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Black Widow revisited, version 3.0

Mark Rand

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This version of Black Widow is for the IST San Angelo campaign. In this version, she worked for MI6 before she became metahuman. Forced, by rules, to do so, she resigned from MI6.


She is a skilled gymnast, seductress, actress, driver, and burglar. She is also adept at armed and unarmed combat.


When she received her powers, she found that her agility increased to metahuman level and that she could to walk on walls and ceilings and fire stun bolts from her hands.

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Re: Black Widow revisited, version 3.0


Our redheaded lady webspinner's name is Nancy Rushmore. Her parents were career diplomats who were stationed in Tokyo. While growing up there, Nancy learned ninjitsu from a classmate's parents.


Nancy is completely fluent in Japanese and speaks it with a Tokyo accent. She's also skilled with "The Nine Ways of Cutting".


During her last mission for MI6, she was captured by her target, a mad scientist, who injected her with a retrovirus made from the DNA of various spiders. She escaped, killing him and two NID agents. Two more NID agents were captured by MI6 when they tried to kill Nancy in London. Despite demands from Dubya for their freedom, they were found guilty and hanged.

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