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  1. Posting here one more time, as I promise not to spend too much time promoting other systems. But if you've enjoyed my work on Hero products before, I'd greatly appreciate you checking out this Kickstarter, which drops tomorrow (!!!) Thanks! dw
  2. Here's the link to the information page: http://explorersofthefantastic.com/explorers.html
  3. No plans for a Hero version now, but if this takes off, who knows? And sure - heel turns happen. dw
  4. Hey all! Just wanted to let Herodom Assembled that I'm doing a new Kickstarter! It starts October 29th, and here's the basic pitch: Explorers Of The Fantastic is a setting book for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, describing an alternate "atomic horror" Cold War of the 1950s and 1960s, where the third bomb the Allies dropped on Japan awoke giant monsters across the world. The Explorers are an organization of "action scientists" wearing matching color-coded jumpsuits and using astonishing technology to capture, contain or kill the kaiju before the Communists can get their hands on them. The amazing advances in science we've made from studying the creatures have given us technological breakthroughs, from ray guns to flying subs and soon interstellar travel! As long as we can survive the monsters, alien invaders and mad scientists, of course! Are you ready for the Fantastic?!? By Jess Nevins, Darren Watts and Jonathan Thompson, from Battlefield Press.
  5. It's Santo and Blue Demon from Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo, which is probably my personal fave. IIRC, it's right before they play a mean game of chess against each other while standing guard at the professor's mansion. dw
  6. Well, hey, thanks for that. dw
  7. Re: Voytek, the Nazi-fighting, ammo-carrying, alcoholic bear My GA players just met him a couple of weeks ago at Monte Cassino. dw
  8. Re: Assuage my fears about the complexity Nobody who uses the word "assuage" in a sentence correctly will find Hero too complex to play.
  9. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. The piece is actually of my GA playtest group. Clockwise from the top, it's Guardian Angel, Raven, Tarot, Justice, Crimson Palm and Doc Rocket. (And no, I didn't commission it, though I think it's awesome- one of the players did.) A great band of heroes, if I say so myself. dw
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Pheemy (on an illustrated Bible from 1953): I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a blond Jesus. Jason: Hey, Jesus wasn't even Jewish until the '70s. Rod: Yeah, him and Sammy Davis Jr. dw
  11. Okay, everybody, this is the last day in the office for most of us before leaving for Dundracon (which officially starts Friday, I know, but we have our Official Corporate Meeting the day before to satisfy the gummint and get our stories straight for the schedule announcements, not to mention the Really Big Stuff we'll be talking about Sunday and Monday.) As usual, that means shipping will be held up temporarily with Jason and Tina out of the warehouse, and while Steve and I will have sporadic internet access we also won't be around to answer questions quite so briskly. So, Snap the Wonder Dog is in charge and everybody be good until we're back sometime next Tuesday. Hope to see as many of you all at the show as possible, and don't forget to tune in this weekend to get the Big News if you can't be there in person! dw
  12. Re: Hero's List That's the most ludicrously one-sided list I've ever seen, and factually wrong at least a dozen times. Comic book portrayals of minorities in general certainly have a lot to answer for historically, but wild claims like this don't help the cause. dw
  13. Re: Hudson City Sightings Well, they're also at retailers in SF is what I meant. Since they shipped from Berkeley, that's not a surprise. Let us know when they show up in your neck of the woods... dw
  14. Re: Hudson City Sightings Well, they're here in SF... dw
  15. Hey all! Thought I'd throw this out to the combined brainpower of Herodom Assembled. I'm working on a villain who can change the size of inanimate objects as her primary power. She primarily uses it to shrink down a bunch of useful items (like rocket launchers and jetcars) to carry in her pockets, but I'm looking for other cool incidental applications of the same concept she can whip out to surprise the PCs. (The base power is a pretty sizable Transform, which heals back rapidly.) I've already got an Entangle based on shrinking a target's clothes or uniform, binding them up, and a couple of other similar nuisance attacks. What can you guys give me? Many thanks in advance- if I use your power you'll be credited, of course. dw
  16. Straight Arrow is in fact a her, a former PC of mine who was later adopted by Riley McLaughlin as a PC for a long-term campaign. She's a trick-arrow-shooting archer with a strong set of Christian beliefs, a happy family life and a generally positive if straight-edge value system (strong CVK, tendency to "mother" and worry about her teammates, general assumption that all will work out in the end.) IRL she was a conscious effort on my part to try playing a character for whom religion was a positive influence, to cleanse my palate after playing a psychotic nutjob "on a mission from God" in a particularly dark Dark Champions game. I used the character again in our con game, "Counter-Clock Conspiracy," and Riley liked her so much that he took her over for a couple of years in our regular weekly game. She was part of an SF-based team then (which also included Proteus, Vigil, Tempest and Shadowboxer) but we moved her to Baltimore in the CU for what was no doubt a very good reason at the time. I'm sure she'll show up in a supplement at some point, but I have no idea when. dw
  17. Several excellent quotes from Derek's traditional "Challenge of the Superfriends" at Kubla Con last Saturday night (and if you weren't there, you must be a commie pinko subversive or something.) 1) The nefarious Legion of Doom developed a ray to steal the Superfriends' powers. This was symbolized in Batman's case by his utility belt unlatching and flying away by itself, which led to several belt-related gags. My personal favorite was, "Perhaps you could develop some utility suspenders?" 2) Mighty Dan Reiley, as usual playing Gorilla Grodd, was watching his teammates in the LoD take a beating. When Derek asked what he was doing next, he replied, "Thinking about quitting and forming my own villain team." A discussion of him recruiting various other super-powered monkeys (like Titano, Mallah, and maybe even Mojo Jojo) into a fiendish team ensued, with various suggestions for names ("How about the Gorilla League of Wickedness? Or P.R.I.M.A.T.E.?") Derek himself topped everybody, though, when he smirked and said, "No, I've got it- the Apes of Wrath!" Said team was immediately voted into the Champions Universe and will probably be appearing in a Digital Hero article soon. dw
  18. Ladies and gentlemen, our new champion: Chris:"Wait a minute. We only need to return one of these creatures (note: horrible venomous alien land-squids that the party's been knocking itself out to capture, at great risk) alive to get paid, right? So we could keep the other, as a pet?" Terry: "I want to name it... Milo." Runner-up: Chris: "Wait. Is this a *fighting* conversation?" Though the actual funniest thing in the game last night was probably Terry silently turning off his comm link while I was in mid-rant. dw
  19. Well, after some debate, the winner of last night's Quote of the Week was actually me: "I don't know if this is going to be a deal breaker, but we *are* going to require that you wear pants." (Said to Jason's Mondabi character, who for various reasons had been running around naked for quite some time.) This narrowly beat out Chris's entry: Upon being asked for an opinion on what we should name our spaceship, he replied, "Something historical. How about 'Bismarck?' " dw
  20. This week's award goes to Chris, for: "In my experience, Neanderthals *always* attack aliens." This replaces the previous title-holder, from Jason: "I made my INT roll, and I've decided to do it anyway." dw
  21. I remember an LoC from a Marvel comic of my youth to this day : "I have a no-prize-worthy explanation for [whatever the continuity error under discussion was], but it involves a town full of Dire Wraiths and probably more subtle continuity than can be reasonably expected." So that's my answer for every error you might find. dw
  22. This is Steve, answering from Darren's computer. That's really a design issue, not a rules issue. Some people do use OIHID for things like powered armor suits; some people prefer other approaches. As long as your GM's OK with it, you're probably all right. Steve Long HERO System Line Developer
  23. This is Steve, posting from Darren's computer. If a power must have a particular Limitation, typically it should take that Limitation separately. However, it's not specifically illegal to take Variable Limitations and always assign part of the VarLim to that Limitation. Whether any particular Limitation, particularly non-standard ones, are allowed is up to the GM. Limitations that alter the number of dice rolled are tricky; it would make more sense to buy a Partially-Limited Power, as described in 5E. Steve Long HERO System Line Developer
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