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  1. No, I'm not trolling. What I'm saying is, I looked at the diagram and the first thing I said when I saw it was, "Why does that have to be a 1? Isn't the 1 arbitrary?" Like, it would be more profound if that had to be a 1, but it could literally be any number, so for me the diagram is less "wow" and more "ah."
  2. That's why I'm saying the "1" could be any number. Like, if the 1 was a 5, then the "i" would be an imaginary number that, when squared, makes -5. Amirightoramiright?
  3. Isn't the "i" just an imaginary number, and then couldn't the "1" leg be any number then? 'Splain it to me.
  4. You mean the cartoon characters with giant eyes?
  5. Mostly in the game we use OOC when we are making a comment out of character, like: OOC: This plotline reminds me of that episode of Moonlighting where they have a leprechaun as a client. In the PBEM I also sometimes use AFK: "I'm going to be AFK (Away From Keyboard) for the next 24 hours" I scrolled through a bunch of my game threads and those were the only two that jumped out at me. Of course we say things like NPC and GM--there are some Hero abbreviations to watch for (SPD, Rec, Disads, etc.) Wait, I just spotted an IIRC (If I Remember Correctly) and IG (In Game, which means we're back to talking in game)
  6. Smashing! We have five players and the game is underway.
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