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  1. Watched Season 4 of Lucifer on Netflix. If you liked the first three seasons, it's very much more of the same. They didn't take advantage of the new format to inject more adult content, b/c they wanted to keep it more family friendly. Just added a couple of naked butts here and there. The new addition to the cast this season was very entertaining, hoping they bring her back next season. In the middle of the second season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Still pretty decent.
  2. Scott Free Miles Morales Ms. Marvel (Khan) Squirrel Girl Foxbat
  3. Well, turns out Drogon did get the Iron Throne, so to speak. I claim partial credit.
  4. I always show up for jury duty (except when I was in Basic Training), but never get selected. I never even get to the interview stage. I'm sure if I did, I'd probably be eliminated there anyway, though.
  5. We've mostly watched it for free. We usually wait for an extended service outage, then call and threaten to cancel our cable. Then we get free HBO as a consolation gift. Worked every year except this year. The service has actually been good lately, so we ponied up the extra 15 bucks this time.
  6. My prediction for tonight's episode: Jon and Greyworm duel. Jon dies. Arya assassinates Dany. Drogon goes insane, and burns everyone in Westeros to death in hastily-processed green screen CGI fire and brimstone. The episode closes with a weary Drogon spiraling to a graceful landing in the remains of the throne room. He curls himself around a half-melted Iron Throne, and rests his head on top. The camera fades to black, closing on Drogon's sad eye as he goes to sleep (nay, brumation, he's a reptilian after all) for the Long Winter.
  7. Different "they" this time, and it's a TV series, not a movie. Should give it more room to get to the meat of the material. Trailer looked OK to me. I'm willing to give it a shot.
  8. Unfortunately, young Professor X will probably stop her with his Telepathy.
  9. Looks like it could be good. And at least it's based on a finished book series:
  10. His Bat-Voice got to me in the second and third movies.
  11. Yeah, I'm glad you're on the menu, too Grailknight. Oops. Freudian slip. #cannibalism #friendsarefoodtoo
  12. He retreated with Jon. They show him at 1:09:40, staring at Jon, then Jon orders the retreat and a minute later they show him running on Jon's left, then pan the camera and cut him out of the shot.
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