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  1. Which India will then outsource to China. They've been doing that for years. Hard to find the story I read before b/c Google is stuck on the guy that outsourced his job to China article, but here's a small example.
  2. Sorry guys And those "likes" are man hugs. (I think the software lowers your rating for the sad faces.)
  3. Saw this last night: https://www.zdnet.com/article/halloween-scare-google-discloses-chrome-zero-day-exploited-in-the-wild/ Do a manual update to latest, which should be Chrome 78.0.3904.87
  4. I think if Trump is removed, his first instinct will be to flee the country to avoid the NY charges.
  5. 48% of the population isn't Trump's base. 99.999999% of anyone who voted for him won't get off their butt to riot. The remaining nutjobs who would riot can be handled.
  6. Those two words don't usually appear next to each other in the context of CW shows.
  7. If he doesn't go, he'll be hauled off, simple as that. His civilian base won't have any time to react. If they do react afterward, they can be dealt with.
  8. And also not accepting that all people, including themselves, are flawed.
  9. My wife and I have been considering whether to keep watching Batwoman past the premier. We've decided against it. When I saw the previews, I thought it could have some potential. The lead actress is OK, as far as I can tell. We'd seen her play a killer android in an episode of Dark Matter, and thought she was good/funny in that role. We'd seen the crossover appearance, and she seemed OK there. There were, of course, those few god awful virtue-signalling lines of dialog that kept coming up in the trailers, but we didn't see much problem there. That's about where Black Lightning started out, tossing in a few groan worthy scenes to make it super abundantly extra clear to the audience that this show had a message. But the show is excellent, and one of our favorites. I'm pretty sure there's a CW exec somewhere who doesn't think just showing inclusiveness or exploring a theme organically are good enough, because that audience they're catering to, who they want the viewers to think they respect and care about are just too darned stupid to get the message unless it's shouted in all caps. So, notes get passed down, bad dialog gets tossed in, and the show rolls on. We figured it'd probably be much the same for Batgirl, and even in the pilot, that does seem to have been the case. However . . . it just didn't grab us. That's all there is to it. It just isn't that engaging of a show. We may go back and re-watch if we hear it improves, but for now, we have too many better shows to watch to fill up our small amount of TV time. We're frankly backlogged, and this show just didn't make the cut on the first episode. I prefer to give two or three episodes, but we decided against that due to time constraints. Now, as to that Forbes article ... give me a second to bypass their pathetic attempt to stop my ad blocker. OK, looks like the Forbes article is just going for the lesbian hate angle. They fail to note that the show simply doesn't have a good hook, doesn't draw us in to the family angle as well as, say, Black Lightning, doesn't adequately set up emotional stakes for the audience in caring about Alice's connection with Kate, etc. Seems like typical Forbes web content. The Forbes site, particularly these types of opinion pieces, doesn't seem to exercise any kind of editorial control over their trash web content. Let's be real about the CW and the inclusiveness/SJW angle on these shows: EVERY CW show I'm currently watching (Riverdale, the DC shows) HAMMERS you over the head with inclusiveness. In some cases, it reeks of tokenism, in some cases, they develop some of their better storylines with great actors we care about. Hell, the CW runs ads specifically pointing out that they value inclusiveness, that everyone's welcome on their network, as a core value of the network. The ONLY difference between shows is how they handle it. If the show executes its story well, and the characters aren't simply one-dimensional, then it works. (Though you may have to discard some of that cornball dialog I mentioned earlier.) I was going to break down the characters in each of the CW shows I like, but that kind of analysis across several CW shows would drag on WAY too long and take all night to write. I guess that's the point, though: Nobody is shocked by Batwoman being a lesbian or being played by a lesbians. CW has lesbian and bi women sprinkled through pretty much every show. Batwomans' just . . . mediocre. And there are too many other similar shows to watch for it to stand out. This wasn't the case when the Arrowverse started, so the Forbes "writer" can't do a direct comparison. The older shows have the better ratings simply because they were the first to build fan bases. They had a lower barrier to entry as far as audience buy in. They're also better shows. (Except season 1 of Legends.) If Batwoman matures into a decent show, I'd expect its ratings to go up.
  10. Well, that gives Blue Screen of Death a whole new meaning.
  11. Shouldn't we be asking you that? I mean, you are Cassandra.
  12. Glad to hear your mum is doing better DT. Sorry about the brother thing.
  13. Well, they do say turnabout's fair play.
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