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  1. Judge also a person of color. She's probably just p****d off.
  2. Probably because the blanks will cause the same subconscious reactions in actors as a live round would, adding to the verisimilitude of the scene. Just a guess. It appears only one shot was fired, killing one person and seriously injuring another. Probably an actual live round in this case. Which should not be within a mile of a movie set using prop guns. Big civil suit incoming. Hopefully puts the idiot production company out of business.
  3. She's such a bad actress, it'd probably be pretty easy to tell if she's lying by watching an interview.
  4. Space is big. They may have taken time to sense the first snap, and who knows the travel time?
  5. Nichelle Nichols for her real life contributions to diverse recruiting for NASA. Sadly, she has dementia.
  6. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. I had a nurse show me how to solve this by positioning the mask one time, but I still only hit that sweet spot some of the time. Also, getting that nose area of the seal tight. I pre-bend the nose metal bendy bit (technical term) before I put on the mask, so it's kind of rounded and nose-shaped on the bend, and the bend is centered. That seems to help. So, my advice is: Find a nurse that wears glasses and have her show you how to avoid the fog.
  8. Mayo, mild cheese that melts well (maybe provolone or Swiss), sauteed onions (caramelized) and mushrooms.
  9. Found more Pluto drama. https://news.yahoo.com/why-universe-annoyed-astronomer-pushing-035731102.html
  10. He looks like he's about to have some kind of mental breakdown in that pic too. Some folks just have crazy face. Not judging, mind you. Poor guy's just not photogenic. Heck no. You know they didn't go looking for a flattering pic for their article. Common tactic. I apologize if you thought I thought otherwise. I was just having a bit of fun.
  11. I can tell you how the certifications play out a my hospital, at least. An EMT certification will let you be an ED Tech while a CNA will not. ED (Emergency Department) Techs make considerably more than CNAs and have more opportunities to get additional qualifications (drawing blood, running EKGs, etc.) to further boost their pay. An experienced tech can make more than a newbie nurse. However, ambulance medics (another opportunity for the EMT basic) don't get paid very well at all. Probably somewhere between the CNA and the tech. These are among the lowest barrier to entry direct patient care positions available. Most of our ED Techs are bright young folk who are accumulating clinical hours to help get into nursing school or PA school. Most our CNAs . . . not so much. =================================/ Reply dividing line/========================================== I'm just going to focus on this part. I'm glad she's doing well.
  12. Google search reveals: That's the most sane-looking picture of that guy available.
  13. Shang-Chi would probably turn Caine into a fine mist with the first hit, so probably not a good idea.
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