain limited? Will the water table eventually be overwhelmed by all the new moisture to the point that affects the overall climate, making the world wetter as a whole?
  8. How many times can a D&D3/Pathfinder1 player-character memorize Create Water in a single day? I'm also wondering what the product of food-creation spells actually tastes like. Is it pablum? Something nasty like Soylent? I imagine there's a reason why PCs go to inns and market food carts instead of simply casting Create Food twice a day to meet their needs.
  9. AB is barely a member of the Raiders at this point. The helmet issue is still unsettled, but I sincerely doubt that's all that's going on. Brown may have realized he might well have been traded to a bad team (or possibly to a badly-coached team -- Gruden inspired very little confidence right now and might belong in a booth rather than on the sidelines). He might not have decided yet whether he thinks he can significantly improve them or whether he wants out.
  10. Q: Missy is going to be an excellent pawn for our -- wait, what is she doing? A: When it comes to life-destroying curses, this was at best unexpected.
  11. "Now, Count, this is what I've come to say. If you're thinking of going back in time, you'd better forget it. " "And why do you say that?" "Well, because I'm going to stop you. " "Oh no, on the contrary, Doctor, you're going to help me. " " I am? " "You are indeed. And if you do not, it'll be so much the worse for you, for this young lady, and for thousands of other people I could mention if I happened to have the Paris telephone directory on my person." "Where do you two come from?" "From? Well, I suppose the best way to find out where you've come from is to find out where you're going and then work backwards. " "Where are you going? : " I don't know." "Nor do I. " "Goodbye."
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