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  1. JmOz

    How to Wildfire

    Okay, thinking more about him Let's start with, instead of the F/X, the actual in play effect. Normaly he will be basically a robot (Easy enough to build), that CAN send out a ghost form... The ghost form is invisible, desolid, can fly, full life support. An almost never used ability will be giving the suit to someone else, or to have someone "ride" with it (Still in control of the suit BUT...) Thinking just make the robot, with desolid leaves the body behind. Some of the "shared" powers get tricky (Powers he has naturally and the suit provides)
  2. JmOz

    How to Wildfire

    Some clarifications: The character will be a natural energy being. in his natural form he is invisible, desolid, unable to interact with things except a small amount of techno telepathy (He can use computers and such by touching them) The suit is a modified battle suit that he is "possessing". It allows him to talk, move, etc... Out of the suit he is not in danger of dispersing, but cannot interact with the world in any meaningful way (other than observation)
  3. JmOz

    How to Wildfire

    Thanks tribble, was more concerned with the "gives him a physical form" aspect...Character is an energy being without all those fun things he could do (out of suit: Invisible, Flight, Desolid, all always on)...More I think of the character the more I think I will need to buy it as a Multiform OIF (don't like that idea)...
  4. JmOz

    How to Wildfire

    How would you build Wildfire (DC comics legion of Superheroes) suit. It basically gives him a physical presence (he is an energy being)
  5. Been gone for a while, any chance of a year in review for Hero for me (What new products, things people are excited about, etc...)
  6. JmOz

    Help need: Multiform

    Actually the Iron Man cartoon from the 90's show a good example of this. Tony was a Multiform who would transition armors in the field. James was an OIF (maybe OIHID)
  7. Giving it to Quackhell
  8. As I had the only entry, I am calling myself the winner For mine I found this, I was kind of looking for a blank slate to submit,,,
  9. Meet Wendy, the messenger of Death. The Messengers are those who bring the soul to their afterlives. Wendy died in the 1800's but death found her cheerful attitude so amusing he made her one of his agents. Now she helps souls to move on to their next life, often helping them get closer before hand (Helps them do that last errant, say goodbye to someone they love, etc...). She does her best to make people realize death is not scary, just another part of life as such... I'm thinking of her like the old Cain and Able from Houses of Mystery and Secrets, where each of her stories start with her claiming the soul of someone, then we get to see an interesting story about their life...Often with a little bit of unfinished business getting done in the end (The weeping Widow smells a trace of her husband's cologne and knows it's going to be okay...)
  10. The wider the KS base is (Everything is pretty huge) the more penalties get put on for specific information. So if you wan John Smith's address it might be a -20 penalty, bringing the roll to 10
  11. My recommendation would be this High Range Radio Mind Link, works as radio not mental Now here is where it gets WEIRD. A mind does not need to be a mind (If your GM is a stickler spend a point on a computer). We will call this non corporeal mind "The channel" Now every mind that links to the "Channel" is able to communicate (Think of it as a party line) The special effect of having to "link up" is to get the access codes (so if the power is ever "Turned off" you need to return to base)...by the way, at least 20 years ago this is how some encrypted radio's actually work...
  12. The Mighty Warriors The Mighty Warriors are a team that uses armor to channel the Mighty Force. The Armor can be summoned to them. While out of armor they do not possess powers, they do have a natural aptitude towards their animal's abilities Mouse (Smart Guy). Mouse's special ability is to shrink to just 2" tall (from his normal 4'10") Insect (The Chick): (high) Toughness, Strong, flight Gorilla (Big Guy), Strength, toughness Hawk (Leader): Flight Tiger (Lancer): Not sure how "ferocity" would manifest, but see him as the best fighter Yak (Sixth Ranger). He falls down, but he always gets back up (regeneration, ,high Rec, etc..., played a couple over the years, it's amazing how great +30 REC can actually be, Especially with a +80 Stun only to determine level of Unconsciousness)
  13. One of the greatest genre books ever written for the old west. Some of the historical write ups are more the slightly fictional versions IMO, but real solid book (just be prepared to knock a few Dex/Speed stats down a notch)
  14. The MIGHTY' (Mighty Man, Mighty Girl) are OIHID Flying Bricks with a custom lim (more active, less power) The Mighty Warriors (The Sentei Team) will be each empowered by one aspect. Due to drawing less power they do not effect the MIGHTY's Power level in any real way (Theoretically it should cut off 1-2 active points, but that is more book keeping than I think it is worth) . Ironically Yak will be a little more powerful than the rest (Sixth Ranger syndrome). Also each will have a unique ability. Mouse can shrink, Hawk can fly (and maybe enhanced vision). Insect will probably have a Visible armor power (not always on)...etc....
  15. Okay, Yak for Stamina it will be...only thing that even kind of works Assualt, thank you T will be changed to Tiger. however for my own reasons I will be keeping Mouse (For the Sentai Team, I like the idea of Mouse)
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