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  1. When I'm being paid to do something, I deliver what the customer wants. Otherwise I do what I want, for my own reasons and enjoyment...if other people like what I've done and find value in it, that's a happy coincidence. So, my advice to you is to do what you enjoy doing. As it happens, I hosted a FantasyHero wiki for a handful of years and ultimately shuttered it despite the platform having accumulated a fair amount of content. The main reason was, while a few people did put up some content, the majority of the material came from me and at a certain point it s
  2. I miss it as well; we had just gotten to the climax of Act 2, poised for the home stretch. And then...quarantine! I still suspect it is all merely a stratagem of Mr. Timothy Ledoux; the difference between fiction and reality are as naught to one such as he; the 4th wall is the least thing he has shattered in a long existence occupied by the ceaseless pursuit of unwholesome power. I have kept my hand in with Here There Be Monsters a bit in the interim however, slowly but surely chipping away at porting content. I finished porting the Zombie Apocalypse Vignette this weeke
  3. until
    I planning to run a face to face HtbM session tomorrow at 5pm @ At Ease Games
  4. until
    face to face session @ At Ease Games from 5pm until they kick us out.
  5. HtbM face to face session @ At Ease Games, 5pm
  6. Here There Be Monsters face to face session @ At Ease Games, 5pm
  7. until
    f2f htbm session
  8. until
    Face to face gaming session @ At Ease Games
  9. until
    face to face session @ At Ease Games
  10. You can also override colors...and font families... var colorMain='blue'; var colorAlt='silver'; var colorLink='silver'; var fontFamilyHeaders = 'Quantico, sans-serif;'; var fontFamilyMain = 'Helvetica, sans-serif;';
  11. You can also override many of the headers with more flavorful values. For instance, the following text block: var tdTactics= 'WORLD FAMOUS SECRET AGENT'; var tdQuote='SOUND BITES'; var tdPersonality='WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET'; var tdBiography='ONE OF A KIND'; var tdNonPowers='TRADECRAFT'; var tdPowers='CYBERLINE GADGETS AND PURE AWESOMENESS'; var tdCampaignUse='BEING JOHN WRATH'; personalizes this character's sheet: http://www.killershrike.com/SybylyneConspiracy/Timelines/Charlie/John Wrath the Solo Avenger.html
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