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  1. If we consider it one big story, then the end of Ep. 3 would be the end of the first act under a three act structure, being the first big plot point introduced. I think we're a little shy of having a clear cut inciting incident, but I think the conversations that Wanda and Vision had near the end of the episode should count. Episodes 4 through 8 should give enough room for a meaty second act, with the last two episodes rounding out the third act. So, it works as far as timelines go. I wouldn't have minded if they'd combined episodes 1 and 2 into a more concise episode and gotten to
  2. If you want to get consistent output, there are two steps: 1. Commit to either a daily word count goal or a time goal. Starting small is fine. 2. Apply ass to chair and turn off your filters and write whatever comes out. Of course, both of these are devilishly hard to do. Simple isn't always easy. Turning off your filters and resisting the urge to self edit as you go is especially difficult. One thing that makes it really hard is when you have a project built up in your head as "the big one" or "my best idea yet" or whatever. Then you're afraid to screw i
  3. You can clear their whining pop ups and browse without the ads, or you can suffer through the ads. If you get a site that doesn't load when it detects an ad blocker, you can either do what I do and surf a safer site, or you can disable the blocker temporarily. Ublock Origin also lets you selectively remove elements from the page, including peeling back the upper layers of the Z-axis for some sites that are paywall-locked or subscription-locked. (Doesn't work everywhere, as some sites are loading actual alternate pages instead of putting CSS elements on top of the article now.) The element zapp
  4. Hmm, I didn't think of a title. Maybe . . . Library Patrol That lines up with the episode titles of the TV series.
  5. The first thing you install on your shiny new Chromebook (and any web browser) is Ublock Origin plugin for Chrome (or Firefox if you're using it on your Windows machine). Another advantage of Chrome OS over Android/iOS, the availability of an ad blocker and standard browser plugins. This is why I suggested the $200-300 range, and a minimum of a Celeron N4000 CPU. The really bargain Chromebooks just aren't worth it in the long run. Or the short run.
  6. Current generation budget Chromebooks seem to be running a Celeron N4000. The last gens are running an N3350. The N4000 is about 20% faster and the pricing I'm seeing is about the same on both, so if you do go with a Chromebook, that's something to be aware of. Don't go for the Mediatek The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is a pretty popular model that's reasonably priced. (About $260 on Amazon) It's only an 11.6" screen, and the screen flips all the way around to go into tablet mode. It should be small enough to make tablet mode practical. Usually, I say friends don't let friends buy Ace
  7. Running Windows rules it out as a Chromebook. HP does make Chromebooks, though.
  8. The $400 one is, pretty much, looking at the specs. The middle to high end ones are reasonably-specced, if a bit expensive. ------ ------------- ---------- ------------------------------ -------------------- --------------------- -------------------------- They have about a six year* expiration date, based on Google's Auto Update policy: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6220366 Something to be aware of if buying used. *I checked my current Chromebook, a 2019 model, and it expires in 2026, so this varies.
  9. I'd go with the Chromebook. I have several Chromebooks, and a couple of Kindle Fires. The Kindles are only good if you are consuming Amazon content: Kindle Books, Prime Video, Prime Music, etc. They have the best hardware available at their price point, but that isn't saying much. They run slow, and they have poor screens. The Fire OS is a crippled version of Android OS without the Android store, with the Silk (garbage) web browser instead of Chrome, and the UI serves you crap to buy over prioritizing showing you the content you actually own. It is not customizable. If you go in knowing what
  10. I think after the ending of 3, that 4 almost certainly has to pick up the pace.
  11. There's only been one and a half hours of screen time. Some folks are impatient. The end of Episode 3 had a significant reveal.
  12. It's the percentage change I'd be concerned about rather than the raw number.
  13. Which I clearly called out in that post. I just picked that one because the cuts to his reactions were funny. That video also leaves out several more obvious kills. Point is, MCU Cap isn't as shy about applying lethal force as his mainstream comic book counterpart.
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