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  1. This fable is also a good analogy for the Internet.
  2. So, is Marvel not involved in this next Spidey film? I'd have reservations about that too.
  3. Well, Peter's girlfriend, best friend and bully are all cast as ethnic kids. There's also been a rumor they may be introducing live action Miles Morales in the next movie. I'm more concerned they may not execute so well on the huge number of characters they're tossing in. Into the Spiderverse did a good job, but live action supers movies with too many characters haven't always hit the mark.
  4. It could be part of their collective crowbargaining agreement.
  5. That's way too many points of failure. They need to just get a whole new police department after that one.
  6. No problemo. I picked up an Amazon Fire HD 10 for my hospital stay. The UI is a bit less in your face than prior versions. It's a decent cheap tablet for media consumption. This thing also turned out to be pretty decent.
  7. Yes, but which systems? That's the question. And by not being shocked, I mean we shouldn't be having knee jerk reactions and accusing a cop of a racially motivated murder, which seems to be how the wind is blowing in this case. Many large cities have "shot spotting" systems that listen for the sounds of gunfire then notify authorities. Here's one: https://www.shotspotter.com/ There were 8 shots detected in the area and police were dispatched. Almost every news story I've seen on the incident states that there were shots fired at
  8. Since you said you thought it was "fair to say" (emphasis added), I assumed you were talking about my criticism of Beau's presentation. As for "other than the points you listed," I mentioned it twice in the post above yours: Anyway, apology accepted. I am still cranky from being cracked open like a lobster and the format often leads discussions to more nitpicking than you'd see in a normal face to face exchange. Plus, you're a good guy and I like you. No harm, no foul. I think we can all agree that it's a tragedy that a 13 year old got sh
  9. My initial thought was that the 13 year old was given the gun to ditch. News report on the radio said the residue identified Toledo as the shooter. I think the distribution of residue might indicate if the person fired the gun vs. picked it up, otherwise such a statement would be irresponsible. Then again, it's not like our media are paragons of responsibility.
  10. Quit selectively quoting me. Here's the rest of what I said: And I've said that twice. I don't blame the kid for being in the situation, but the fact remains that he was. So we shouldn't act shocked when he dies as a result.
  11. I'm getting annoyed with being misinterpreted today, that is NOT what I said at all. I said that Beau implies the reason the cop had the strobe was because it was a "cool toy." I didn't say a thing about saying the strobe was misused being unfair. The unfair thing is making implications about his motives. We don't know why he had a strobe or why he wasn't trained on its use, so why imply that he just got it because it was a cool toy? He deliberately plants the idea multiple times in the video, and it's a transparent slant.
  12. I can't find a single un-edited video of this shooting, but this clip shows the sequence of events: https://abc7chicago.com/adam-toledo-chicago-shooting-video-footage-eric-stillman/10518893/ Here's the sequence of events: Police officer chasing kid down an alley, continually giving verbal orders to "drop it" and "show me your hands." The kid runs and stops at a hole in the fence. Cop continues ongoing order shouting. Kid has gun in right hand, and is standing angled so that side of his body is facing the fence, not the cop. Kid cover
  13. It's certainly something that should come up in court or during their investigation. I don't like that he implies the officer was just using it because it was a cool gadget rather than neutrally phrasing the question. That's not in any way fair. It's the sort of thing he himself calls out, and shows his bias. The bottom line is that the investigation should determine if the equipment used in the shooting was non-standard, including the light. Then to what degree it contributed.
  14. I'd say that's a big stretch. Gunshot residue testing involves looking for traces of primer components. The whole point is to determine whether someone fired a gun. We're not talking about gunpowder residue from the blast. Did I say anything that contradicts this? Because I didn't. I gave context. My point is, there is no reason to go off the rails about this case at this stage. Let the investigation play out.
  15. Two things come to mind: First, you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. There was gunshot residue on the poor, innocent babe's hand. He was the shooter. So, the simplest way for him to have avoided becoming the victim of police violence was to not be a violent criminal. On the micro level. On the macro level: It's systemic racism that's lead to the situation where kids like him are forced into gangs at that age and made to do this shit. So, it's still racism. Just not necessarily on the cop's part. Second, the cop did not wait very long for compliance before shoot
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