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  1. Happy birthday Gloria Tarantino!

  2. This makes me all kinds of happy inside. One of my favorite superhero movies of all time.

  3. Kill a black man and very little happens until people are in the streets rioting. Deflate some footballs, raise some eyebrows of the talking heads on ESPN, and there is a full-fledged investigation for a game that doesn't fucking matter in the grand scheme of things.My dad was a cop (among other things) so I'm not against cops in general, just bad ones and we need to be more diligent in weeding out the bad ones and punishing those cops who break the law just as much if not more than we wou...

  4. Sharing because dogs.Via Jen Pawley

  5. Sharing because dogs.via Elaine Matusiak

  6. That time you see a headline flash across your screen and you think "Oh, God, I think I know who this is." You read the article and realized you were right. RIP, Mr. Joe.

  7. Tagging Gloria Tarantino and Patty Begen.

  8. Sharing because dogs.

  9. Things I learned on the train trip to Manhattan today:1: Apparently the Manhattan Project was called such because it was stationed in Manhattan. 2: The Manhattan Project had hundreds of thousands of people working on it and yet managed to keep it a secret.3: The planes that flew into the World Trade Center were gray, not white and this is proof something something conspiracy. *Additionally, there was probably the skinniest woman I've ever seen who was so tired and hungry that she cou...

  10. I'm considering going to see Guardians of the Galaxy again. Hmmm... $5 matinee? I'm there.

  11. Project: Clean apartmentSupplies:1. Backhoe2. Pneumatic jackhammer3. 16 megaton thermonuclear device4. Bleach

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