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  1. Personally, were I do be the head of such a project, I'd power down things a bit, too. 350 points is plenty for a starting character, and gives them room to grow and add later. Having converted hundreds of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th edition monsters and characters into 6th (literally), a 250 point old school character ends up around 300-350 points, depending on concept. I'm fine with having a higher powered campaign as well, I just don't think that ought to be the default for a base campaign. And if there's any portion of humanity that understands the principle of starting out a beginner and growing with experience, its gamers.
  2. By the time Fantasy Hero came out we were running EVERYTHING you can imagine with Hero. Some systems handle some concepts better -- Paranoia does that kind of thing better, Call of Cthulhu handles that better (in my opinion at least), but yeah. Vietnam War, post-apocalyptic survival, science fiction, westerns, swashbuckling 18th century Europe, mystical medieval Japan, you name it, we had a Hero version and it worked flawlessly.
  3. I thing a reboot of the Champions universe without all of the um, dramatic stuff that has happened over the years to major characters and locations to bring it to year zero where the PCs come in and build the history would be a good thing to do. Let the campaign define the world's events, not some write up in a book that's grown over the years. I really really like the idea of Astro City Champions but Kurt Busiek absolutely turned that idea down sadly
  4. Actually surprised they are even putting another Thor movie out. I figured the saga with Hemsworth was done, missing an eye and boss of Asgard. I guess they'll build a new Asgard somewhere, so he can retire there and lady Thor can take over.
  5. Unfortunately right now, Marvel Films get an extra star from people just for being Marvel and DC get a star docked just for being DC. There have been some really great DC products out lately, and some meh Marvel stuff. The last two Avengers movies, if they'd had "DC" attached to them would have gotten much lower marks. But nostalgia and wraps up Avengers and I love these characters and folks look past or explain away the stuff they'd have savaged without the Marvel badge.
  6. Some of us are doing pro level work, but its slow and we need more (especially for superheroes). A campaign setting with a campaign arc and adventures to fill that in would be a good start. Two or three of those and you set yourself apart as a game. And yes, I've heard all the excuses "adventures don't sell!" But the problem is that without adventures GAMES don't sell. They're what you put out to promote the game and enable people to jump right in. Without that, people have to start from scratch. Some of us love that, but most don't like getting a box of random Lego pieces and being put in a blank room.
  7. Meh, theres nothing about the rules that bleeds fun out of anything, it plays the same as first edition. The presentation makes it daunting and feel excessive, though. And the need to explain EVERYTHING to the finest detail makes it feel like the GM doesn't have a lot of room for making a call or deciding on the fly. That's not true, of course, the book does make sure to say its up to you and decide what feels best and this is just reference if you want to be sure. But the books feel like they're micromanaging your game.
  8. Yeah it was a fun movie but it didn't feel like Thor at all (kind of like the latest Spider-Man films feel more like something made by someone who heard of Spider-Man but never read any of the comics).
  9. Voltron probably isn't supposed to take so long to combine, but for dramatic reasons everyone (including the villains) go into holding patterns and wait while the long sequence takes place.
  10. That sounds like fun and creative tactics to me. Remember, anything your players come up with... your villains can and should use, too
  11. I messed up the build, that Usable as an attack should have "grantor completely controls power" which makes it slightly more expensive.
  12. Yeah Conan wore as much armor as he possibly could at any given time, its just a lot of the time he didnt' have access to armor.
  13. Very low magic in Conan stories, unless its bad guys. There is some cure magic (remove curse mostly) and the ability to heal with herbs. Mages are mostly crazy people who see visions, collect weird old stuff and end badly. Weapons and armor are not as good as you generally get from fantasy campaigns, should be mostly bronze with rare iron. If you use the Conan setting, then ancient civilizations will have better gear, but its rare and hard to get.
  14. It wouldn't be horribly hard to do other than researching the world politics and espionage stuff. Gadgets and techniques have come a long ways, but the rest pretty much writes its self. Western Hero DOES write its self, all that's needed is a better bestiary and more adventure ideas, maybe a campaign setting. And maps, lots of maps.
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