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5e tires



@Steve:  If this is not the proper forum for this 5e question (you don't seem to have a forum for 5e questions), please move it to the proper forum.  Thx.


Under The Ultimate Vehicle page 41 there is a tire chart.  I don't understand how to build the tires to get the point cost that's on the chart.  Let's say the standard tire has 2 BODY and costs 0 points.  What I'd like to do is to just simply add +x BODY (but keep the DEF at 2) to get a nonstandard tougher tire.  I'm especially having problems with the DEF calculation.  It has +4 DEF, Only Versus Blunt Attacks (-1) and this is supposed to add +2 to the cost, but I calculate 6 for this.  Am I missing something?


EDIT:  I think I found my problem.  I forgot to add the OAF and Partial Limitation limitations.  What threw me was according to the text they add up to -2, but they actually add up to -3 (-1.5 each).

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Found my problem
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