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  1. Thanks for the input, this is the kind of stuff I need. I'm building a separate "Character book" file so the character sheets aren't in the Player Book any more, which slims it down considerably. Unfortunately since the choice of gender for a character is up to the player, I've had to be a bit awkward in some places describing things, but a few "he's" and "her's" might have slipped in by force of habit with standard English.
  2. Wind, a magical disconnected hand, gravity control, summoning a creature that moves things around, etc are all special effects of Telekinesis other than psychokinesis.
  3. Of all the things that cost a production my guess is that "martial arts choreographer" can't be very high on the list.
  4. Not exactly overwhelmed by the costume, but nobody has really done a great job with any of them except Iron Man.
  5. Fixed the stuff on the Dr Nope sheet, I hope people have noticed that a couple of these posts have an actual file attached that is not just the image and has lots in it to look over. I'm literally posting the actual document for the GM and Player here, attached to the posts. So that people can see them and give some feedback and editing. You don't have to be a pro, just look at it and say "hey, dummy you misspelled' computer' on page 8!" Well, hopefully nicer than that. This is how I intend to present characters to the players to choose from. Instead of a character
  6. Well, the trailer makes it look good, which is its job. Although he sure gets beat up in most of it heh.
  7. I like books like this for ideas, inspiration, and scenario concepts, which I can then use in my preferred games
  8. MLB is having ratings and ticket sales problems enough without throwing in the towel the first month
  9. By the way, if you have a group to run this or any friends who might want to give it a try as a playtest, please when this is roughed out and presentable, contact them and give it a whirl. Non-Hero GMs preferred, to see how well it does in teaching the game and how easy it is to follow and use.
  10. Combined attack doesn't have any penalties, Multiple Attack does.
  11. Yeah the HTA is the easiest way to do it, link it to that, and then every time the character uses the HA (and STR) it goes off.
  12. An alternate option for baseball lovers
  13. Currently working on character art, and still hoping for some feedback on the two files I uploaded here for the GM and Player book. UPDATE: here's the first pass inks on the character roster. There is a female and male version of each, so I chose the one that is the best clear representation of their costume, rather than a badass action pose. If you (please?) are going to work on art for the adventure, here's what the characters are basically going to look like. Starblaze will have a starry universe areas that are presently blank on the costume, for instance, but this
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