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  1. The Hunters: Part 3: We resumed in the middle of the battle between the hunters and the three yuppy vampires from the end of Part 2. At the van, the dexterous vampire lunged across Jack in the driver's seat, reaching for Killroy in the passenger seat, in an attempt to get his dagger back. Killroy shot him in the forehead with his pistol, but as it was loaded with mundane bullets it failed to cause any harm, the bullet ricocheting harmlessly away. The vamp did not get the dagger, however. Jack had stealthily palmed a holy water globule earlier in the fight, and took the opportunity to awkwardly cram it into the face of the vampire reaching across him. The globule burst and resulted in an immediate catalytic reaction, burning and melting the vampire's neck and face like hydrochloric acid would a human. With a shriek of rage and pain, badly disfigured and with one eye severely damaged, the dexterous vamp leapt backwards out of the van and ran away from the fight. Off to the side, though laid out on his back with Joey standing on his chest crowing and showing off, the superstrong vamp was not out of the fight yet. He quickly grabbed Joey's ankles and flung himself upright with brute force, tossing Joey off to land on his back a few feet away, all in one abrupt moment. Joey's bragging cut off with a surprised squawk. Joey got up and took a big swing at his foe, but missed. The superstrong vamp stepped in with a boxer's confidence and unloaded a punishing triphammer jab to Joey's stomach, doubling the teen over with an "ooof!" of escaping air. In the wrecked government SUV, the tough vamp crouched on the passenger seat facing backwards towards the rear of the vehicle attempted to shoot Murgatroyd (who was in the back seat) in the face at basically point blank range. Drew, still a little off-kilter from getting shot in his armored vest, managed to throw a beefy arm out to push the gun aside and deflect the shot into the passenger's seat headrest instead of Murgy's nonplussed face. Improbably, in the kerfuffle the magazine release of the pistol was also depressed and the clip slid out, bounced off the seat and ended up somewhere between the seat and the center console, out of reach. The vamp was heard to say, "What the #*@! ", while attempting to pistol whip Drew with his now unloaded pistol. Murgy attempted to return the point blank favor, aiming his arcane ring at the vamp, but still shaken from his near-death experience the wizard was unable to focus the necessary magical forces...the ring momentarily began to subtly glow but then flickered out. Despite the awkward firing position created by the ergonomics of the small space in the cabin of the SUV, him facing forward and seatbelted in, his target crouching facing backwards on the seat next to him, Drew still managed to shift his bulk sufficiently to get his pistol out and put a bullet into the vamp's noggin. It didn't penetrate, but it whiplashed the vamp's head and neck with the audible popping of vertebrae and caused some obvious discomfort. Meanwhile, Joey continued to swing and miss his superstrong opponent, while in turn the vamp landed heavy golden gloves worthy hits...buying time for his regen to slowly begin to repair his damaged chest; Killroy got out of the van. Not having enough time to unlimber his sniper rifle, he snapped a shot off at the superstrong vamp beating up Joey, but the bullet bounced. After a couple of exchanges Joey got KO'd and dropped to the pavement. Superstrong vamp picked up Joey, probably intent on kidnapping the unexpectedly powerful youth and perhaps take him back to his master for study. Killroy concentrated and shot the vamp again in the head, and though his mundane round again had little effect, the kinetic energy of Killroy's shot did manage to knock the vampire backwards and off his feet, causing the vamp to drop Joey's unconscious form. <I don't remember what Jack was doing at this slice of the fight...reminders welcome> <...more to come as time allows...> The store was closing so we had to stop before closing out Act 2. Steve got 5 XP to apply to Baretta for his combined work of piloting Joey (Scything was unable to play) and Baretta and helping me track some of the combat details over the course of the night (I was operating on almost no sleep and not at full mental capacity, particularly as the evening wore on). Killroy got 3 XP; everyone else got 4 XP. Murgatroyd was voted MVP. No XP can be spent between this session and the next. << Part 2
  2. And...I'm back. I'm planning to resume normal service and run the next session this coming up Saturday at At Ease Games at 5pm.
  3. Hail Loki wolf‑son, child of the witch queen, he who can only be bound by trickery. Hail devourer of the heavens, sun and moons demise decreed. Hail he who will have vengeance at the end of all things. All hail the great consumer, breaker of chains, he who all gods but one fear. Hail mighty Fenrir, Aesir-bane, Odin's end.
  4. "And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Moloch" "First, Moloch, horrid King, besmeared with blood Of human sacrifice, and parents’ tears; Though, for the noise of drums and timbrels loud, Their children’s cries unheard that passed through fire To his grim idol. Him the Ammonite Worshiped in Rabba and her watery plain, In Argob and in Basan, to the stream Of utmost Arnon. Nor content with such Audacious neighborhood, the wisest heart Of Solomon he led by fraud to build His temple right against the temple of God On that opprobrious hill, and made his grove The pleasant valley of Hinnom, Tophet thence And black Gehenna called, the type of Hell."
  5. This is a topic to post interesting / unusual things, ideas, (brief) news clippings, and oddities that might provide fodder for use in the context of the Here There Be Monsters setting...(everyone is welcome to post interesting stuff).
  6. That went in well before the end, but I don't recall the issue / release #.
  7. Assuming you collectively agree your cadre needs a name, I would advise against including a number. As soon as you mint a name with a number in it, someone will quit or we'll get +1 player and it wont make any sense.
  8. Ya, you lot wot survive the current revolting development you've gotten yourselves into (with a firm push from your ever-loving-brown-eyed-GM) have a new 20 point Hunted Complication looming on your horizon. Also, on the subject of immortality:
  9. Each version of the character is online, and can be called up. I post links to them here on the forums. All of the later posts where you see a picture of your character, if you click the picture it will take you to the version of the character that was "active" in the time frame. For instance; click Murgy's face (don't worry, he's into getting his face clicked ) I wont have time to do it this week, but it will be available before the next time we play.
  10. When we start new arcs, I'll add a section to the campaign page with the characters as they are when the arc starts. We'll continue to use this club on these forums for ongoing management...and changes that occur within an arc...it is significantly more convenient.
  11. So, bad news, my biz trip to Toronto got extended; I'm leaving a day early and coming back a day later. So, I'm flying out Saturday 7/13 (the day we would be gaming). I'm pretty bummed about it, but can't be avoided. Hopefully you guys can coordinate some other gaming related activity. See ya'll when I get back.
  12. http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Paradigm_Abilities_Talents.aspx#Luck
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