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  1. I used to build skill Elemental Controls in 4th edition, because skill based characters got expensive without much combat ability to show for it.
  2. Would have done fine if it had been better written and directed. It sucked, and it bombed. I agree that TV content has gotten better, but movies are another story completely. There's been maybe 2 really great movies made in the last 20 years, and a host of utter crap. Used to be you'd see 2-5 every single year. Classics, movies people flocked to, movies that changed culture.
  3. They never actually got to equal domestic sales, and over the last few years have begun to decline in Hollywood sales, as their own movie industry has grown. Still, China represents tens of millions of dollars, and that's not easy to pass up. But so does Russia and Europe, and Hollywood isn't freaked out over annoying those markets. They don't film special scenes just for Russia, they don't have Russian consultants in to work on the script, etc.
  4. It has the double advantage of maybe turning the Mandarin into an actual real threat instead of that pathetic crap from Iron Man 3... and not upsetting the Chinese who for some reason Hollywood is terrified of and kowtows to at every conceivable opportunity.
  5. Of course the number of movies and shows coming out that are watchable has nose-dived in the last few years. Yeah, the overall quality of movies and TV has been abysmal for years now. You can literally pick any year at random from 1930-2000 and get more great films than the last decade.
  6. The list of upcoming films for Marvel is kind of underwhelming, now that they've killed or retired everyone major. Fantastic Four in the future maybe but... I mean I liked the Shang Chi comic (mostly for the wonderful artwork) but its not a real compelling bunch of characters for the most part.
  7. Yeah I think it was another billion dollar job if they'd released it years ago but now? Dumb.
  8. The chatty fight scenes work a lot better in comics than on screen, because things aren't so fast and kinetic (although Deadpool did it pretty well) but it wasn't just that. They gutted the character completely; I don't think she had any lines at all and was a mind controlled zombie.
  9. Black Widow isn't doing really bang up numbers, but I think that's mostly people are not all that excited by the character, it came out a couple years too late, and people might be getting a little burnt out with superhero films. Streaming was extremely weak at $60 streaming (compared to Mulan, for example, with $260 million streaming in the first week. The cliff ticket sales fell off second week (almost 70% fewer) I think probably represents everyone really interested in going to see a movie at the theater deciding they don't really care to again, having gotten their nostalgia over with. Its just a guess on my part but I think people have gotten very used to watching films at home and theaters are going to suffer. That said, if Marvel can (crossing fingers and toes) do Fantastic Four right, they could rekindle real interest in superhero films. And historically these films go through waves: Superman was great and did well, then tapered off rapidly. Batman (Burton/Keaton) did really well then tapered off in a hurry. The genre won't really die but people might be more interested in something else for a while.
  10. All that reminds me why I don't like Bendis' writing. Also: by now you know how badly they Deadpooled the Taskmaster 😕
  11. I would say its probably worth a ½ limitation still, since the character cannot choose a defense before being attacked, and has no control over what they get
  12. I think originally she was Triplicate girl, then lost one of her three, then they rebooted and she got renamed and was always two. Legion of Superheroes has been rebooted like 87 times
  13. All of the Player Characters have been designed and colored, you can see them all at my Pinterest page, but only some if you haven't signed up for an account. I'll bundle them up and upload to somewhere else if people want. Now its on to villain coloring. Some of the villains look a little whacky but I'm okay with that, because they're bad guys and can look offbeat or lame (Power Crusher, anyone?).
  14. Adamantium skull + bullet = bounces off, not sinks in.
  15. I think having a stripped-down basics sheet to play and an HDC character to build and spend xps on is the best approach. Nobody needs to see the modifier values of every modifier on their powers, much less all the modifiers. "Fireball: Blast 9d6 vs ED (fire) Area Effect: Radius 4m (+¼) Explosion (56 active points)" or "Fireball: 9d6 Blast explosion 4m" which is best for a character sheet? The latter, I believe. You can have all the rest in the HDC file. Similarly we don't need how much each characteristic costs on the character sheet. That's a throwback to the "fill out your sheet by hand as you build it" days. You just need Stat - Value - Roll. And if you break OCV, DCV, OMCV, DMCV off to its own section, that helps greatly unclutter the characteristics section. I'm not a huge fan of splitting too many characteristics all over the page though, because then you have to hunt your stats instead of just use them. I mean D&D does that, they put saving throws and resistances and hit points and AC all over the sheet, but that makes me have to hunt things on a sheet until I'm really used to it; not great for beginners.
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