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  1. One of the greatest genre books ever written for the old west. Some of the historical write ups are more the slightly fictional versions IMO, but real solid book (just be prepared to knock a few Dex/Speed stats down a notch)
  2. "Need to plug it...some day I will be publishing a book full of 30 AP 15RP gadgets...."


    That would be awesome. Some day :)

  3. I have been gone for awhile...dealing with my own issues...I come back and see this...I am truly saddened by it.
  4. I always hate the "like this" button in these situations. Many of my all time favorite books for champions were written by him. Strike Force has long been the book to judge all others by, His Wraith Squadron books are by far some of the best Star Wars books written, His writing will be missed. I give my heart felt condolences to his family and loved ones.
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