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  1. Are you talking about Monster Hunter as in the books by Larry Correia? This might help... https://www.herogames.com/store/product/8-the-monster-hunter-international-employee-handbook-and-roleplaying-game-pdf/
  2. I like the idea of the heroes being needed due to some super-normal feature of the virus. Perhaps it is proving impossible to manufacture a vaccine and one of the NPC heroes has to contract the virus and the heroes have to be miniaturised and venture into his body to help it combat the virus. When they have finished, the NPC is saved and his blood provides the basis for an effective vaccine.... Doc PS: can you tell I grew up in the Silver Age?
  3. I am working from home, but I also took a few days leave so that I could do some of the jobs that my wife thinks I should be doing because "I am at home"... I wanted weed control fabric and gravel to replace a decrepit path in our back garden. I spent longer sourcing that weed control fabric and gravel than I had in getting eggs and pasta last week... I swear, I tried to log onto a home improvement store and there was a 45 minute wait just to get onto the site.... Doc
  4. To be 100% accurate, he would not have to, but if the idea was to build something that looked and felt like knockback, then it would only be right to include KB resistance along with all of the other things that defend against KB. Doc
  5. My immediate thought was that the courts seem likely to exonerate the hero. This is a ploy by friendly law-enforcement folk to flush out the villain. When the villain doubles down (see what I did there?) and commits another crime, the real hero turns up to capture him. It is classic four colour stuff, enough that friendly heroes may not be able to know whether their team-mate or the villain is victorious... Doc
  6. Yeah, this comes under the banner of looking at the effect you are looking for. Knockback is an adjunct of damage. Damage powers have a primary purpose of doing damage. It is "odd" to use a power in which you limit away it's primary purpose. As GB suggests, a movement power, usable as an attack, provides the primary purpose of movement. Movement, usable as an attack, can be extremely effective unless you properly define it and think about how targets might resist. In this case, I think you are already there. Choose a movement power, apply UAA, then indicate what resists that movement. You can simply indicate that everything that defends against KB defends against your attack. If your attack moves someone 12m, that gets reduced by density increase, clinging, bracing, etc. I would allow a -1/2 limitation of (reduced by 2D6m) to provide the same variability of KB. Doc
  7. Family in Kent sing song about coronavirus concerns... https://www.kentonline.co.uk/faversham/news/familys-viral-les-mis-lockdown-success-224818/ Worth watching just for the kids bickering at the start
  8. Thinking about it, Israel by Siouxsie and the Banshees would be a good call...
  9. Hmm. Not hugely 007, but I always thought Blue Monday by New Order would have worked well.
  10. The shortest Duke post, EVER!!!
  11. Duke, this is a totally political thing and, as it gets more serious, will become more political. I think you are too late to find anything politics-free. Doc
  12. So many good films. I thought it might be useful to leaven out the testosterone heavy fare in front of us with two alternative suggestions. Gregory's Girl (https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0082477/) Bend it like Beckham (https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0286499/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0) Doc PS: if you are going to watch Gregory's Girl, then do it in the original Scottish accents, not the dubbed for the US market version...
  13. Marcus are you talking about yourself or LL??! I classed holding onto someone else's butt as the wild times in my life...
  14. I am in the happy position if having a job that is not going to vanish. A guaranteed income makes everything else much easier. That job is, unfortunately, also pretty much doable from home, so much of my time will be in the study, working. If I dig out time it will be playing Red Dead Redemption, Destiny, virtual golf etc on the Xbox. My quarantine plan is to put together a Skelton of a game powered by HERO, to send to Jason. (You will all appreciate that this is a fever dream, unlikely to ever happen...) Doc
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