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  1. Thanks but as I said I already have line drawings, etc. I'm looking for a floorplan or tile map.
  2. Hi everyone - running a Justice Inc. (Pulp Hero for the new school) campaign called the Odyssey League on Roll20. Looking for a floorplan/tile map/interior of a DC-2 or DC-3 I can use for a scenario. I've got basic line drawings already I can move tokens around on but using a nice colour map or line drawing with some added details would be ideal. If anyone has spotted on before please let me know. Thanks in advance for your time.
  3. Did you hear that thunder clap? That was me hitting my forehead with my palm. What a stooge I am. Thank you.
  4. Well I loaded up a bunch of prefabs and next thing I know wham, out of memory. I don't recall that being the case with HD2 back in the day. Can I also add you are REALLY responsive! Kudos.
  5. Hello all, another question in this area. Is there a way to increase the memory available in HD?
  6. Thank you - I should have been more specific. There used to be character packs and what not associated with all the game aids. I couldn't find them in the store but all good now! Cheers.
  7. Whatever happened to all the prefabs that used to be available for HD? Not just powers, there were skill prefabs and so much more... man, a lot changes when you're away more than a decade. LOL
  8. Thanks for the reply. Sorry - I'm a little confused by the last two paragraphs and don't want to misunderstand. These look cut and paste. Is the first paragraph about Roll20 and the second about TTS?
  9. Thank you very much for the reply, added confidence for me that Roll 20 is a good option. I've read in other threads on here about the voice/video issues, one reason prompting me to post this in the first place, so I figured I'd use Zoom. I haven't looked into Discord, although I've heard my youngest mention it before. I've looked at TTS (and should really watch the video I saw on YouTube about the Hero mod) and I am admittedly looking at it a little sideways - I want to simulate a tabletop game but I don't need to simulate an actual visual tabletop. LOL. I'm not being judgmental
  10. Thank you! I've done a BRIEF look at Roll20. I take it the character sheets are for viewing only? Is that the 5E template I saw? I see that it has a dice roller, but Hero dice are so complex... for dice rolling I was thinking of Hero System Mobile and/or Hero Combat software. How do you handle that? I'll be running pulp so it shouldn't be as complex as it could be. I appreciate the comments. As a group we haven't gamed together for a long time and even then it PBEM for a quite a while. This will take some adjusting as it is and the last thing I want to us to get frustra
  11. Hello all, I'm looking for some advice. I'm an experienced Hero gamer going back to the 80's and lookin to launch a pulp campaign online game with my friends scattered across North America. I'm looking for an online experience that can: provide an online chat with audio and video capability ability to share maps and layouts, I would be uploading PDFs... fog of war would be really nice lol tokens or character pictures, also that I can upload, to allow the players to move their characters on the map share content such as player handouts and character sheets Wha
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