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  1. Yep! This is a real thing! It has stats for all manner of supernatural beasties, too (notably werewolves, vampires, and "Franquestein" (the monster). It looks like it will be a lot of fun (and, as mentioned, it's a self-contained game).
  2. I did not realize that Lucha Libre Hero was a complete game unto itself. Are there other 5e Hero books in this vein?
  3. While I'm thinking about it, are there any truly outstanding Hero System fan sites I should take a look at? I recall Killer Shrike having a pretty good site. Any others?
  4. Thanks for all of info! I definitely have some research to do!
  5. Thank you for the suggestions! I think I may even have a source for Western Hero locally!
  6. As I've mentioned previously, I've come into a lot of Hero 4e books (and one 5e book). Currently I own, or am awaiting the arrival of: Hero 4e core (×2) Cyber Hero Fantasy Hero Fantasy Hero Companion Fantasy Hero Companion II Hero System Bestiary Horror Hero Ninja Hero Pulp Hero What other 4e books or 5e books are must haves? I'm considering picking up Star Hero for the sake of being complete (it's my least favorite genre book, really) and, possibly, Tuala Morn. What else should I take a look at?
  7. Thanks, Chris, for confirmation that I'm not losing my mind. And thank you, Lord Liaden, for that link! This is just what I needed!
  8. Is there a comparable document for earlier editions of Hero? I could've sworn there was one for 5e or FRED (that should also work fine for 4e, theoretically), but my Google has failed me. Any guidance is appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Awesome! Thank you for the reply. This is absolutely what I was hoping to hear! I want to run something along the lines of Poltergeist: The Legacy (but in the 1920s/30s) and thought that Pulp Hero + Horror Hero would make a pretty neat mashup. Glad to hear it's workable. 😀
  10. How doable is this? I'm only passingly familiar with Hero 5e (I haven't played it since shortly after it released) and just acquired several 4e books (the core Hero System book, Fantasy Hero, Horror Hero, and Ninja Hero). I picked up Pulp Hero last month for $4 at a fire sale an FLGS was having. So, can I use the mechanical bits from Pulp Hero with the 4e core? If so, I assume some work will be required. What exactly will I need to convert/rework?
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