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  1. Thanks Rigel ... and in that same section "Congress has, however, passed laws granting at least limited rights to all “independent, free-willed, sentient entities” in American territory".
  2. Is there anything written regarding the legal status of non-human heroes in the Champions Universe? Aliens could be treated as foreign nationals, I guess, and interdimensional visitors similarly. What of intelligent robots? Pure energy beings?
  3. Thanks Ninja-Bear. Also, APG II p26 states that Entangles can have the Costs Endurance to Maintain limitation (tying into 6E1 p374 for End costs for Instant powers). That seems to be exactly what I want for now.
  4. Here's my dilemma. A character has gravity based powers, which he wants to use to bind someone (Entangle) in gravitational force. That makes sense to me, but what doesn't make sense is that the gravitational effect lasts forever. I also see no suggestion that an Entangle can be turned off at will by the Entangler (as an Instant power, once it's there, it's there), so in this example, the character can't release anyone they've captured. That's not how I, or he, sees the power working, but I struggle to see how to build it correctly. It needs to dissipate in time or when the characte
  5. Actually, I think I have answered my own question. As Entangle can be made Constant (6E1 p218), it implies that some degree of continuation is involved, so the latter applies above. The Handcuffs example on 6E1 p219 confused me; I suspect Handcuffs should really be bought as Persistent.
  6. Hi all One of my players has purchased Entangle in a Multipower slot. When he uses it, what happens on the following Phase? Is that slot now unavailable while the Entangle is in effect (given that Entangle doesn't require anything to maintain it, ie: handcuffs)? Or are those reserve points locked until the Entangle ends? i suspect it's the former, but I wasn't sure ... Thanks, T
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