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  1. Of course, there's a fair chance that Kavanaugh would actually rule the opposite way if the case came up. I'm pretty sure he was just saying whatever he thought he needed to say to get the seat.
  2. I got tested today (Monday, just got up from nap). They used a regular qtip, not the brain tickler our ER uses. This appears to be a home kit. I hope it's accurate. Results will likely be slow since this was just a drive through testing place my work sent me to.
  3. Howdy, work neighbor! (Though you're likely sleeping most of the time I'm at work.)
  4. Well, I've been feeling run down, and have muscle aches and a headache that won't go away all week. Called out of work today and found out my manager just tested positive for COVID. I'll be going in Monday for a test.
  5. The local government had been permitting the protest on I5, and providing police closures of the road for the protestors. IMO, tragedy could have been avoided if they just enforced the law about staying off the highway on foot in the first place. I haven't read a follow up for the last couple of days, but the radio news on the way in to work last Sunday said that this guy was the same one who ran the police barricades a week prior and almost hit protestors. Even if it turns out this was a different guy, it's a damned shame the local government had to wait for deaths to shut this down the same way they waited for several deaths to shut down the CHAZ/CHOP. I'm pretty disgusted at how the local government has been handling a lot of aspects of these protests.
  6. I'm going to drop this in here, not as a denial of any issues surrounding police misconduct, but because I found it a pretty typical example of the many interactions I've seen of SPD with people, including subjects. Most of our local LE are pretty decent folks. https://mynorthwest.com/1999855/rantz-bodycam-seattle-racism-cop-false/?
  7. I think there's a difference between someone seeking out protestors to run over and a vehicle being mobbed by an angry crowd. Slowly running a few people over is preferable to being a sitting duck for a mob. You sure as heck can't sit still for long and not expect your vehicle to be overturned by an angry mob. I think the cases we've seen with this wave of protests tend to run the gamut, though more tilted to the "seeking trouble" end of the scale. When I was in Berlin, my squad leader's patrol car (basically a Ford Escort) was mobbed by an angry crowd of skinheads. German police responded with riot units to extract her. That could have gotten ugly fast, and she was quite shaken by it.
  8. Well, it does have an inauspicious name . . .
  9. True, plus the area they live in is sensitive to the needs of the melanin deficient.
  10. You don't have to point a weapon at someone to meet the requirements for brandishing in most places.
  11. Gilead has already announced that they're letting it be produced royalty-free by generic manufacturers. They've already taken steps to reduce the cost of the drug. This has been in the news for several weeks.
  12. It's still 2020, so I think we all know the answer to that question. It'll have to get in line, though.
  13. So, I've been thinking about what I would have done in that couple's shoes. I've landed on: I'd pull out a couple of folding tables, set them up near the sidewalk, and lay out some refreshments for the protestors. Really, screw that mayor. On the flip side, if I experienced any spillover onto my property (which means near my family), I would act to squelch it. And the couple in the pics needs to have their guns removed until they prove they can handle them safely. They also need brandishing charges.
  14. There are some good suggestions in there, and a little bit of stupid. Of course, the thing is rife with misplaced modifiers, so maybe the stupid bit is just poor writing.
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