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  1. In my current campaign (and a previous one) the player's provided very detailed backstories. In the current campaign one of the character has a kindly grandmother, the only one in his large family that encouraged him to become a bard and learn to weave magic with his spells. I immediately decided she was the villain and most of the rest of the family were villains as well. The character's father was a piece of work, but he was trying to get his son to escape (run away) because he knew about grandma. Grandma is a high priestess of one of the evil god's in the world. It took almost a year for the players and their characters to find/figure out who was behind all the troubles.
  2. Shameless plug: Hero Combat Manager which I wrote and you can purchase here. I think there is a export (on the site) that lets you use a Hero Designer export to create a simple spreadsheet.
  3. So I just tested HCM with 6e characters and yes I did implement it correctly. Which probably means I implemented it correctly for 5e. Sorry for hijacking this thread. Please go back to the discussions about Poisons.
  4. Thank you and ARGGG! And how is it handled in 5e? The way think it is?
  5. Umm when did that change? Can you cite the reference because I will need that to document a new 'bug' in HCM? LOL!
  6. Hi, Sorry for the delay in responding. Crazy few days. Are you running v1.12 or v1.11? I ask because v1.12 has newer export files. I would suggest exporting the files using the export files that came w/ v1.12 (they should have a dates in 2016). Always re-export. If that doesn't work please post the HD characters so I can walk thru the process with your actual characters. Thank you again.
  7. Hero doesn't have a concept like 'saving throws'. If you have the defense against the attack it will apply and if you don't then you take it full on. For instance if PC hit bad guy with their sword and the bad guy has no resistant defense the bad guy will take all the body AND all the stun. Their natural PD won't block any of the stun from a killing attack. The same applies for the Death Adder's poison. If the defense is LS: Poison and Arrogant the Ranger has LS: Poison then he will take no damage. But poor Frito the Hobbit has no LS: Poison and so he is slowly dying. (I had to use those names since your user ID is Gandolf970 😁 )
  8. First of all thank you for purchasing the Hero Combat Manager. I apologize that the documentation isn't clear on how to accomplish. You should use Autofire for characters that are intending to use multiple attacks against a single target. I will work on something that makes this more clear on the initial attack tab.
  9. The rule in any campaign is the GM has the final decision on whether or not a character will work in the campaign setting. If someone came to me and said I want to play an elf (blah blah blah) I would say no because there aren't any elves in my campaign world. Any counter argument from them about being the one elf in the whole wide world and they were accidentally dropped into the world would end with no you can't play an elf. I have provided my players with a set of parameters for building characters in my campaign (see here). It covers races, min/max characteristics, OCV/DCV, overall combat abilities, magic, etc. Over the years we (players and myself) have had to tweak certain aspects because my initial concepts didn't work.
  10. Using guitar playing as an analogy: Horse with no name is a very simple song to learn how to play. It is two chords that are in the same position on the neck and are easy to switch between. The strumming pattern isn't hard to learn. I think it took me about a day or so to learn it. See this Youtube lesson I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2OCGN6AspY And then you have Flamenco guitar playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv2Fyjk0GGM which takes years of constant practice to learn how to do.
  11. You will need to purchase a license (or set of them) for Tabletop Simulator. Steam often has sales on multi-pack licenses. Here is a link to TTS on Steam Once you have installed TTS on your computer you will need to get the Hero System mod for TTS. This is in the Steam Workshop. If you have a copy of Hero Designer and characters that were built in HD, you can use an export that Brennall created. He has those on GitHub here. This part is not 100% necessary - it makes playing easier. The table comes with good dice rollers that are Hero specific. As for creating terrain/scenes you have many options: Something like the marker maps and you just quickly sketch something up Pre generated digital map that you put on the table Take a pre generated digital map and make it look 3d. I would recommend subscribing to the Murder Hobo Show on YouTube Poke around on the TTS Steam Workshop and find scenes other people have built and take them - they are free. Build your own scene using models that are available via the Steam Workshop. You will literally find hundreds of figures (90% are for fantasy characters). There are hundreds of models of everything from rocks, trees, hills, torches, castle parts, buildings, towns, ships, etc. Does this all take time to do? Yes. I was building 2.5d terrain for my face-to-face game and that took more time/money to do than TTS has taken. My group has 2 active GMs right now and two more getting ready to run. When we finish the current season, we will return to my campaign. I have spent the time building up the overall plot for the middle part of the epic story they are in. Which helped me put together an appropriate set of scenes. Along the way I have 'overbuilt' scenes because I know my players will go wandering a direction I didn't consider.
  12. Here are a set of instructions that I found when doing a search on the net. I tried this with a sample character that Hero Forge lets anyone download and it seems to work. Still need to learn how to paint the mini 😉. As a reminder these are not my instructions.
  13. Nice work. So when you buy the figure and download the model does it come in a format (.obj) that TTS wants? Or do you have to convert the file? And last but not least what kind of program do you use to 'color' the figure? Gimp?
  14. To answer the question initially asked, in my campaign world of Nyonia - "How dare you? Take that off right now and I will give you a quick death. Don't take it off right now and you will wish I had killed you quickly." Dragons in Nyonia were created by one of the gods. They are intelligent and live family groups. They have servants - lizard people who serve them. Dragons trade with other races for things they can't make. There use to be more dragons but there was a great war between dragons and all other intelligent species on Nyonia. Although the dragons caused great destruction and the fall of some nations, all other intelligent races reproduce and mature at a significantly higher rate than dragons that in the end the dragons lost because they lost enough of their 'mature' (prime time for being fertile) members that it is going to take a long time for them to come back.
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