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  1. And also out of a concern about @Steve Longhealth & well being.
  2. I have been actively using it with my gaming group. The mod is great. Still learning how to create terrain that looks cool and works well with the miniatures. (Fantasy Hero game)
  3. Ditto on @Ninja-Bear advice. I have been running/playing Hero for a long time. There times I will have to come back to the player or players and say "Well that little experiment with X (power, characteristic, etc) isn't working out that well. I am going to tweak thing this way." 90% of the time everyone is in agreement.
  4. In my game different races (i.e. they are in fact different races) have different templates which are applied when the characters are created. The equivalent of halflings have lower strength (starting and max), higher dexterity/DCV/SPD (starting & max), and a special ability to basically disappear (i.e. chameleon like invisibility - if they have something to hide against and you take your eye off of them, they basically disappear). And yes all of that is factored in when the characters are created, so a halfling starts with the same number of character points as everyone else, but has a
  5. Hi, You can find free stuff for HD here, in the Downloads area. 30 Templates & 62 Prefabs.
  6. I somehow forgot or during my edits deleted stating that these comments were about Epic Table.
  7. Zoom works very well. We tried Discord and had problems (at least one person could never get audio to work). We also used Google Hangouts. I ended paying for a one year Zoom license and that has worked out perfectly. Simple & inexpensive setup: $50 for the GM to pay for a GM license. Players just use the free client. You can use jpg or png for maps and tokens. Not sure about PDF as a map background. Supports Hex & Squares Easy to setup very simple Hero dice rolling that you can save. For instance a generic skill roll that can be used for any sk
  8. The cat is actual a supervillain that is mind controlling him 🙂
  9. It is also for players who want to create the character in their head but games other games send you down some pretty narrow paths of what you can and can't do.
  10. Currently I am running a game online and we are using Epic Table which has mostly meet our needs. It is a bit clunky and has a single developer maintaining it. I have been looking at a wide variety of other VTTs to use. I have looked at all the big names - Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Maptools, etc. A while ago I found Tabletop Simulator on Steam. I was fascinated with the possibility of 3D rendered terrain and figures, shared sound (effects and music), and what seemed to be a big community working on free assets. I didn't buy it because I didn't want to spend the $20 on an experi
  11. Here ! French Canadian here my English is 7\10. But I really love fantasy setting ! Can we talk ?



    1. bluesguy




      Yes we can talk.  Let us start with email.  You can reach me at bluesguy@davidtannen.com.  I will send you a set of links to look at so you can see what kind of campaign world Nyonia is and decide if the setting will work for you.


      BTW:  In my job as a project manager for an IT consulting company, I work with people from all over the world.  Once my ear tunes in the accent I can usually understand most people.

  12. Hi,


    Have you seen this http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.html concerning the roadmap for Java?  I am wondering what that means for both of our applications.



    1. Simon


      Likely not much. The baseline Java SE is still under development -- it's products like Java SE Advanced that are going into long term support....and even those are still getting updates, just not major new features.

  13. Version 1.0.0


    This is a temporary fix for the HCM v1.11a Export files. Unzip the file into the HCM Export folder.
  14. Please take my $s now ;-) If there is artwork please try to mix up male/female and ethnicity - it helps to sell to a younger generation and women. Also ask the artist to not create a bunch of female pinups. My wife, daughter, and other women I game with hate that.
  15. This is so very sad to hear. Condolences to his family and friends.
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