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  1. I can only elaborate in general terms. We're involved heavily in the handling of patients who are high risk behavioral concerns. A typical briefing may include the words, "He's on all the drugs," and the person would be speaking literally. Many of these people are suicidal and/or homicidal. This isn't a population who's really got a firm grasp on concepts related to infectious disease control, such as social distancing and keeping your bodily fluids to yourself. So, toss in Covid-19 and the fact that I'm a bit fat and a bit asthmatic, and over 50 . . . so, lucky me!
  2. I just hope I keep making my CON rolls . . . hospital security is interesting these days.
  3. https://www.businesstoday.in/current/economy-politics/stay-indoors-or-will-issue-shoot-at-sight-order-says-telangana-cm/story/399156.html I'm hoping that this guy's statement is just hyperbole.
  4. He said he was tested and it came back negative. That was some days ago. Not sure which day. Time's kind of a blur for me at the moment, and I catch most of the news on the car radio during the commute. Edit: It was the 14th.
  5. Yeah, I noticed after I read into the article. I work in a hospital, where "provider" is synonymous with "doctor" for the most part. Either way, I hope she doesn't fall prey to the stupidity of hording unproven medicine she needs.
  6. My niece has lupus. I hope her doctor isn't this foolish.
  7. What I was trying to say -- and probably failed to, sorry -- is that many younger people feel like they're immune to serious repercussions, and acting accordingly. Just look at the news clips with comments from the morons on Spring Break. But we've known it's possible to have a serious reaction in the younger population for a long time. The article is acting like this is news. It's not. I mean, we've had some young people getting seriously ill already in the US, weeks ago. Including in ICUs. This statement makes it seem like some switch has been flipped or the virus has suddenly mutated. It hasn't. It's the kind of statement that causes undue alarm. The fact is that coronaviruses as a group don't mutate very quickly, which is a good thing.
  8. Younger people (in their 20s, at least) have been getting seriously ill from the virus all along. The news just seems to have been equating the low death rate to younger people being safe from the virus. There's a pretty wide gap between "everything's fine" and "not quite dead."
  9. That's because he was just a pickin' and a grinnin'.
  10. Plot twist: We don't just need toilet paper: We're on septic, so we need one ply. So, finding TP will be fun when we run low, b/c morons who don't need the 1 ply are also buying it up.
  11. It makes sense though, as the volunteers who staff the voting locations tend to be older. The last time the wife and I voted in person, every volunteer looked at least 80+. It might take some time to find an alternative solution.
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