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  1. Q: Why did Grimace fail to achieve true success in Hollywood? A: One of these days they've got to believe Big Bird.
  2. "Albert Campion - born May the 20th, 1900. Name known to be a pseudonym. Education: privileged. Embarked on adventurous career, 1929. Justice neatly executed, nothing sordid, deserving cases preferred. Police no object. Business address: 17 Bottle Street, Piccadilly, London W1. Specialist in fairy stories."
  3. "THEY KILLED FRITZ!" "I'm glad you changed your last name, you son of a bitch!"
  4. Q: Should I tell them you don't frost ice cream? A: Your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.
  5. "Who is Ayn Rand?" "Mr. Luthor, the answer is..." "WHO WAS AYN RAND!" "OK, that's not even in the form of a question..." NT: World's Worst exhibits for the Metropolis Children's Museum.
  6. Oh, and since everyone is proudly displaying their battle scars needle marks, I got my vaccine this morning. J&J, single dose needed. I got it at about 10:00am today. No major effects yet, though, I have yet to go to sleep and have no idea what I'll feel like in the morning. I remember my last flu shot gave me some frightening symptoms for a way, which soon passed.
  7. We find the one element we need to drive off the Daleks once and for all! NT: More subtle signs your local Represenative or Senator is out of their mind. (Silly, please, and not "ripped from the headlines")
  8. I don't know how well-su[pported it is, but I hear talking heads offer the possibility of shutting down the 'Nucks for the rest of the 2021 season and hope they can get healthy for 2021-22. They've alrready missed two weeks, they are well out of the postseason picture, and it may be another few weeks before they can dress 18 skaters and two goalies with NHL experience or talent. But this has not happened in an otherwise-solvent league for nearly a sentury in North America. Historically , shutting down before the end of the year has led to teams not returning at all; it frequently happens in ne
  9. "The first modern nation run on Tick." "But behind all the courtly dancing -- Duchess-Swapping?" "Most powerfully, it can be cut into little rectangles." "My shirt is plastic."
  10. Buy Seattle Kraken season tickets. NT: Subtle signs you new novel is not going to do as well as you wanted on Amazon.
  11. I'm having trouble just starting the second volume of my series. And the first was only about 48,000 words.
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