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  1. If your view is that black and white the answer would be neither
  2. 1) Riots in Washington WRONG, Individuals who did it deserve Jail Time. 2) BLM Riots WRONG. Individuals who did it deserve Jail Time. 3) Claims of one side doing or saying something, more often than not, can be made about BOTH SIDES (What I was specifically referring to when I said Both Sides) 4) A person should be held responsible for what they did, not what we feel they did.
  3. Just skimmed it, seems to go after the election tampering (Which is shady as shit, and defiantly something that should be tried in court). Will read it when I have more time My issue however stands, with the core idea that standards should be standards. IF party A does X and gets consequence Z, then when Party B does X is should not get consequence Y. The hatred people feel for him should not change the consequences.
  4. Nice personal Assualt. I will not engage further with you on this issue.
  5. Both sides. How it is reported is very different.... Glad I live in the middle of nowhere
  6. My bringing the riots up was just an example of allowing the hatred people feel towards him modify their view of his actions. However, having watched what he said, etc... He told people to do something constitutional (march and cheer on "Their people"), could a reasonable person see that it would lead to violence, debatable, but did he advocate for it, based on what he said, I think no. If you can find where he told his followers to do anything outside of a constitutionally protected protest, please correct me. Taking the BLM riots, they lasted longer, cost more in lives an
  7. This might be a bit of a vent... But is anyone else sick of the "elephant" controlling the "rider". I am against violence, I am against double standards. I was against the riots this summer, I am against what happened at the capital. BUT it REALLY annoys me that the left can and did support one group, while the president (who I find to be an ass) is held responsible for the other riots (Yes, he added fuel, but I do not feel he lit the fuse). See my issue is NOT who to hold responsible, but that I feel that a certain standard should be applied, condemn T
  8. You are welcome to use my generic heroes for it if you wish
  9. I have something on the backburner along those lines. Nothing written up unfortunately. If you want some info IM me. Also check out my generic heroes, they might help you get started... https://jawedel01.wixsite.com/kountry-gaming/copy-of-hero-games
  10. So working on my second Hall of Champions project Fox Files: The Star Knights Star Knights.pdf
  11. So was doing some research for my Fox costumes...Looking over the reference pics found this and thought I would share
  12. Most are actually called pups, but cubs and kits are also used, at least according to a quick google search. I originally was going to name him Kit, but I just knew there would be to many Knight Rider jokes for me liking...
  13. Current versions, Debating on Cub's symbol, thinking of moving it to the robin "R" position
  14. Oh, it is. I'm going to try to get one new project out a month. The Fox is the glue that ties it together. Basically everything is his files, so first will be the Star Knights, then will be the first part of his armory (Will cover about 15-20 belt gadgets, my idea on different types of Utility Belts, and a 2-3 costumes) . I might include the Base and Computer as well, but not sure on that one yet, thinking they might be branched off to their own work, but the "Warehouse of Justice" might get in there...
  15. Nope, got a character in universe with the same name, a Power Armor character who runs my version of Xavier, Ravenwood, PS238, Sky High... He might look a bit like Johnathan Franks... Anyways, did some revision on the boots for Cub, but how do you guys like the others?
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