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  1. So no disrespect to the 5e artist, It is far better than i can do, but Galaxia looks like a bad tattoo of Wonder Woman with blown out lines.
  2. I like that idea, which would give you a reason to us WSS
  3. Don't forget that SAT became World Security Services. And Until got a face lift in almanac vol 2
  4. (De-constructing Primus...we know what the source material says, but what do you say?) What is the goal & purpose of Primus? Peace-keeping? Policing the Metas? An Agency that is used between Police & National Guard? Is it a necessary Agency. Does it exist only because of Metas?
  5. I agree, I try and run my Champs in a Silver Age feel. I guess we needed the Iron Age to see why we liked and go back to the Silver Age. I read comics to have fun, to read about heroics and a better way, escapism. The Regular World is already dark and gritty. I don't want my comics that way. That being said did the Iron Age have good stories? Yes they did, it just wasn't my bag. To many pouches, shoulder pads, and spikey bits.
  6. So look at Treadstone, it got outted to the public. The D.O.D. just shrugged and swept it under the rug then introduced BlackBriar. They do this all the time, in Fiction, Comics, & Movies. Like you said they even did this in Captain America. What Hitler has a super soldier we want one, make us one no matter the cost. Luckily Erskine had a moral compass. And once he had control of the project chose a better participant.
  7. Ok, So the Government begins spin control, purges Primus, Kaufman is expelled, Genocide is a casualty of this, no more Government funds. They Find a new "Face" for Primus. However, how transparent can an Organization be? Sure they got caught red handed. Re-label & relaunch. The Gov't has put to many resources & funds into it to scrap it. The would move forward & try not to get caught again. Which would mean a lot of the seedier projects would still be there but just buried. With a thicker layer of scape goats & more solid plausible deniability. If Dr D ever found out about that his research was used for the Cyberline Process. Gods help those responsible, unless he knows and it's all part of the long game...
  8. Ok, so running with the current riff, President Johnson Green lit the Prime Avenger Initiative. Handing over notes that were collected during & after WWII perhaps containing some works by Herr Doktor Zierstointen. So after many years of deciphering the recovered notes & experiments Dr Merill presented Cyberline, not telling anyone that it was heavily based on Dr. D's work.
  9. I always enjoyed Vipers Nest. As a player & a GM.
  10. Maybe it was the older title, Here there be Tigers. By Dockery & Schroeder in '86. For the Hero System.
  11. Wifey & I watched Bird Box last nite. Really liked it.
  12. Watched Outlaw/ King on Netflix with Chris Pine. Pretty good.
  13. Reduced End sure. 0 End? Prolly not. Do you have 0 End on your Movement?
  14. In my games. I do not allow 0 end in the beginning. I tend to have my players work into 0 End.
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