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  1. Thank you so much. I think it wasn't working the day I tried it! This is awesome.
  2. This is awesome! I thought I was probably going to have to build her from scratch. I have a player who is a newbie to Hero rules and wants me to build for him, which is totally A-OK. He's not playing Scarlet Witch but wants a sort of expy of her, so I don't need to be dead on but I want to capture her flavor as it were. I kind of imagined not using Luck at all, if you can see where I'm coming from. I saw it more as a VPP as you did. Inspired by you, I would build it entirely as a VPP with Luck-based special effect or whatever. My current plan is to build her with a Multipower, with Flight, EB, and TK in there, plus a smaller VPP with some limitations like "No Conscious Control" and "Reactionary to a life-threatening situation". I very much appreciate your post!! It's getting my brain rebooted!!
  3. I'm looking for a write-up of the comic book version of her (hex power etc.). Anyone got any ideas? I tried http://www.sysabend.org/champions/ but her write-up comes up missing, and the Wayback Machine can't find it either. 😮
  4. A name for the flying Wolverine guy? Maybe...Talon?
  5. I'm the GM of a long-running superhero PBEM campaign. It is a modern campaign, actually set in 2025. Alien tech is becoming part of the world due to a foiled alien invasion from 10 years prior. Please contact me by email: my email address is pbemguy at yahoo dot com. Anyway, the game is split into two streams: PG and R-rated. There are crossovers between the two streams and the crossovers are PG-rated. The R-rated is dark in tone and has adult themes. The PG is around Marvel movie level. Both streams are open but if you choose R-rated, it's pretty gritty, so you've been warned. :) The rule set is Hero System 5e. Please note that the slots fill up quickly so I apologize in advance if you don't get in. I only need two or three players so act now! ;) Submit a character concept along with a pic of your character in costume, as well as an image of the actor who would play your character in secret id. (Please don't pick, like, Ryan Gosling, even though he is awesome. Choose a lesser-known actor or actress like someone from a soap opera or an obscure TV show. Think B-list!) So a perfect submission that would make it easy for me would be like: Character concept: A Wolverine-ish dude who flies Costume: (attached pic of a costume I found on DeviantArt) Looks like: Chad Kinney from The Vampire Chronicles TV series Looking forward to hearing from you!
  6. Aargh! I can't believe this! I miss you Aaron Allston! Terrible. Long live Strike Force. This is the worst news.
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