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  1. I've lived in a lot of rural areas, and this isn't necessarily the case. I've also lived and worked in several major cities, and have seen quite a number of highly educated boneheads in that environment. The real issue, IMO, is that the VAST majority of people make major decisions based on emotions rather than facts or sound reasoning. City mice are NO better in that regard than country mice.
  2. Simplistic Americans are depressingly easy to find.
  3. " In a tweet, US actor Mark - who played the Hulk for 12 years . . ." BBC math confuse Hulk.
  4. Sorry about your mum, DT. Sending good thoughts your way.
  5. Meg Myers "Monster." Spoilered for mild F-bombing and, uh, wardrobe that might not be a bit NSFW.
  6. F-Bomb warning. Which is to be expected in a song titled "IDGAF," but still. Also one in the second video. If you scroll down a bit in the comments on the second one, you'll find someone posted timestamp links to the song.
  7. The numbers are still impressive, if in a bad way.
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