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  1. Thanks for the info, I honestly have seen few of the shows so I didn't know exactly his skills. I'll get on fixing that up
  2. I'm working on an adventure module that will hit the shelves about the same time as Western Hero. There's a full campaign and two adventures plus tons of scenario ideas in the WH book, but I wanted to have something extra for people to run as well. Its long been my position that products suffer for lack of support; its not enough to just have rules out there. This one is a "town taming" scenario where the PCs are hired on to try to deal with a town gone wild, but there's a lot more going on under the surface and a valley area they can continue to do adventures in after the job is done if they wish.
  3. OK I have completed the build and uploaded the companion file The Greatest Guns of History as well. This includes dozens of historical figures of many various types, free for download and use in your game.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    From Bass Reeves to Wyatt Earp, and all points in between, this is a file packed with dozens of real-life gun fighters, lawmen, Native American heroes, and much more. This packet includes a folder full of Hero Designer files as well as a pdf with all the write ups and as a bonus, the details of how the special talents in Western Hero were constructed. GMs can use these as NPCs of history the players encounter and templates for NPCs under different identities. Players can use them as examples of how various types of characters can be built or inspiration for their own character. This is a companion file with the Greatest Guns Who Never Were, free for use and play with Western Hero!
  5. I have completed and sent Western Hero to Hero Games to look over and build a cover for. Its a complete book with all you need to build characters and play the game (minus powers and modifiers etc, as not applicable in a heroic game) with a full campaign setting adapted from the original Western Hero 4th edition, plus tons of adventure ideas, campaign tips, background, maps, etc. Also, I have uploaded a file of The Greatest Guns Who Never Were, a file containing almost 50 fictional characters of western and western-inspired background from books, comics, movies, television, and radio, from Hopalong Cassidy to Mal Reynolds and all points in between. Its free in the Downloads section and includes full Hero Designer write ups as well as a pdf containing them all and some notes on how they were made.
  6. The Greatest Guns Who Never Were View File A pack of Hero Designer builds and pdf write up of dozens of characters for Western Hero, drawn from books, radio shows, television, and cinema. Useful for your games as examples of builds, pre-mades, or used as NPCs in a game. Submitter Christopher R Taylor Submitted 03/04/2020 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A pack of Hero Designer builds and pdf write up of dozens of characters for Western Hero, drawn from books, radio shows, television, and cinema. Useful for your games as examples of builds, pre-mades, or used as NPCs in a game.
  8. And that was the question, which I could not believe anyone would even consider asking. Tell you what. You apologize for repeatedly claiming I am saying something I am not, and stop claiming it... and I will yet again go through how Combined Attack needs to be changed like I did for two pages previous so you can see it again. Int he meantime maybe you could go over and ask yourself why it is only you and Gnome seem to think its perfectly fine as is.
  9. Sigh, yes sweep existed, but in the context of this thread... multiple attack and combined attacks weren't a thing until they suddenly showed up.
  10. Its going to make a ton of money off nostalgia and being "THE END OF THE SAGA" so no, its not burning out. Disney will take that as proof that Solo was a one-off and people lurve them some Star Wars movies, so they go back to pumping one out a year or more.
  11. Fanning the Hammer didn't come up, and its not in the main rules either. My solution was to give it a +1 OCV (only for Multiple Attacks, thus it slightly offsets MA penalties) at the expense of causing damage to your weapon if you do it too much. A couple shots, probably okay but each shot has a chance of causing your gun to be damaged and not function. Edit: I like Duke's idea quite a bit, as it requires less technical focus on the survival of the gun, avoids the baggage of Multiple Attacks (and all the penalties it entails) and seems like it represents Fanning the Hammer a bit better. I'll give it some thought, whether that requires a skill or should just be a familiarity (I mean, anyone could try it). As a side note, here's the text for using two guns: As you'll note, before 5th edition there was no idea of firing the same attack over and over in the same phase which is why it was such a shock when the rules came out and it was said that his was always possible.
  12. Its really bad for your gun too. But you are supposed to do this kind of thing on a single action revolver. A double action revolver will cock and isn't able to snap the hammer freely, I'm sorry, that came across a bit strong but... seriously? I didn't mean to be mocking, just... jaw dropping amazement. There is zero support or logic in any remotest sense to saying blasting someone once with a blast is superior to basting them more than once. That makes no sense at all no matter how you look at it. I was trying to make sure that I had this correct because its like asking why its a bad idea to hit your thumb with a hammer. This is not even something worthy of discussion. What on earth could possibly prompt someone to suggest that hitting an opponent twice is not better than hitting them once? Do you stop the fight after a single blow? Do you not charge an advantage for autofire? Do you think that multiple attacks aren't worth penalties because its worse to hit the same target more than once (you can do that with multiple attack, you realize, yes?). For the last time at no point have I ever suggested I don't want to allow Combined Attacks. Ever. In any way. No matter how you read it. The only thing I've ever said is that this is a maneuver that should carry some sort of penalty. That this is part of the rules and I'm fine with it existing but that its build improperly and should have a drawback to offset its blatantly obvious advantage. Do you see how this could possibly get frustrating and annoying to me? To have you repeatedly mis-characterize what I'm saying? It almost seems as if you're not relay reading what I write and are just arguing your own point while claiming that you understand fine but disagree. So I'm just going to move on. I agree, and that's my concern. This is a good overall wrap up of the problems and the discussion broken down to the actual subject rather than heated personalities and side tracking. Although nobody that I saw ever suggested doing away with Combined Attacks entirely, just finding some way to balance it out. It seems absurd to not use every single phase, since there's really nothing at all to stop you and all the benefit in the world. Yet penalizing it causes problems with linked powers. How to work that out? To me, instead of going "I'm going to nitpick and find technicalities" the best topic for discussion would be "how can we find a way to make this rule better constructed?"
  13. This is an old reference, but we used to compare it to when Mike Tyson got knocked down by Buster Douglas. He was on his hands and knees drunkenly trying to find his mouthpiece and basically out cold but still sort of functioning.
  14. The problem with a death trap is that it relies on the writer knowing how to get out and making the character figure it out. Players are... less reliable in that aspect. You often have to end up giving them die rolls to figure things out which is less than satisfying. On the other hand, sometimes they come up with a way of trying to get out which you had not considered. And if its remotely feasible or entertaining... go for it, even if you have to change things a bit to make it work. Better you change your plans for the player to succeed on their own than force them along a predetermined path through die rolls to feed them info.
  15. ...are you joking? You want me to explain how hitting someone twice is better than hitting them once???? Well you can do it but it takes really fast, strong thumbs like a 13 year old girl after all her texting experience. Realistically its not very feasible, though A more realistic move is to snap the hammer back with your thumb for one shot, and then pull the trigger, ba-bam. Extremely poor accuracy (your thumb will yank the barrel up) but works in close range and takes a really smooth, easy to work mechanism.
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