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  1. Supercharger (maybe the hero drives a tricked out car) White Lightning (not sure maybe the hero has a dependence on Moonshine? But wears a white costume to hide the fact he's covered in alcohol?) Bullitt (Her or she really likes Steve McQueen movies?) Ballistic (maybe the hero has anger issues?)
  2. I am building a character for 5th Edition. I noticed that when I build Teleport in a Multi power that I can't put the floating and fixed locations in the multi power like I used to be able with the old program many long years ago. (So long ago I don't even remember doing it I just have the output page) So obviously this is intentional. I am just wondering why, when you would manually add this stuff up and get a different result.
  3. I like this idea. The idea that the character is primarily hand to hand but then there are those fliers and he pulls out this gun to take pot shots. I don't mind it being ineffective. After all, he was a bad detective novel.
  4. I love the puns, but I pictured him as the "no police powers" detective. Also that probably comes from a well written book and this detective comes from a horrible book that makes every trash novel look fantastic. Never the less, Stretching as "long arm of the law is possible. Thanks.
  5. I was considering the Teleport (uses a cloak as gestures and must be in shadows), also I was thinking of HA attacks but was too expensive at least I thought. I've never built a Brick before. So a Shadow/Stealth/Martial Arts Brick sounds interesting. Thanks
  6. Sometime soon our D&D game will be winding up and the GM will be running a 350pt Champions game. Most of us are well versed in this. He is running this for his wife (He has been running Champions since the 90s). The game is set in 60s or early 70s. I have created a character name and background. I like to make crazy characters and this one is no exception. Dark Mysterio is a character from a bad 40's detective novel where they made a single book or they just burned all but one. It was just that bad. An ailing hero or villain comes alone and finds this one book and touches it and draws out this main character. The powers are combined with the Detective of the book. Mysterio, in the book, talks just like in a book: (if you read it, he says it) I'm going for Shadow powers. The character look is kind of like the typical pulp detective novel from the 40s. They have that hat pulled low and you can't see the face. Shadows. I have no real solid ideas. So I hope someone can come up with something. I have looked through the list of 5e downloads. Some were interesting but were not what I was looking for. Thanks
  7. Strand

    HD Update

    I bought HD in January. I am not sure there can be a huge change to this in just a couple of months, but just in case I thought why not. But how do I update. It's not in the downloads area for me to just download. That's what I would expect. Though I could swear when I bought it it was there. I have not seen it since.
  8. The last time Star Trek was military in the strictest sense was Enterprise when they had the Macos (Marines) on board. I haven't watched Discovery, so I have no clue about that show. But TOS has had it's share of civilians, even a Cook. I do remember an episode where Kirk et. al. were served real food. Please correct me if I am wrong I may be remembering the movies.
  9. Thanks. I downloaded it for Open office and instead of changing anything I just go to File -> Reload to have it re-roll the dice. I know the easy way here is to just take what you have here and just fill out a blank spreadsheet for Body and Stun. I think there is an app for a phone that will do just that. But I just thought I could create this "simply" and if one of my friends said, "hey, can I have one of these?" I'd say "sure!" and I would just hit reload and have a different version. But this thing is getting cumbersome to create. I was on reddit Excel forum for help and I don't own Excel. RANDBETWEEN(,) seems to work, but INDEX [array] does not. I'm pulling out my hair. I'm slow with concepts and usually think things the hard way. Thanks for what you created. I will likely create a sheet that doesn't calculate Unless I find a different way
  10. [edit] I should say that our current D&D game will likely take the entire year to play before we play another game. The Plan is to play Champions after the D&D game. But given the state of the Vaccine roll out, who knows? You are right about sending the file via email. But I am assuming we will be playing in person by the time we start to play the Champions game. We should be at a table. But 12d6 is still a LOT of dice. I think the group would love the resurrection of that table we used way back when. All I need to do is find it.
  11. I have a 5th edition Excel Character sheet that is dated 2007 and I assume I got from here because there is a link to this site in it. As far as I can tell any other character sheets do not exist on the site before 2013. I have done a search for 5th edition character sheets and there is only one. The one that I have is basically a beta version and is superior to the one that is on the site (no offense to the person that uploaded it). But I am just wondering what happened to the file or files 6 years previous. Would the owner ask to have it removed? I was hoping to find an updated version, but sadly no such luck. There is a link in the file but that is over 13 years old and very dead.
  12. I'm guessing no one knows what I'm looking for. No problem. It was a long shot. I will see if I can find it elsewhere. Who knows, maybe I can find an old laptop and computer with Win95 (that should be old enough)
  13. I know this is late, but I come from a group of power games. (don't we all?) If our GM said we were having a Champions game, one would create an insane gadget pool. The rest would create their VPPs. I don't think it's only up to the Player to be responsible to the player. You can have a player that can make the perfect VPP. (I had friends make a character for me that had a Weather VPP and I had sticky notes for all the powers she could create) Where the REAL responsibility lies is the GM. If that person doesn't know the rules backwards and forwards, they might as well ban the Variable Power Pool. Otherwise Chaos will reign.
  14. I know this is a dead thread but I like beating a dead Corpse How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? The name Strand is a favorite Champions New Millennium Character. I saw a picture of Batman with the strands of his cape spreading outward and that was where I got the idea for the character. The character was a Martial Artist that the GM said I could use those Strands in the Martial Arts. The GM has always been forgiving and fun. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? First game was OD&D. It was back in the early 80's I would say around 1982. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? AD&D 2nd Ed. Probably my 1st and last time. A dungeon with puzzles. I am horrible with them so I made a dungeon with them. Simple ones. It couldn't be bad, right? Right? They just stared at me blankly when I read off the the puzzle. [sigh] First DM, last DM. What are you currently playing/GMing? I am in a 5E D&D game based on Iron Kingdom. So we get access to WW1 era guns and Steam Jacks. We are at 14th level working our way to 20th.
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