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  1. Q: what makes you think we'l;l soon be overrun with frogs and/or locusts? A: I've been cooped up too long.
  2. I seem to recall a Vehicles book for 5th Edition that included a writeup for a mecha (the only one I ever recall seeing in an official Hero product, not surprising given that Steve Long reportedly disliked them), Now mecha are ridiculous as a weapons system, but keep showing up in popular culture anyway (you could say the Hulkbuster armor Iron Man used has some characteristics of a traditional mecha, and the Jaegers of Pacific Rim are classic examples in American popular culture). What I want to know is how a piloted mecha actually works in Hero.
  3. And, as I am reminded, that is an optimistic estimate compared to the 2.2 million that would have been projected had we done nothing. My upstairs neighbor Kyle told me he had run all the way downtown and back today. I found that alarming -- because it's almost like he's asking for infection. He's semi-demented, so nothing I can tell him about sheltering in place is going to sink in. Sort of literally locking him in his apartment, nobody can really compel him to stay. Making matters worse, he has a history of pneumonia that makes him especially vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. Since he doesn't check things like this, he may not find out he has it, if he does, unless he gets gravely ill -- which is not a good sign in an overwhelmed hospital system where the providers are getting sick at an even higher rate than the patients. We do not know what will emerge at the other side of the pandemic. I am reminded of that basic fact all the time now.
  4. Q: MY golf ball is stuck in the hole! Help me, won't you? A: My uncle Simo, the noted Carthagenian elephant breeder, has met an untimely demise. He was crushed to death on the last day of mating season.
  5. Being stuck here for another 31 days is an unpleasant prospect. I thought I'd be OK with the isolation, but it's starting to get to me. I'm not hallucinating yet, and I do get to see a care assistant four hours a day which is a hell of a lot more than almost everyone else gets in terms of personal contact. But things look grim otherwise. The problem on the front of my mind is that I have a delivery scheduled Wednesday 4/1 with Insttacart, Unfortunately, Instacart shoppers and Amazon delivery drivers are apparently about to go out on strike, leaving me with what exactly? I'm not going to starve without this delivery, but I can easily see a time when I will need those deliveries to go on and they won't be there. because who knows how long I'll be cooped up here. Mind you, I don't blame them. They are not paid nearly enough to be on the front line of this battle. And I've been given conflicting advice on whether to go to grocery stores as the crisis continues. A friend on another forum told a terrifying story about a woman who tried to buy a second gallon of milk and Hulked Out when told the limit was one.. It ended with the store having a knocked-down wine display, the other customers terrified, and the customer being escorted out by police without any milk at all. No word on whether anyone bought the milk she left behind (and why they would want to I'm not entirely certain). If the Nature article is correct, then we as a species have dodged an artillery shell. Now the question is how long our resolve holds to continue the fight.
  6. My care assistant (the only person allowed to enter my apartment) wanted me to find something to do today, so we watched a movie on Disney+, which turned out to be Frozen II. I liked it, although I would have a hard time describing it now. I'm not that good at Olaf-style recap scenes, which would be fortunate for anyone around me were there actually anyone around me. But I found the ending especially interesting, if a bit worrisome. And it does look like this will be the end of the story, at least for now.
  7. Two thoughts on this: 1. The accordion looks like a fiendishly difficult instrument to play, and to learn how to play. 2. If that's "Weird Al" Yankovic, he looks terrible -- as in not very healthy. I know he's 60 years old, but he looks like he's been ill recently.
  8. Sports going away is the moment we realized "Dang, this just got real!". It may have been the impetus that led us to where we are today, with daily briefings, shelter-in-place orders, and taking it seriously.
  9. Working on a Band-in-a-Box adaptation of the Jacques Brel classic "The Bulls". Problem is the sheet music I have calls for a tango and I will need to build that style myself because the sty;e they have points to MIDI instruments instead of the better-sounding RealTracks. I am also finding that sheet music with no bar labels is devilish to code by the bar. My voice is also not very good these days. The annoying thing is that I bought this songbook to find chords to one of my favorite Brel songs, "The Middle Class". It's not in there. So I'll have to find a fake sheet in English (I have one in French) if I am going to get anything close to right.
  10. Today at a grocerystore I found that rarest of items, a roll of paper towels! They were store brand, and about five were left. I took one, giving it to an older person who was having trouble reaching one, and took one for myself. One was the limit the store imposed, and I was fine with that. At the same store I also found "old-fashioned" style pancake syrup, flavored with brown sugar and molasses rather than imitation maple. Tempted, but I passed it up. I should really stop venturing out like this, but at least I now have enough soda to last me through the weekend -- just...
  11. The lack of a control group is concerning, but how cruel would it be to give a dying person a placebo and tell them they'll die without it? I'm not so much worried about getting people's hopes up if they find it doesn't work, as I am about the tendency of people to self-mediocate when they feel the science has failed them. The homeopathic industry is probably doing booming business right about now.
  12. I never got to see the Globetrotters as a kid, during Curly's prime.
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