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Changing Fonts in Post?

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It looks like the option to change fonts within posts has gone away as a drop down item.


I liked being able to use a monospaced font to post character writeups, since it keeps everything aligned without resorting to a code tag (which can result in horizontal scroll bars that aren't desirable).


Is there a way to change a font manually within a post, like a tag, for example?


EDIT: I just posted a character from a text file, and the default font seems to be decent enough, so this is no biggie. (But I'll still take any working font tags anyone knows of. :D )


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20 hours ago, Pattern Ghost said:

Thanks for replying. The problem with the code tag is that I've seen a lot of write ups with the text running off to the side, creating a horizontal scroll bar. Though I may fiddle with it a bit if I have time, since I think those were generated sheets, and I'm just hand typing stuff at the moment.


Oh good point!

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