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  1. I wish I could use that art at the top for the cover but unfortunately its poster art for Once Upon A Time In The West and probably costs like eighty gazillion dollars for the rights. Without any market research or data to back it up, I have a suspicion that there's a fair sized market for good western gaming stuff that is largely unserved. Look at the acclaim of Aces & Eights for what is essentially an unplayable ruleset
  2. Overall, knockdown, knockback, and being stunned interrupts gestures and incantations. If there's a roll, then damage may interrupt the attempt. The target does their skill roll to attempt their effect. The damage applies a penalty to that roll (after its been made, stay with me here). If that penalty exceeds what the target made their roll by, then the effect fails (and side effects, if any are applied). Its -1 for every BODY suffered past defenses and -1 for every 2 STUN suffered past defenses.
  3. As there is a perfectly fine Bestiary for Hero 6th I didn't include that in the book, and the real world characters (and fictional ones) I released already as downloadable files on this site. So that saved some room which I promptly filled in with more background material and scenario prompts.
  4. I tried to do something differently with this, in that I put some "treasure" into the adventure. Not the usual kind, like a magic sword for the warrior, but things that can be recovered, used, or taken advantage of by the player characters, if they are clever and observant. By the way, big news coming out about this soon, regarding both Print versions and the adventure its self.
  5. Teleport in random direction and distance Mental powers are fun with damage shields, as they don't have to cost much to be effective Entangle is a good one: grab me and roots wrap you up
  6. I rebuilt Panda, Raccoon, and Sledge for the Island of Dr Destroyer update, they've never been rebuilt since 2nd edition that I know of.
  7. The key is to decide what magic can and cannot do, and how it is used. If its "snap your fingers and say a word to do anything" then its going to be really powerful. If you need lots of time, concentration, a special location, weird components like bones of the target's family etc and is limited to specific concepts, then its going to be very limited. Low magic campaigns are best if you simply ban direct attack spells and "buffs" such as "Strength Aid". Spells should take long periods of time to use (out of combat, at least a minute to cast) with concentration and usually increa
  8. Actually that's the way Reed figured out how to defeat Gladiator, because there's no way he could pick up the building like that. So Reed concluded he's using some sort of telekinesis to protect himself and deal damage, so they distracted him and Susan knocked him out. Some day I want to have that entire Byrne run, its so well done. By the way, if you pick up a copy, it helps the sales (and hence, the wallet of both me and Hero Games, who gets a cut) if you drop a review on the site.
  9. The manuscript for Western Hero is at Hero HQ and being worked over, with a new cover being created for it. I don't know any realistic release date but I hope it will be out by Christmas. This is to be an official Hero Games product, not a Hall of Champions fan bit or self pub job like my other work. I have a few release ideas set up for it, when it hits the shelves including an adventure module. As I get more news and information I'll pass it along here. So stay tuned, pardner.
  10. Its a Minor transform per the rules: its making physical changes to the character beyond simple color changes etc. Cosmetic turns blonde hair into red, or a velvet cloth to a linen one. Function is utterly unchanged, only sensory input is affected. Minor would make blonde hair into bald or velvet cloth into a pile of leaves. The function changes but the game effect is minor.
  11. Its an homage to John Byrne's magnificent Fantastic Four #249 cover:
  12. Kestrel Arts is proud to announce that the 6th edition remake of Hero Games's classic first Champions module The Island of Dr Destroyer is now live and on the shelf! This bundle includes the pdf of the full module, plus the Hero Designer files for all characters and vehicles included in the module. A Print on Demand version is in the works. You can find the file here at DriveThruRPG as part of the Hall of Champions community project
  13. There are several reasons, one of which is very secret but mainly I just like that look best. Its actually a significant part of the storyline.
  14. Yes, and in fact I put an absolute cap on CV, no matter what combination of abilties you use; you will never exceed this point until the cap rises later in the campaign.
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