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The Bat Team's government liaison and his assistant

Mark Rand

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Most government liaisons are people the team can work well with. Unfortunately, the Bat Team's isn't like that.


Once Batman was crippled, and a new team formed, with Batgirl as a member, to protect Gotham City, the politically powerful, and corrupt, Senator Roark made sure the team's assigned liaison was the kind of man he wanted, klutzy and inept. (If it helps, think of him as being a combination of Roger Fox, from the comic strip FoxTrot, and Ralph Drabble, from the comic strip Drabble.)


The only thing that saves him from being a complete screwup is his assistant. Until she was set up, and caught, by the agency, she enjoyed a career as a jet setting cat burglar. (If it helps, think of her as being a combination of Catherine Avery "Cat" Pascal, from both seasons of Acapulco H.E.A.T., and Nicole Beaumont, from the first season of Counterstrike.) After being caught, she agreed to work for two years for the agency instead of going to jail. She spent four years working for them.


Comments, suggestions, ideas?

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