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Adding Damage Example

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In the example of Adding Damage on 6E2 99 (at bottom of 2nd column), it states that the dagger is a HKA 1/2d6, Armor Piercing (+1/4) and that the GM has stated that you can’t more than double the DCs of the dagger. The example concludes by stating that the dagger’s damage is capped at 1d6+1.


According to the reference tables on 6E2 101, it appears the doubled DC that is listed in the example is from the +0 column (from DC 2 at 1/2d6 doubled to DC 4 at 1d6+1). But wouldn’t the value come from the doubled DC under the +1/4 column since the dagger was listed as having Armor Piercing (+1/4)? Thus, shouldn’t the capped value be 1d6 instead? Or am I missing something here?



Todd B.

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