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  1. You might consider using Summon for Homing attacks...something like this character's "Lamplighters"
  2. True story, my father was a country music DJ and MC and I met a lot of the genre icons of the 70's and 80's as I got dragged to a lot of concerts and festivals and hung around back stage while my father worked / MC'd; some of them even came to dinner at our house. One of the ones I met was KR, and I told him that I really liked his music (which was true); he laughed. Later, one of his people came back around and gave me a Kenny Rogers Fan Club box, in which was various curios and a belt buckle that looked like this:
  3. So, given the givens of the current state of reality, I think it is probably best to postpone face to face sessions until things have returned to normal. If social distancing becomes the new normal for more than a couple weeks I'll look into getting an online virtual table top type of solution going. In the meantime, I've been chipping away at adding more meat to the Cortex Plus Heroic port. I did more character writeups , more Ability Trait writeups, and filled in the details on how dice pools are formed, how plot points work, and so on. In days to come I'll be porting over setting content, vignettes, npcs / monsters, and so forth. It might be of interest to some of you, and of course feedback is welcome. Obviously, I hope all of you & your families are well. Stay healthy and safe!
  4. Scything and I unexpectedly can't be there tomorrow; my daughter came home from school today not feeling well and just started puking all over the place. It may or may not be contagious, but no reason to risk it. Sorry for the late notice, I was psyched to wrap up the arc, but that's how it goes when you are a parent.
  5. It depends entirely on the setting of the campaign and the tone that I am going for. In a "realistic", lower pointed setting I do tend to use fringe benefits of this variety...particularly in a "modern" setting modeling something similar to "the real world". In a less realistic setting (such as supers) I don't because most of the time if I'm doing that sort of fantastical set up the focus is not on mundane things and too much granularity just pours grit into the gears. However, most importantly, if I do require characters to pay CP for things I try my best to make it matter in-game. I actively do not like "concept tax" abilities and avoid them when possible and try to make them matter at least once over the course of the campaign to pay for themselves. If, at the end of a campaign, I look over the player characters' sheets and see points spent that they never got to apply in some way over the course of the campaign, then something sub-optimal occurred -- either the player didn't incorporate such abilities into their portrayal of the character and make it matter or I as the GM didn't provide opportunities to make them matter, or a little bit of both. If such things also happen to be perks (or whatever) that I made players take out of some pro forma obligation then it is even worse. So, I make a conscious effort to make points spent on abilities matter commensurately to their cost and if I feel like that isn't going to happen, I'm not adverse to making adjustments to the pricing of certain things to discount them or to offer some other compensatory offset elsewhere on the character. I'll grant perks and similar things as story awards. I'll restructure contacts that aren't working out. I'll bundle fluff skills into some form that is costed based on benefit. Etc. I tune things as the campaign progresses in an active attempt to reach / maintain an equitable equilibrium.
  6. Starting to do the bump on the character files heading into Act 3 of Arc 4. Accepted versions of Joey, Jack, and Murgy are up, and proposals for @Steve / Beretta; @King Red / Killroy w/ Weaponmaster [Firearms], and @WilyQ / Drew are proffered. I will update this post as final versions shape up and are accepted.
  7. Placeholder: because I've been too busy to keep the adventure log up to date but intended to back fill it with at least a summary if / when time allows.
  8. Excellent. FYI: I'm not printing out or bringing PC character sheets this week, as there have been no changes. Hopefully everyone held on to their copy from last session.
  9. I like the term "oddmongers" and fully intend to shamelessly appropriate it.
  10. until
    I planning to run a face to face HtbM session tomorrow at 5pm @ At Ease Games
  11. until
    face to face session @ At Ease Games from 5pm until they kick us out.
  12. FYI, the campaign details continue in the Clubs section of the forums.... Here There Be Monsters - Be At Ease, Hunters Campaign
  13. I'm planning to run on Saturday. I'll get the event calendar updated, etc later today. Buried by work right now...end of sprint.
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