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  1. I used them all (and others) in a campaign setting back in the day _in theory_ but not all of them actually made an appearance "on camera" so to speak. Many of the example characters are of that setting, actually. Long story short, it is viable but exercise GM discretion as you go. You might also want to look at the Here There Be Monsters content as I reworked some of those magic systems (and introduced new ones) in that context. http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Origin_Mystic.aspx
  2. Agreed. This was part of my 5th edition character creations guidelines for "Champions Universe" superheroes...were I to run a 6e supers campaign in the CU I would just update this and go. Setting is a separate Dimension For reference purposes, the Champions Universe setting as described in the 5th edition era as used by me can be referred to as CU5-KS1 and by the book Champions Universe can be referred to as CU5. The official Champions Universes of today (5th edition) and yesteryear (1st thru 4th edition) can be thought of as alternate dimensions in classic Comic Book
  3. Thx for the reminder; my memory of earlier editions' minutia fades as the years roll by. I'll correct the response.
  4. There's an example of a Aid + Drain combo power on page 197 of 6e, and the Advanced Players Guide II also talks briefly about Transfer type constructs in its section on Drain. I haven't looked at 5e or 5er in a long time but I would guess there's a fair chance that the one in 6e was copy & pasted from the 5e text and such an example can be found somewhere in the black & green era books as well. (edit: Transfer was still an official thing in 5e) It's also trivial to just add Transfer as a base Power to your 6e games if you want to; refer to the Creating New Power
  5. I did not play the original Top Secret, but I did own Top Secret / SI plus the green boxed set (high stakes something or other) and many of the supplements back in the day, and ran and also played it via a series of linked together one shots or bursts of sequential session in a loose sort of campaign with the main group I ran w/ in high school, interwoven amongst the handful of other rpgs we were playing back then. I don't remember a lot of details as it has been many years, but I do remember liking the percentile dice resolution, the vehicle cards, dossier style character sheets, and so on.
  6. Mike Patton https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Patton https://consequenceofsound.net/2014/05/turns-out-mike-patton-and-not-axl-rose-is-the-greatest-singer-of-all-time
  7. Absolutely. Back in the day I used to have a Ptolus HERO subsite up on killershrike.com and ran a mini campaign using my D&D to Fantasy HERO conversion materials. It didn't last as long as I wanted but it was fun while it did. I always thought D&D was the wrong engine for Ptolus. I liked the ideas of the city & environs so much, I repurposed it as a location in my San'Dora setting (the city of Kark in that setting is a Ptolus homage); I ran a couple of campaigns in the San'Dora setting using Fantasy Hero and another campaign explicitly set in Kark using a Cortex Plus hack.
  8. > If I do not wish the power to be persistent or persistent like (ala Time Limit or Continuing Charges), is there another set of limitations that provide similar functionality but do not stay on when the user is knocked out? I don't want to veer into a _rules discussion_ (if you were to post a related item in the discussion forum, I would try to find time to engage there), but to answer the rules question as clarified in your second post there are a couple of other rules options that come to mind, depending on the nuance of what is being modeled. You stipulate "limitation" in yo
  9. When I'm being paid to do something, I deliver what the customer wants. Otherwise I do what I want, for my own reasons and enjoyment...if other people like what I've done and find value in it, that's a happy coincidence. So, my advice to you is to do what you enjoy doing. As it happens, I hosted a FantasyHero wiki for a handful of years and ultimately shuttered it despite the platform having accumulated a fair amount of content. The main reason was, while a few people did put up some content, the majority of the material came from me and at a certain point it s
  10. I miss it as well; we had just gotten to the climax of Act 2, poised for the home stretch. And then...quarantine! I still suspect it is all merely a stratagem of Mr. Timothy Ledoux; the difference between fiction and reality are as naught to one such as he; the 4th wall is the least thing he has shattered in a long existence occupied by the ceaseless pursuit of unwholesome power. I have kept my hand in with Here There Be Monsters a bit in the interim however, slowly but surely chipping away at porting content. I finished porting the Zombie Apocalypse Vignette this weeke
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