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  • Dean Shomshak Update: Super Sorcery Goes Galactic

    Jason S.Walters

    Earth is not the only world with mystics and magic. Spells of the Devachan reveals a wider cosmos of spirits and sorcery:


    • More than 30 spells of thaumaturgy, the light-show magic used by comic-book super-mages. Most are new. A few spells from past HERO System publications are revised for 6th Edition.

    • A new setting and background for thaumaturgy. Mystics of many worlds join the occult society called the Devachan, ready to become allies and mentors for human super-mages.

    • A new treatment of astral projection and the Astral Plane, the mystic dimension that connects all worlds and realms of existence — now revised for 6th Edition and expanded to include interstellar travel.

    • Plus glimpses into the spirit realms of several alien species, with wonders and perils of their own.



    Welcome to the Sorcerer’s Galaxy — because one Mystic World isn’t enough.


    Uses the 6th Edition of the HERO System. Available soon here at Hero Games!

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    More like Dr. Strange goes interstellar. ;)


    If you have a supers, space-opera, or high-fantasy campaign setting which allows for both alien races and magic, this would be easy to add to it. And if you like Dean Shomshak's writings on magic and mystical cosmology, this work takes concepts like those in innovative and imaginative directions.


    And I have it on good authority that this will be available for purchase soon. :)

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    Having been a test-reader for Dean Shomshak's manuscript, I can personally attest to its reality, and its quality. Moreover, I received this email from Dean today:


    "Because of my computer troubles, I get only the briefest glimpse of the HERO Announcement comments and cannot reply. Would you mind replying for me?

    Of course Spells of the Devachan is real. The announcement came on March 31, not April 1!
    I've finished everything but the conversion to PDF. Getting some problems there: Twice now, the first lines on one page slid to the bottom of the previous page, upsetting the formatting. When I fix that, the final product goes to Jason "HERO Overlord" Walters, and then for sale.
    Incidentally, the picture Jason posted with the announcement goes amazingly well with one of the spells in the book, Globe of Revelation. Kudos to Jason!
    Dean Shomshak"
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