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  1. For this, you might need a burner phone bought with cash.
  2. The closest published equivalent to a modern smartphone would be the Hand Computer (Star Hero p161) and similar portable computers in Terran Empire and probably other books. Lots of the functions would be reliant on telecom and GPS infrastructure and/or be limited by what you downloaded specifically (you can download a pretty big reference library if you need to, but it is no internet). The HRRP would need to be altered (though some phones have FM radio receivers), but you'd also add a flashlight and the skill rolls probably needs to be altered. Smartphones are magic.
  3. Iron man and the mk 1 (grey) and mk 2 (gold) armors came out in the 1963 during the cold war, so it wasn't WWII so it is a little newer than WWII, but it WAS far from sleek. Think the improvised metal monstrosity that Stark made in a cave in the Iron Man movie. That was an homage to the original mk 1 and the mk 2 was a slightly updated and recolored version of the mk 1. I'm looking for WWII superhero characters in general, but the panzermensch armor was an interesting tidbit. A thread that I seized on, especially since it suggested more.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking Ironman Mk 1 at best (the beefy metal one). I'm looking at Destroyer's Black Talon mook armor and the Panzer armors as absolute caps on characteristic boosts and defenses. Any end reserve would be low, but it looks like most of the mods will work on charges (strength wouldn't, but moving the mech will be tiring and I'm not going more than +15, like destroyer's mook-mech). Both suits have +dex and +speed, but I'm thinking that mk 1 at least would be lucky not to slow down their users rather than speed them up, so no boosting that until Mk 2 or later. Panzermensch Mk1 rough draft +15 str (no fig characteristics, OIF) +5 con (no fig characteristics, OIF) Armor 12 PD / 12 ED (?) (OIF) Jump jets: leaping +10", (16 charges, OIF) Radio communication: radio perception/transmission, (OIF, affected as sight and hearing, 1.5 km max range -0)* spotlight: sight group images (only to create light, OIF) (details to be decided) ?? Weapons systems: 60 point multipower (all slots OIF) - Machine gun: 2d6 rka, 64 charges, autofire 5, beam, no kb - Flamethrower 2d6 rka, AoE cone, no kb, 8 (?) charges - Anti-armor micro-missile 3d6-1 Armor piercing, 4 (?) charges - Punch with a metal fist: +3d6 HA (?) 0-end *We're early in the war, so the GM has been a bit stingy about convenient portable radios for non-gadgeteers so the radios might be excluded initially Add-ons that could/would quickly be added might be a gas mask (ls: expanded breathing for filtering, or expanded breathing for air tanks), 5 points of hearing and/or sight flash defense, different weapon loadouts (blades, rubber science lightning magigs, etc.). Longer term augmentations might involve dex/spd boosts or increased running. Highly limited flight might come eventually (maybe with suits with less armor). Expanding LS for underwater operations (+ some swimming adaptations) or high radiation might be on the agenda. Pilot will probably be something akin to the "experienced/tough" soldier generic npc from "Predators" perhaps slightly improved (15 str, etc) and set to the period. The guys are mooks, but you try to give power armor to the GOOD mooks.
  5. Careful with senses in power frameworks. Senses can be very powerful when you need them and you can get lots of them cheaply in this way. Don't forget that your subatomic vision built on magnification can be used at ANY level between normal vision and subatomic, so even if subatomic vision is super situational, other levels may not be (maybe you can work out with your GM a lower level of microscopic outside the power framework and have some of it in the framework). I probably would use a multipower rather than a vpp, but that might be because I play 5th ed low to mid power superheros and a 60 point vpp is basically unheard of (it is both super expensive and a headache for some GMs when the players can cut through challenges with a purpose-built power out of nowhere). If you want to see cells all the way down to subatomic particles, you'll need magnification. "Cells" vary widely in size with the larges (like a human egg cell) being so large that a human can see it without any magnification, if only barely. If you ONLY want to see things on the smallest end of your powers, you should be able to make a custom sense for that purpose for a lot cheaper.
  6. I've been playing in a 5th ed revised WWII Champions game (sort of co-GMing in that I know the system better than the GM, allowing me to help give the GM resources and help new players navigate the complex would of Hero System character creation) and was wondering if there was any good sources of pre-built characters/equipment for supers in that age either in official publications or in someone's home-brew collection. I've looked at Pulp Hero already and while it is very useful for mundane equipment, the weird science stuff seems to be going in a direction that doesn't seem to fit in with the progression to modern tech in the setting (why doesn't Viper have the 8d6 NND WWII disintegrator in modern times?) One interesting thing I saw in Champions Worldwide was the supervillain Panzer. One line stuck out to me: "After several years of effort, he created the Panzermensch Mark XI battle armor, a direct descendant from the earliest WWII-era designs used by der Totenkopf’s henchmen to battle the Allies." Of course the power level of this suit is far above anything you'd put in a relatively low-powered WWII Champions game (40+ PD/ED is more than the party can handle) and the tech is obviously too advanced (microfusion batteries when fission is young plus force fields and lasers), but the line suggests that not only did the Nazis have power armor, but they had a fair number of suits. I wonder what the Mark I was like. If I don't have a published source to work from, I'm thinking of looking at a henchmen-level suit of power armor (from Book of Destroyer, UNTIL, or Viper) and replace any blasters with period firearms and generally low-tech equipment (portable radio communication was only just becoming practical). I'll use Panzer's suit as an upper-bound and take some hints from that. Flight will probably be replaced by leaping (jump-jets) since metalurgy and cost-restrictions might restrict the availability of light-but-strong materials. There could still be a better version where no expense was spared for a main villain, but it did say der Totenkopf's HENCHMEN used the suits.
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