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RIP Aaron Allston

Jason S.Walters

Like many of you, I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of author and game designer Aaron Allston, who collapsed yesterday during an appearance at VisionCon in Springfield, Missouri and died shortly thereafter. His death effects me on both a personal and professional level. On a personal level, he a gentleman in the literal sense of the word: a gentle-man with whom it was always a pleasure to speak. I also admired his work: The Circle/M.E.T.E. Was one of my favorite roleplaying supplements as a teenager, and I also fondly remember Autoduel Champions. (I mean: who doesn't? It ruled.) On a professional level, as the current president of Hero Games I mourn the loss of one of the creative giants of the Hero System and a driving force behind the modern versions of Champions.


So so long Aaron: see you in the great dealer's room in the sky. I can't wait to hear about your current projects when I get there.


Jason Walters, President Hero Games

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I always hate the "like this" button in these situations.  Many of my all time favorite books for champions were written by him.  Strike Force has long been the book to judge all others by,  His Wraith Squadron books are by far some of the best Star Wars books written,  His writing will be missed.  I give my heart felt condolences to his family and loved ones. 

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