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  1. id love to see a new universe. just a standard super hero universe would work for me.
  2. does anyone know where to buy this book in PDF?
  3. I was thinking they wouldnt remember much from before. They know who each other is but thats about it( for now anyways).
  4. Im trying to figure out how to have the Freedom League from M&M come to the CU. I want them to come and stay. I was going to rewrite them at starting power levels, as they will be weaker when they show up in the Champions Universe. Im trying to think of some ideas of how they became stuck here. And what would be some of the problems they would face. Some villians from there world will show up too. Could have they died in the freedom verse and some how ended up in CU? Looking for some suggestions.
  5. Thanks QM i just purchased the bundle from rpg now. Its going to be set in my modified Champions Universe. Im going to place it where Gold River is on Vancouver Island.
  6. Thanks, Ill check out San Angelo.
  7. Any suggestions for any published fictional super hero citys that would work well getting relocated to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Ive thought about making my own but too much work and too little time for this guy.
  8. Anyone have a writeup for this character. I just seen the movie Captain America 2 and thought he was a pretty cool character.
  9. Do any of you guys ever use comic story arc for badis of adventures. If so id be interested in what ones you have used
  10. L.Craig


    What are the basic archetypes you need for a super team in your opinion?
  11. Is there any writeups anywhere for these CU superteams. Or even a current list of the members
  12. After watching the final episode of Walter White, i was thinking it would be fun to make a supervillian inspired by Mr White. Similar personality but with some powers. Any suggestions for powers and traits.
  13. Is there any links on how to do this. im looking more for the attributes than anything
  14. L.Craig

    Card Shark

    I like Card Shark from the old Dark champions. I m looking for ideas how to make him more suited to a regular champions campaign. I would like to have him as a alternative to the regular villians the heroes usually face. I want him to be a threat to the charcters (not in head to head combat but in other ways.) Any ideas. How many points should he be built on?
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