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  1. I'm bumping this, because we're looking for players again.
  2. That's not that amazing. It's not nearly as ridiculous as 70 strength or 30 dex.
  3. I'd argue Ben Grimm's probably got a high SPD, probably middling dex, because it's all skill for him. An 18 dex, SPD 6 or so, 4-5 levels of HTH, boxing, and a few HTH damage classes would probably cover it. I say this, because he has demonstrated repeatedly that he is an extremely skilled fighter, capable of trashing entire armies of goons, punching above his strength class, and massively outclassing the guys that are in his weight class, through sheer skill.
  4. It's absolutely relevant, it's an indication of how clumsy they are, also, if they catch it (like Star-Lord did in the movies) then it demonstrates that they just messed up, but were fast enough and accurate enough to correct their mistake. Martian Manhunter has legitimate superhuman reflexes, he has kept up with Ultraman, who is AU!Superman, while Ultraman is kind of an arrogant jerk, and he probably shows absolutely no respect for anyone not his equal, he is superhumanly fast. Have you even read the comics? Depending on the iteration and how hard he's fighting that day, he can square off against entire teams of notably fast, trained, experienced combatants, and go through them like a psionic, shapeshifting Superman really would. Martian Manhunter doesn't often evade attacks, because he doesn't often need to, he's practically immune to everything but fire, and even fire's a psychological thing with him, which is much the same reason Cyborg or even Superman don't bother to dodge bullets more often than not, even if there's absolutely bullets that can kill all three of these characters. Considering how I described it as basically being 'essentially the best' 18 is probably lowballing it. Pilots probably have 13-18, with US Navy pilots being on the higher end (owing to having overall rougher training and requirements, especially for carrier night landing. Which is a serialistic nightmare if ever there was.) The speed of mercury grants him all of that stuff. Otherwise, it wouldn't be the speed of Mercury, it'd be the mobility of Mercury. Not quite the same thing. That's because you've never read any books where he's had to fight someone in hand to hand, mostly because he generally doesn't have to, but it does come up, like the time he almost beat Madame Hydra. He is, but I'll remind you that comic book characters, and subsequently, comic book Olympics, do not abide by real world rules. Batman is demonstrably superhumanly strong, tough, fast, and agile, despite being an unpowered human, by real world standards. He can pick up half a ton, make thirty foot leaps in heavy armor, with a gigantic fire/explosion-resistant cape, and a massive utility belt full of more stuff than can actually fit in it. This is a world where you find a half-Asian woman who can shove her fingers through swords, her hands through chimneys, dance between bullets, and turn a man's heart off like it was a particularly aggressive light switch. Her only power is 'training', because this womanis the 3rd Batgirl. By default? Yes, to one degree or another, the only reason Stephanie Brown lasted as long as she did, was because she was standing next to far more capable heroes.The wimpiest hero on the Justice League can hold a motorcycle over their head, that is Olympic level. This is because the characters are impossible ideals. For a normal person? 0 points? I was fine with the 5e costs. Yeah, dex is a bit ridiculous, but all of the stats are ridiculous if you shove 60 points into them. Except maybe Ego, if you aren't dealing with psionics in any way.
  5. No, I'm calling the idea of not using physical attributes to define attributes, to instead use what used to be derived values to define everything, a mistake. Essentially: if someone is fast and agile, don't just buy them lightning reflexes, higher skills, and OCV/DCV, buy them dex, it's what it's there for. I'm also holding 6e as flawed because dexterity has no connection to OCV/DCV, but I firmly approve of derived stats. For the odd character who is fast, but not accurate, Lightning reflexes exists. Among many other flaws.
  6. Compared to normal folk, even most trained folk. People can be surprisingly clumsy, even if they are well-trained, but superheroes don't often accidentally drop things. Green Lantern is a pilot. Hal's good enough to be considered for experimental flying, those are guys who typically flew fighter jets, which is an elite class of reflexes and perception in it's own right, excelled beyond their peers, and showed exceptional discipline. I would eat my left shoe if a guy like that didn't have exceptional agility. Martian Manhunter is a shapeshifting alien with super speed, his agility by default, is superhuman. Aquaman is a superhuman martial artist, when he is shown respect, without his super strength he can still wade through dozens of dudes in rapid succession. Elongated Man is a shapeshifter, just being a shapeshifter means you can move in ways a normal person cannot, that's agility. Red Tornado is a wind elemental housed in a robot, I somehow doubt their agility is demonstrably human. Cyborg is still faster than most folk, by a fair margin, he's not quite capable of keeping up with speedsters, but he is tuned fast enough to not just get completely torn apart by the superhumanly fast Deathstroke. Depends on the high school athlete in question, an average one cannot hold their own against a dozen other people in a fight and, even without their powers, most superheroes can. Those that can't are guys like Billy Batson, who under it is a a normal kid, but with his powers, he has the speed of Mercury, which is nonsense levels of fast. Do you think that these guys are incapable of performing many of the flips that an olympic level gymnastics, with their powers? I say it feeds both, physical ability isn't just derived values, you can't convert OCV levels to reflexes or carrying capacity, and if you're gonna buy higher agility skills and lightning reflexes, why didn't you just buy a higher dex? Like, I get it, the physical stats are basically meaningless in 6th edition, in a lot of regards, but that's a flaw in the system, not a remark on reality.
  7. Having watched people for a great deal of my life, I disagree wholeheartedly on heroes not demonstrating exceptional agility. Name an Avenger or member of the Justice League who is not exceptionally agile. Those who lack considerable agility aren't common and the ones that do exist often don't last long. Among the Avengers, the only two I can think of that really don't have exceptional agility are Doctor Druid and Scarlet Witch, neither of whom need agility to be effective heroes. On the Justice League the only one I can think of is Swamp Thing, once more, a character that doesn't need exceptional agility, because their power set doesn't need them to be anything like nimble. Now, the X-Men, those guys tend to be a fair amount slower, except for the main team, probably because most of them are not exceptionally well-trained or suited for combat, but even the main team is nothing compared to dex monsters like Spider-Man, and he is a monster in combat.
  8. Unless it has something to do with words like dad, bob, or toot, I doubt it. Only thing I can find is a poem about someone's palindrome woes.
  9. That is kinda the definition. We call non-conscious things 'temporarily disabled' or 'off' when they are knocked out for lack of better terms. Though, most of the time, if you damage most things enough that they're no longer functional, then they are destroyed in the process. If you want a robot or whatever that can be knocked out, then your best bet is to not use the automaton rules, it can still be, ostensibly, defined as an automaton, but it isn't using those rules. Also, palindromedary doesn't mean anything, but it sounds like you're trying to say peasantry, proletariat, or something else equally condescending.
  10. Eh, I'm with Massey on this. I don't think it's a good thing to have, you don't run into much that's as binary as Con is, Psionics has a tiered system, where bypassing your defense has progressively worse effects. Transforms have to surpass your defense and your body. Flash effects are binary, in that you're blinded or you're not, but if the flash wears off before you act again, and no one attacks you during that time, then there's no real effect. In the case of Stun, Con is basically acting as a defense, against the Dazed condition, it doesn't help you in the slightest against anything else, really.
  11. Those attacks are expensive and rare, so it's a matter of whether or not you think that two points/con are worth it for most of your adventures. The fact is, that two points used to give you ED, End, and Stun, in addition to protecting against being dazed. Personally, I don't think that two points is, if someone's gonna nail me with an NND, and I don't have any power defense, then congratulations to them: they tagged me in a weak spot, but I do not think it's worth it, because defenses are so cheap. I don't exactly play 6e, for a reason, but I am familiar with the rules, and I buy CON for the astounding list of benefits it gives me, which make it well worth the 2 points/shot, rather than buying all of those things separately. My point is basically what you're stating, Con used to be worth buying, but it's not anymore Poor Defender.
  12. This is Massie's Superman. Superman Player: Val Char Cost 20/70 STR 10 14/25 DEX 12 15/40 CON 10 13/25 BODY 6 18/26 INT 8 14/22 EGO 8 15/31 PRE 5 16 COM 3 5/30 PD 1 5/30 ED 2 3/6 SPD 6 7/32 REC 0 30/130 END 0 32/82 STUN 1 6"/31" RUN 0 2"/27" SWIM 0 3"/38" LEAP -1 Characteristics Cost: 71 Cost Power 103 Kryptonian Powers: Aid 1d6, Can Add Maximum Of 50 Points, Can Apply Adders (+1), Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per 6 Hours; +1 1/4), All super powers simultaneously (+2), Multiple Special Effects (+2) (232 Active Points); Self Only (-1/2), Can only charge in direct yellow sunlight (-1/4), Only 1/2 effect to Body, Swim, Senses, Leaping, LS (-1/4), Only 2/3 effect to Dex, Spd, overall lvls, 1/3 to Ego, Pre, special defenses, 1/6 to Int (-1/4) 4 Kryptonian Powers: Elemental Control, 10-point powers, (5 Active Points); all slots Only when Aid is active (-1/4) [Notes: Full charge provides: 4D6 RKA, 40 Str TK, 16D6 Dispel, 6D6 Entangle, 30" Flight, 17" Megascale Flight, 4 Overall levels] 3 1) Heat Vision 1: Killing Attack - Ranged 1/2d6 (10 Active Points); No Knockback (-1/4), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 3 2) Superbreath 1: Telekinesis (7 STR) (11 Active Points); Increased Endurance Cost (x2 END; -1/2), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 3 3) Superbreath 2: Dispel 3d6, any fire power one at a time (+1/4) (11 Active Points); Increased Endurance Cost (x2 END; -1/2), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 3 4) Superbreath 4: Entangle 1d6, 1 DEF (10 Active Points); Increased Endurance Cost (x2 END; -1/2), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 4 5) Flight 1: Flight (30" total) 5" (10 Active Points); Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 4 6) Flight 2: Flight (17" total) 3", MegaScale (1" = 10 km; +1/2), Can Be Scaled Down 1" = 1km (+1/4) (10 Active Points); Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 2 7) Superspeed: +1 Overall (+4 total) (10 Active Points); Costs Endurance (-1/2), Superspeed bonuses only (-1/4), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) Kryptonian Powers, all slots Only when Aid is active (-1/4) [Notes: Full charge provides: 30/30 Damage Resistance, 13" Knockback Resistance, +8 perception, +8 vs range mods, 26 pts Life Support, 10 pts Flash Def Sight and Hearing, 10 pts Power Def] 4 1) Damage Resistance (5 PD/5 ED) (5 Active Points); Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 2 2) Knockback Resistance -1"; Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 2 3) +1 PER with all Sense Groups (3 Active Points); Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 2 4) +1 versus Range Modifier for Hearing Group and Sight Group (3 Active Points); Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 1 5) Life Support (Safe in High Pressure); Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 6 6) N-Ray Perception (Sight Group) (10 Active Points); Costs Endurance (-1/2), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 4 7) Detect Beyond visual spectrum 13-/14- (Sight Group) (5 Active Points); Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 4 ? Detect Radio / Ultrasonic Spectrum 13-/14- (Hearing Group) (5 Active Points); Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 1 9) Sight Group Flash Defense (2 points) (2 Active Points); 1/2 Effect vs magic, red sun, kryptonite (-1/2), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 1 10) Hearing Group Flash Defense (2 points) (2 Active Points); 1/2 Effect vs magic, red sun, kryptonite (-1/2), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) 1 11) Power Defense (2 points) (2 Active Points); 1/2 Effect vs magic, red sun, kryptonite (-1/2), Only when Aid is active (-1/4) Kryptonian Powers (full charge) 0 1) +50 STR (Calculated Aid Effects); No Figured Characteristics (-1/2) 0 2) +11 DEX (Calculated Aid Effects); No Figured Characteristics (-1/2) 0 3) +25 CON (Calculated Aid Effects); No Figured Characteristics (-1/2) 0 4) +12 BODY (Calculated Aid Effects); No Figured Characteristics (-1/2) 0 5) +8 INT (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 6) +8 EGO (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 7) +16 PRE (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 ? +25 PD (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 9) +25 ED (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 10) +3 SPD (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 11) +25 REC (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 12) +100 END (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 13) +50 STUN (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 14) Running +25" (6"/31" total), Calculated Aid Effects 0 15) Swimming +25" (2"/27" total) (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 16) Leaping +25" (3"/38" forward, 1 1/2"/19" upward) (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 17) Damage Resistance (25 PD/25 ED) (Calculated Aid Effects) 0 18) +8 PER with all Sense Groups and Calculated Aid Effects Powers Cost: 157 Cost Skill 3 Deduction 13- (14-) 3 Disguise 13- (14-) 3 Navigation 13- (14-) 3 Paramedics 13- (14-) 3 Persuasion 12- (15-) 3 AK: Earth 13- (14-) 3 PS: Reporter 13- (14-) Skills Cost: 21 Cost Perk 1 Fringe Benefit: Press Pass Perks Cost: 1 Total Character Cost: 250 Pts. Disadvantage 20 Accidental Change: Other types of Kryptonite Always (Uncommon) 20 Dependent NPC: Lois Lane 11- (Normal; Unaware of character's adventuring career/Secret ID) 20 Hunted: Lex Luthor 11- (Less Pow, NCI, PC has a Public ID or is otherwise very easy to find, Harshly Punish) 15 Physical Limitation: Stunned by exposure to Green Kryptonite (Frequently, Greatly Impairing) 15 Psychological Limitation: Code against killing (Common, Strong) 15 Psychological Limitation: Protective of innocents (Common, Strong) 15 Psychological Limitation: Stands up for little guy (Common, Strong) 15 Psychological Limitation: Follows the law (Common, Strong) 15 Psychological Limitation: Stands for truth and justice (Common, Strong) 15 Reputation: Big Blue Boy Scout, 14- 15 Secret Identity: Clark Kent (Frequently, Major) 30 Susceptibility: Kryptonite 3d6 damage per Phase (Common) 10 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x STUN Magic (Common) 10 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x Effect Magic (Common) 10 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x STUN Kryptonite attacks (Common) 10 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x Effect Kryptonite (Common) Disadvantage Points: 250 Base Points: 200 Experience Required: 0 Total Experience Available: 0 Experience Unspent: 0 Though, I disagree with the bonus to non-physical attributes, those are exclusively him, not his powers. I'm pretty sure this is the DCAU Superman at the start of his career. Others, who will go unnamed, did not appreciate the fact that Massie used 250 points in disads, but no actual character points, making this technically a 0-point character.
  13. Not exactly a big fan of the 'saves' system, if we're gonna use anything like what D&D has. Con doesn't get any love, because all the stuff that made Con good are gone, you don't get stun, you don't get end, you get..... resistance to being dazed, and a better Con roll, which is pointless, because it doesn't come up nearly often enough to count as a point and it doesn't add defense anymore. So just regular defense costs the same amount per point and stops damage rather than allowing you to shrug it off. Enough kvetching about the flaws of 6th edition, here's the important point to this: Your best bet would be to take power defense only vs poison.
  14. Sure, plenty of heroes, it's an open invite for anyone who wants to make a character. They have to try to get as close to their demonstrated abilities as possible.
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