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  1. Military, this is my last assignment and I will be retiring in 2-4 years. Plan to stay put in the Puget Sound area.
  2. As it says, I'm moving to Ft Lewis this summer and looking to find a new group. I've been away from Hero for a while playing other things, only because that was what was available. Been gaming 30+ years and willing to share in the GM duties.
  3. Thanks for the advice! I've been on rpg.net, pen&paper, r/lfg, meetup, and haven't found anything yet. I've found tons of games, but no Hero yet. I've moved so damn often that I'm always compromising on system to just be able to play something. This is my last move so I'm really trying to put in the time and effort to find a good group playing what I want to play. I'm not stuck on just Hero, but I want it to be one of the games at the table. Does your old group down Tacoma way have any open slots or be willing to give a new person a try?
  4. I'm moving to the area in late July. I'll be around Ft Lewis. I'm willing to drive for a good game, doable on a weekend, but Marysville would be too far for me. I'm most familiar with 6e. I prefer cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, (low) fantasy, or hardish-SciFi settings.
  5. Not that I know of, and I’m still interested if something comes available. I’ll be in the area starting first week of August.
  6. Also, not to be too presumptuous as some fledgling newbie, but Chris Goodwin has some great stuff in his signature block including a thread of useful links and his 10 page system intro.
  7. Me too brother, between work and kids I'm lucky if I can put in more than five hours a week to learning the rules and there are over 2000 pages sitting on my shelf. Nothing is hard to understand, they are really quite well written for RPG materials. It's the volume of rules and trying to remember how this modifier here will affect all the other possibilities. I like a challenge though. I've seen several people suggest one of the Completes (Fantasy/Champions), but they're not complete to my OCD laden soul. They leave out all the 'toolkitting' info and some examples etc. 6E1 and 6E2 are my current lite-reading projects. Not to mention the Completes don't come with all the page references that Core does, (nor the really good index), so when I have a question I can quickly find it. But if you haven't seen those comments, many people endorse that path.
  8. So....I’m an egregious lurker. I lurked for 6 months before I made an account. And, this is my second post in two months since creation. I’m honestly mostly here browsing as I learn the game and try to find a group. How did you come up with your handle? It’s a very old email ID that I use for all gaming web sites, forums, meetups, etc. First tabletop RPG? Red box D&D circa 1985. First tabletop RPG to GM? Talislanta, circa 1992. Early college. I was tired of DND franchise, and even the alternatives we explored were thematically similar like Earthdawn, Rolemaster, and Runequest. Both Rolemaster and Runequest did that genre very well, but still elves and dwarves. Very lucky at this point to have a big group that explored dozens of systems, with 6+ GMs. What at are you currently playing or GMing? I GM a Deadlands Reloaded game in Savage Worlds. I play a regular DND 5e game and some sporadic Call of Cthulhu and Dungeon Crawl Classics. I move often (military), and often end up with what I can find rather than what I want to play. When end did you start to play Hero? My college group used Champions for our superhero games and GURPS as our generic engine for our home brew that didn’t work with an existing system. I re-discovered Hero a few years ago when I was yet again frustrated with the limits and lack of crunch from other games. I haven’t played it since ‘96 or so, but I’ve a 1/2 dozen 6e books I read when I daydream about playing a real game again. My next move to the greater Seattle area this summer, 2019, is my last. I don’t want to settle again and would like to find a good group to play with.
  9. Are you still looking for members? I will be moving to the area from the east coast in Summer 19 and need to find a new group. I have over 30 years of gaming experience and have GM’d several systems, but only played Hero. Rotating GMs is fine with me, and I was part of a GURPS group for several years that did the same when I lived in LA.
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