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2006 Delta Green Campaign


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So, apparently my 1/2/06 thought was to run a HERO Delta Green campaign:




Didn't happen. Although I did not have a copy of Delta Green, I did have Countdown and had perused a friend's copy of DG.


However, I now have a copy of the new Delta Green (w/ D20 stats included):




I am going to resolve to get something done for 2007. Hopefully you won't be seeing this same "wish" post in 2008.



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Re: 2006 Delta Green Campaign


And since I'm such a nice guy...


Some characters from Delta Green for HERO: http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsrpg/rpg.html#COC





I had actually seen your writeup of Galt previously and really liked it (I'd rep you but I coming off giving you rep for Jack Sparrow). However, this was after I ran the adventure in Countdown with Galt. At that time, I did not play HERO and I ran the adventure using the CoC rules. The CoC rules don't really do much for me but since the adventure was written using the rules, I just stuck with them.


Now that my gaming group is into HERO, I plan on running a Delta Green campaign (or at least a few adventures) using HERO. I will definitely use your writeups as inspiration.


[SPOILER: As Susano's writeup indicates, Galt is pretty much immune to kinetic attacks which includes gunfire. When I was running the adventure, my daughter's boyfriend (a newbie to RGGs) was playing a sniper. He had a bead on Galt and went for a head shot. He hit but Galt shrugged it off. He did a second shot with the same result. I made him make a sanity roll which he failed. He failed the roll and because he (the player) was somewhat upset because he did not do damage, I ruled that he (the character) went semi-nuts and he continued to fire repeatedly at Galt. Luckily the sniper was not the one who was supposed to detonate the C4 charge as his insanity would have overcome his devotion to the mission. Galt ended up escaping when the C4 blast blew him into a nearby river. It was a great adventure and I'm looking forward to playing using the HERO rules.]

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