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  1. Oh, and another thing....I was reading through Strike Force again, and kept seeing references to the Shivall Race, and the offshoot race of the Katari. Does anyone know where I can find more details about these two races? Maybe a write up or something?
  2. I have really enjoyed this post. I was going through Strike Force myself, putting all the characters into Hero Designer and this made things considerably easier. One thing for those who have been following; La Panthere had a car. It was a Black Trans Am that could change colors and had a rotating license plate. For 5th edition, if you have the Hero System Vehicle Sourcebook character data pack, you can use the Chevy Camaro as a template and then adjust as you see fit since Trans Ams used the same chassis and nearly the same engine when they were in production. In fact, some people who wan
  3. Well, I downloaded this thing and I can't get it to work right. I am trying to put a character in it. I got the stats in okay, but when I add powers, I can't set the dice or point level. I can't name the powers or edit them in any way. It's kind of frustrating. Are there some instructions somewhere or does thing just not work?
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