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  1. pretty sure that's Freddy Mercury and Roy Orbison
  2. Mike Patton https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Patton https://consequenceofsound.net/2014/05/turns-out-mike-patton-and-not-axl-rose-is-the-greatest-singer-of-all-time
  3. Absolutely. Back in the day I used to have a Ptolus HERO subsite up on killershrike.com and ran a mini campaign using my D&D to Fantasy HERO conversion materials. It didn't last as long as I wanted but it was fun while it did. I always thought D&D was the wrong engine for Ptolus. I liked the ideas of the city & environs so much, I repurposed it as a location in my San'Dora setting (the city of Kark in that setting is a Ptolus homage); I ran a couple of campaigns in the San'Dora setting using Fantasy Hero and another campaign explicitly set in Kark using a Cortex Plus hack.
  4. > If I do not wish the power to be persistent or persistent like (ala Time Limit or Continuing Charges), is there another set of limitations that provide similar functionality but do not stay on when the user is knocked out? I don't want to veer into a _rules discussion_ (if you were to post a related item in the discussion forum, I would try to find time to engage there), but to answer the rules question as clarified in your second post there are a couple of other rules options that come to mind, depending on the nuance of what is being modeled. You stipulate "limitation" in yo
  5. When I'm being paid to do something, I deliver what the customer wants. Otherwise I do what I want, for my own reasons and enjoyment...if other people like what I've done and find value in it, that's a happy coincidence. So, my advice to you is to do what you enjoy doing. As it happens, I hosted a FantasyHero wiki for a handful of years and ultimately shuttered it despite the platform having accumulated a fair amount of content. The main reason was, while a few people did put up some content, the majority of the material came from me and at a certain point it s
  6. I miss it as well; we had just gotten to the climax of Act 2, poised for the home stretch. And then...quarantine! I still suspect it is all merely a stratagem of Mr. Timothy Ledoux; the difference between fiction and reality are as naught to one such as he; the 4th wall is the least thing he has shattered in a long existence occupied by the ceaseless pursuit of unwholesome power. I have kept my hand in with Here There Be Monsters a bit in the interim however, slowly but surely chipping away at porting content. I finished porting the Zombie Apocalypse Vignette this weeke
  7. It is a quality piece of software and definitely (more than) worth its $25 asking price IMO if you are either a GM or the type of player who likes just making characters for fun. It has what I consider to be a very mild learning curve (but I'm probably not the best gauge for that). It is a literal tabula rasa when first opened with no character selected... You get started by either selecting an existing character sheet from disk (if you have downloaded one, for instance) or by making a new character selected from the types of characters HD has the character
  8. Duly noted. I'll take you up on that, and add you to my ignore list to save us both further similar misunderstandings.
  9. So, I'm going to assume that you are legitimately just not understanding the mechanics rather than intentionally trolling, and therefore will try to explain it one more time. In Fantasy Hero (specifically), the rules recommend three dominant ways to model fear and a variant using NND; I copied and pasted the rules text above and I suggest reading them again. It indicates that it considers the most common (by far it goes on to add) approach is as a Drain vs Presence. In this game, the standard defense vs Drain is Power Defense (PowD). It further indicates tha
  10. You don't need instant change as a power; Activation of Powers already covers the ability to change for free if that is part of your SFX.
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