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  1. I like this. And it also looks like this is where the poll is taking us.
  2. ...But what if the starships were traveling FTL when they kamikazed....
  3. I messaged Jason and he is fine with the campaign wiki project: " I also asked about hosting the wiki software etc. here at this site (i.e. doing an on-site wiki instead of an off-site wiki). He's not sure about that, but he didn't say no yet.
  4. So far no luck, but I did write to him. I also wrote to that other one...HeroMachine. Neither have responded yet. But I just consider this "round one" of contact. I can be tenacious. I even translated the Fabrica email into Portuguese and then double-checked it by reverse translating it etc., but also provided the English version in the message.
  5. I think we should look at the poll results but try to incorporate as many ideas from this thread that don't contradict.
  6. In the 5e rules (p. 448) I found that a hex of stone is 19 Body, and a hex of dirt is 10. I went to 15, also considering that the core is pretty dense. The volume of the Earth is 1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters A hex of dirt is 2mX2mX2m so 8 cubic meters. When I divide 1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters by 8, I get 137188687500000000000 (I divided the volume in meters cubed by 8 meters cubed to figure out how many square hexes are in the Earth.) 137188687500000000000 X 15 = 2,057,830,312,500,000,000,000 Body (Solo was right!) But don't forget you'll have to subtract the Def first (4 or 5?). 😝 PS: But when you think of it, how much Body do the humans alone have when you add it up? When you think of that...
  7. I usually make it so superpowers are a new thing, manifesting as the campaign started or only a few years old phenomenon. But I often have pulp superheroes as part of the world's history, but without superpowers. Fedora-wearin', mask-sportin', gun-totin' superheroes.
  8. Whoops. I voted 'Modern' but I meant to vote 'Recent.' I usually set my campaigns where superpowers are new developments.
  9. Exactly....if there was no issue, then Marksman could be used. Which I think means Harlick or whoever said no, so they had to change the name. So a few of us are looking into that. We're figuring out what kind of license can allow for contributors to the wiki so they can still keep their characters etc.
  10. I will definitely bring Jason in. I'll message him now. I just mean that Foxbat seems to be a special case--and we're looking into that--and many of the Guardians seem to be at least partially owned by their creators. So when you said "[w]hich arrangements were those?"....exactly. Exactly what we're trying to ascertain.
  11. Indiana, can you set up a poll for that? I usually play campaigns where superpowers are a new development (last few years). But I also like the idea of several generations of heroes. I'm not being lazy. (I mean I'm not just being lazy.) I just think that it truly is everybody's campaign world. So if someone gets to a juncture like this, I think poll is the way to go. Then we also have a "paper trail" showing that we did it democratically.
  12. I'll probably watch Hangar 18 now. I remember the tv ads from the (early!) Eighties and I was always meaning to watch it. Nate and Hayes also sounds good. I appreciate your recommendations, DT.
  13. Found a contact email for the dude. Yay!
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