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  1. I remain convinced the proper approach to Hero is a stripped down simple basic rules set with all the main elements presented in a fun way for players, and a full set of more complete rules with the bells and whistles for the GM. At its core, Hero is still the same simple game as in the first editions, it just has more options. Two books ala PH/DMG with differing levels of complexity and you present a game that's easy to learn and play but can have much greater options and deeper exploration if you choose. A 7th edition which deals with some minor issues in 6th and is presented in this manner would be much more broadly appealing, I think. Particularly if combined with an effort to publicize using podcasters and "influencers" in the market.
  2. Oh, there are thousands of other ways the ending of GOT could have sucked. In truth the ways to write something well are the tiny minority of options.
  3. I tend to build my superheroes on a sort of scale. Bricks are 13-18 DEX, they can be agile and athletic but not as much as others. Egoists are 11-15, they rely on EGO more than DEX and rarely need the other Energy Projectors are usually 18-23, they're fast and agile and have to move to stay safe Martial Artists are even higher, 21-25 because they need it even more and have good reason to be exceptionally agile and dexterous. Speedsters range the highest, 23-27. Anything more is kind of a waste.
  4. It makes sense that superpowered people should, on the whole, be pretty good in all their stats just by being well-trained athletic individuals with superior physique. Even a mentalist who has to fight crime is gonna stay in shape.
  5. You're better off doing it that way, since you're getting ripped off if you buy it as a skill level.
  6. But that's a problem with Cover as a maneuver, not what I was talking about
  7. I don't want a new edition for selfish reasons: I'd have to rewrite all my books and it takes long enough to write them to begin with. But were there to be a new edition, there are certainly some things that need examining, such as the cost and structure for Damage Negation and the cost for the characteristics.
  8. Well or you can buy a skill level that's defined as "DCV" within the parameters of the Combat Skill Levels.
  9. You still can. You buy a level and define what its for. You can define it being for DCV if you choose. That's shown by how in the officially published characters people buy stuff like +1 Combat Skill level for DCV vs ranged attacks.
  10. Forever! Except not with the characters you actually liked and wanted to see films about.
  11. In my dreams I have a tech kid who sets all this crap up for me so I don't have to get a degree to learn how to use the interface and spend a week on each scenario building it. And I have a surface-type platform that's the size ofa kitchen table to run it on for the players.
  12. Yeah the Hero version isn't quite right, its not a bad idea for the reasons given in the book but not handled quite properly.
  13. Here's some of what's in my "what I'd do to 7th edition" Increase cost of Endurance Stat to 3 END per 1 point Increase cost of Recovery Stat to 3 REC per 2 points Followers/Summon: not 5 points to double, but a percentage of total cost (so super cheap creatures are not more expensive to double than just buy) but with max cost System that allows Aid to grant powers rather than simply enhance Restructure Mental powers to be less like presence attacks and more like transform Rebuild power defense: 3/2 for everything, 1/1 for specifics; but always resistant (-½ limitation to be non-resistant) Change Environment can create some positive effects, less about saving throw effects and more about altering environment Flash defense for non combat senses = -½ limitation Growth strip away all stat bonuses, leave only reach etc, recost Rebuild Deflection (add in reflection as a variant) Return Missile Deflection but clarify to be not everything rather missiles and similar attacks rather than allowing everyone to deflect ranged attacks Healing does not have a time limit on it, increase cost to 15/d6 and suggest limitations Reintroduce Spirit Rules Make HA and Blast into one attack with either STR adds or range Return Transfer as a Talent-like build (ie all the math is in the background) Return Instant Change as a Talent-like build (ie all the math is in the background) Add in some of the APG ideas Recostskill levels so they are more attractive than just CV Better, clearer version of Hero Points (don't start with 2d6 for one thing) In the "breaking things/environment" section note how to use adjustment powers on non-statted items like fires, etc in a simple manner Adjacent Sense Modifier = up to 5m distant AE "Surface" double in area for cost AE "Any" double in area for cost Damage over Time becomes "Effect Over Time" allowing broader conceptual use. Simplify Skill list (reduce overlap, strip down skills like TF and WF to simpler structures) I like the idea of the "takes no Body" option, it makes sense for some builds and concepts. You cannot kill it, only defeat it, temporarily.
  14. Elastigirl! No telling if she has the gargantuan booty or not
  15. It doesn't specifically say so in the rules but how would DCV levels be used to increase damage with an attack?? I mean, I'm pretty skeptical that levels should be allowed to use to increase damage to begin with, its not like your gun will shoot harder if you're really accurate with it. The only way it makes sense is if you're doing faux hit locations with skill levels, which either don't exist in superheroes games or are actual, you know, hit locations in heroic games. Dropping the dubious concept entirely would make building skill levels much easier and cleaner.
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