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  1. That would get the product on the shelf faster, for certain.
  2. Yeah was thinking of releasing them as individual mini adventures in a series called Challenges for Champions instead of one big book.
  3. A question about the Challenges for Champions book, do people want the full reprint of all the short adventures or released in smaller portions?
  4. The doubling effect only acts for walls, not stuff like boulders or cars
  5. Any thoughts on the character types, especially names? I want these to resonate with younger players, as at least part of this is a method of attracting a new generation to playing Champions
  6. Sadly I think the poll only allows one choice.
  7. Well here's the ideas I came up with for characters: Ace - baseball throwing Gambit kind of knockoff Behemoth - Hulk knockoff, bruiser that can grow to huge size Blurred Lion - Speedster cat man Doctor Nope - vaguely spiderman clone without webs but a toxic blast and 360 vision instead of danger sense Honey Badger - Wolverine/Deadpool knockoff King (Queen) Kickass - Stripped down superman/wonder woman clone with massive ego and personality Patriot - Captain America type with a shield built around Crusader from 4th edition Champions Street Knight - Batman knockoff, staff fighter Supercollider - Cannonball knockoff, super easy champions character concept that is very effective Teeny - shrinker Vulcan - Thor type with hammer, but the Roman god of the forge Wariangle - Iron Man type, but with a gun instead of repulsors I am trying to come up with more modern sounding names that would appeal to younger gamers, stuff that feels more like something a new Stan Lee would come up with. I don't want 800 characters because we need like 6 versions of them with details on each for the players, and two images for each. What it looks like the chapters will break down like is to start at 250 points and give 25 point batches of upgrades before the next chapter as xps. That way they get a steady progression of power and feel like a tutorial adding new abilities as the scenario unfolds. That said, characters like Street Knight are so skill based and the first scenario has zero skill use in it, so that he'll start out kind of lower points and get a lot more between adventures. However, I don't envision characters getting point values or doing math at all in this until later in the adventure, so his point progression and the inconsistency between characters can be hidden behind the scenes. EDIT: I am not so sure about ace, but there's no energy projector character that is really popular right now (other than Iron Man I guess). I want an Iron Man character, but it would be good to have a classic energy projector or two for players to choose from. Force field, blast, flight. Its a classic Champions build but almost unknown in comics, oddly enough.
  8. If I can finish up Island of Dr Destroyer and see positive results from that I will do Deathstroke, then we'll see based on what people seem to want here
  9. Zip file of the various VIPER agents and vehicles I colored for the paper minis a few years ago. This is from 4th edition VIPER, I don't have 5th. Viper Images.zip
  10. Yeah I did a bunch of colored in images for Viper a while back, if anyone wants the full set I can bundle them up and load here
  11. Someone who has Stronghold 5th should do a set of adventures relating to the place
  12. Escape from Stronghold was reprinted in a 4th edition book wasn't it? My aging memory is telling me something like that. But yes, it could definitely be a more interesting adventure than just the prison. This is a repeat, but it could be worked into the scenario. I ran a convention game once where I had people bring their own heroes, it didn't matter to me what power level they were or anything. I didn't even care if they were broken. Then after an introductory battle with a villain team which they handily won, the next day the PCs woke up.... in Stronghold in the bodies of the villains they defeated. Meanwhile, the villains in their bodies were busy being villainy and making them look as bad as possible. The heroes had to escape, evade superheroes and PRIMUS trying to recapture them, invade their own superhero base, and recover their bodies, somehow, clearing their name. It didn't run as well as I had hoped but the concept was really fun. I could see working that into Stronghold somehow.
  13. Well... there's a reason for that 😁
  14. Sad to see Target Hero getting no love, I really liked that module
  15. I think the worst adventures are the ones that might be the best to update and fix
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