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  1. Actually I have to improvise with the group I game with now (and we are using a VTT). I have a wealth of maps that I can throw onto any VTT I want. In the last 3 months my players have said at the end of one session, we are going to do X when we play again. We get together the next week and they decide to do Y. I look through my library of maps, 'toss one' onto the VTT add few additional items if necessary and away we go. I don't need one with Hero System mechanics, I have HCM to help me with managing combat. I only want to provide to my players some tools to make the dice rolling and calculating a bit easier. I have looked at Battlegrounds RPG Edition. I did seriously consider it as an option.
  2. Currently I am running a game online and we are using Epic Table which has mostly meet our needs. It is a bit clunky and has a single developer maintaining it. I have been looking at a wide variety of other VTTs to use. I have looked at all the big names - Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Maptools, etc. A while ago I found Tabletop Simulator on Steam. I was fascinated with the possibility of 3D rendered terrain and figures, shared sound (effects and music), and what seemed to be a big community working on free assets. I didn't buy it because I didn't want to spend the $20 on an experiment. Now it is on sale and I picked up a license. A quick list of pros and cons: Pro: Supports Windows, MacOS (don't know what version), and Steam Linux Not subscription based payment system Appears that when I run a game I host on my computer (i.e. not on a shared host managed by the Berserk Games) Mind boggling amount of terrain, miniatures, and tools Video tutorials from both Berserk Games and the community at large Powerful scripting language Con: Written documentation is weak (IMO). Video tutorials are nice but I learn by reading and doing not really watching a video. Plus I read pretty fast. Overwhelming amount of community assets - LOL too much of a good thing Organizing assets is one of the things that could be improved. You can grab a bunch of assets on the table and put them into a bag. Bags can be labeled. Dropping assets into the bag is not easy. Moving bags without taking assets out of the bag is a pain in the butt. Each person using the tool has to buy their own license. It is possible to buy a discounted 4 pack of licenses but I have already purchased a single license so I would have to buy the 4 pack and gift it to someone in my group and they would have to distribute it to everyone else (minor pain) Setting up a table the way you might like it takes time. My next step is to see if I can set up some scripts that will handle the roll to hit (11+OCV - roll = DCV hit). I have no idea how to do that yet but considering other things I have seen people do it must be possible. After that I will try and figure out how to do killing attacks and normal attacks. My hope is to create a set of assets that the players have at their play station and can just use as they want.
  3. If you are playing face-to-face, you can also make buildings (skyscrapers, etc) to populate your table. From a Champions game, the cardboard box is actually the trailer part of a semi-truck on its side (yes you can buy vehicle paper models). I can't find a photo from when we had the skyscrapers up. We were using Heroclix figures and when a character was flying we used the little 'pizza tables' that come with delivery pizzas. A different session, which I ran at a game day event at a local store. Aliens crash in Northern MN. The heroes were pre-generated and had a MN theme to them (literal man of steal - fell into a vat of molten steel, Paul Bunyan avatar, DJ who used Prince music to create sound effects, etc.) Trees and logs...
  4. Bump ... Old topic. Looks like it might be useful again.
  5. Dang now everyone knows I have a time machine ;-). And everyone no knows you have a wicked dry sense of humor ...🤣 Grammar!
  6. Both of my children have played Hero since they were in high school with me. That was a ways back 😉
  7. FHC is intended for people who do not have 6E1, 6E2 and older 6E Fantasy Hero books. The rules are the same but are focused on running a Fantasy Hero game. 6E1 & 6E2 is a toolbox that lets you build any kind of RPG genre game you would like. FHC is a toolbox and a specific build kit for building any kind of Fantasy RPG game you want.
  8. I think this would be an excellent project for someone with your skill set. You would be hailed as a Hero, 😀, of the HD templates if you could do this.
  9. Does the Broken Kingdoms have a place for Aussie sized crocs?
  10. Here ! French Canadian here my English is 7\10. But I really love fantasy setting ! Can we talk ?



    1. bluesguy




      Yes we can talk.  Let us start with email.  You can reach me at bluesguy@davidtannen.com.  I will send you a set of links to look at so you can see what kind of campaign world Nyonia is and decide if the setting will work for you.


      BTW:  In my job as a project manager for an IT consulting company, I work with people from all over the world.  Once my ear tunes in the accent I can usually understand most people.

  11. Sorry I didn't see this until now. I am currently running a Fantasy Hero game using Epic Table (free to players) on Sunday afternoons (2 to 4 weeks a month). We are playing in my campaign world, Nyonia (site doesn't seem to work w/ IE). We are looking for one or maybe two people. If you are interested PM on this site.
  12. In my world there are not a lot of magic items. Mages are pretty common and very few creatures require a magic weapon to kill. Also my world is really wet. This causes all kinds of problems with metal - especially steel and iron weapons (one of the reasons why there are many people w/ bronze weapons). There is a magic spell which will clean and make ready any metal weapon or armor (basically healing and/or transform). The party recently got a large treasure that included two exquisite steel swords (not magically but both were +1 DC above a normal steel blade and also had a +1 OCV bonus due to quality of the weapon). The previous owners had those spells which is why the weapons had not just rusted away. The players paid to have someone make scabbards for the swords with the cleaning spell in the scabbard. The spell can be used up to 3 times a day and only with the weapon that the scabbard was made for. The party also has a player who carries a big shield and so they had a mage put a s powerful 'light spell' (cone) that has a 6 hour per day 'fuel charge'. I am a big fan of practical vs. bigger bang sticks 😉
  13. In my games the best PC archers I have allowed them to buy up to +6 with bows, +3 vs. hit location and +3 vs. range penalty. One player's archer would regularly hit enemies 60m to 120m (30 to 60 hexes) and if she had a really good chance to hit she would go for head shots. Oh and that particular character also paid for combat on horseback so she could shoot from her horse with no penalty. Was it realistic? Don't know. Kind of didn't care because they were having fun and the other players were having fun watching it happen; especially since she would often thin out the horde of orcs coming at them ... And honestly this is they way I want my games to feel and how I like to see combat. For reference (starting about 1:15)
  14. In both my fantasy and superhero campaigns people have used the wealth perk. It has shown up much more often in fantasy games set at the heroic level where people buy equipment. In one case the player wanted to play a noblewoman who ran away from her family and a potential marriage. She basically took her inheritance and left. The player didn't want to have to deal with book keeping around money. She paid for Wealthy as a perk and our agreement was that any kind of normal daily living or general equipment she could afford to buy. If she wanted to buy something for the entire party then we would have a conversation about the impact on her 'wealth' for that month. When the party decided to pool their money and buy a tavern/inn - she had to show she actually had the silver saved up to pay her share. I came up with a set of formulas to figure out if the tavern made money each month (above expenses). They players could influence the outcome based on characters using their trading skill rolls. At the beginning of each game month they would make their trading rolls and I would tell them the result (I introduced some randomness to the outcome as well). Some months they made an good profit; other months they broke even; pretty rarely they lost money. Any money they would dump into a rainy day fund. They kept adventuring and would come back to their home/tavern/inn between adventures. In my current campaign one of the players is a ship captain. He is part of a family business (think clan sized family) that is involved in shipping. He also bought wealthy. When they are in home port he goes to his nice home with his two servants. He doesn't worry about how it gets covered, he is wealthy. I hand wave how the ship much money the ship makes/loses each month. Two other players are from very wealthy families but have walked away from that are did not buy wealth as a perk. Originally the ship he captained was owned entirely by the clan. The party ended up with a huge treasure and they decided that the ship captain needed his own boat. So they took that treasure and spent it on a ship that they designed for their needs and had it built.
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