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  1. Yeah, ninja-bear has it nailed. I always think of the penalties of CE relating to anyone interacting with that area. This is almost always the person inside the area but the change you describe could just as easily affect those outside targetting people inside as well. You would be adding bureaucracy to your game if you want increased penalties depending on how many metres but that is really my only argument against it - buy the CE with the highest possible penalty to those interacting and limit it with (reduced proportiionally on how many metres of cloud you are firing through (I would possibly be open to giving up to a -1 limitation on that basis).
  2. Ah Christopher, I think you are missing the point, this is a soliloquy performed through the medium of interpretive dance...and (as we know) soliloquies take no time. Doc
  3. I really like this, it puts power into the hands of the player. Keep the BODY with the greater potential of a future hit killing you or take some kind of limitation related to the injury you just recieved that provides you with BODY back. Of course, there needs to be a way of removing those conditions - some might last (at most) the full adventure, others will last the combat scene, others the gaming session that night... You could model this as an Everyman regeneration power - it would be most impactful on play in heroic rather than superheroic games but could be useful anywhere... I would rep you more if I could! Doc
  4. I would question how the power "knew" it was an area effect attack and thus able to trigger. Aborting to a movement power I am fine with.
  5. I am extremely opposed to taking points away from a character except on a temporary basis. I would point out to the player the death potential but that, for a few points, this could be mitigated. I fail to see why, once you allow a resurrection power, that it could not be used on a duplicate. Doc "fighting for equal rights for duplicates" Democracy
  6. Have you considered making this illusory duplicate an actual duplicate? It should not take a LOT of points to create a phantom with effectively no powers beyond images (only to look like using powers of duplicate). I would think you need desolidification (invisible effects) and you could probably buy down most of the stats to minimum (not INT, EGO PRE I think). You might want multiple duplicates in the event one gets injured and killed (and so a Regen - come back from dead would be valuable here). Thus you would have an illusory duplicate that actually exists and can act independently of the character, looking like it is doing things the character can do. If a duplicate is physically disrupted it can take a while for the main character to get it back together again.... Doc
  7. I didn't mean to confuse. If you think in real life, small walkie talkies have a much lower range than bigger more powerful ones. I reckon talking over radio would carry further than talking in sound waves do and would have the advantage of few folk being able to listen in. Those handsets allow you to listen to powerful enough signals generated 100s or 1000s of miles away, I would not give them more than a few miles range to transmit. It is something not truly covered in comms stuff.
  8. VPP is really the tool for this. My concern as GM would be that the player wants a character with all the options, constantly wanting to be the best in every situation, making the rest of the team redundant.
  9. I find a change of system is often most easily accomplished when a session did not go well because the players felt a bit constrained by the rules. You then go back to the session and say - I would like to try that adventure again with a different system (one you think would handle it better). If you are right you have good evidence that a system change for the next campaign might be a good idea. 🙂
  10. well, your ability to percieve radio is essentially the same as your ability to see light. A dim light source may be effectively invisible to most people but visible to a sharp eyed individual. You would have to make perception rolls to 'see' individual signals. I would charge an adder to make signals transmit images as well as sound. You can buy levels with PER and levels to offset range penalties for folk listening to you (you shout loud).
  11. I quite like the idea of a low level, damage over time, area effect transform which applies an increasingly lower activation roll on inanimate machinery (no personal foci, nothing with INT or EGO). What that means is that things that would once do as they were unopposed to, do not do that, if the activation roll is missed by more than 5 then rather than just not doing what it is being asked to, it may exhibit alternative behaviour. Doc
  12. Just so we are straight, as far as the characters are concerned here, we have a character, or the computer, able to give up to eight people wristbands that allow them to hear and transmit in the radio sense group? I think those people will be in control of the power once they have the band and will be able to give the band to others. The users will also be able to travel away from the owner of the power but will need to be within reach to acquire the power?
  13. You have what is known as a problem that is less than fascinating to the forum! 🙂 I remember looking and thinking, too much thinking, not enough to tickle my imagination. When I have time I will go and look at my books. I think that you have something that allows you to see (but not transmit?) radio group. I need to look at your use simultaneously as to whether those folk would need access to the focus, a focus of their own and how far they can be from you when using it. I would be up for allowing you to buy it through the computer but I think you would find the GM making more difficulty for you to use (you did after all pay fewer points).
  14. One of the things my group does not do is immersion. We often use I rather than my character but it is almost never at a point where I think anyone is unaware that they are playing in a game with their friends. I do think that questioning someone's character actions can be tricky, even when it is within the game rules - we can see that whenever we talk social conflict, where the game system might suggest that a character is convinced of a fact that the player is not... 🙂 Doc
  15. So, less than a week after the USA celebrates getting rid of an English monarch we get this...
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