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  1. Hey all! Explain This, Comics Guys!! ignores the boundaries of time and space by putting up an extra-special early episode, about the early life and career of Steve Ditko! So web-sling over there and check it out! https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  2. Explain This, Comics Guys!! presents a special Giant-Sized episode this week, taking on the snarled continuity of Hawkman!! Gang, if you love inexplicable editorial confusion and stubbornness, then this is your show! https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  3. So the upcoming episode of Explain This, "Hawkman," will be double-sized at 86 minutes. We originally planned to cut it in two but decided it was such a clusterf*ck that listeners should be able to just rewind when we're like "And then Fel Andar reappears in the story..." Wait, which dumb idea was he again? So, you're welcome, comics fans!! dw
  4. Explain This, Hostess Guys!! is now live. We hope you enjoy this very special episode. Note: The cosmic cube can do anything. dw https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  5. Check your calendars, and note that this Wednesday a very special episode of Explain This, Hostess Guys!! will drop, in which we take a break from our regular podcast about Hostess products in order to talk about Hostess comicbook ads. dw
  6. I was working at Arena Stage in Washington, DC in 1990 when he played Troy in Fences there. Absolutely magnetic personality, and always polite and kind to the crew. And of course, crushed the part. RIP, sir. dw
  7. Coming to you live from the battlefields of the Siancong War, it's Explain This, Comics Guys!! This week we take on Floating Comicbook Timelines, or how the relentless march of history has garbled the backstories of so many of our apparently ageless heroes!! https://explainthis.podbean.com/ dw
  8. Glad you liked it! Upcoming topics include "comic book time" and topical references (or, what war precisely did Tony Stark sell weapons for?), and our April Fool's Day special on the world of Hostess ads. We'll be recording a deep dive into the career of Steve Ditko in the next week or two as well, in which he is given appropriate credit for several things people don't remember he invented as well as puzzled shrugs about all the Objectivism malarkey. dw
  9. All gags aside, I'd need a very-active partner in any rpg podcast, simply because I detest D&D-style fantasy as a genre and have zero interest in the products for it, so my awareness of the industry beyond the most basic stuff would not include what, 80-something percent of the marketplace? Unless our specific focus was "So D&D's not for you, what other rpgs are out there?" which would be, to say the least, a challenge to find an audience... dw
  10. Explain This, Comics Guys!! celebrates our 20th episode with Part 2 of The History Of Image Comics!! Misseth it not!! dw https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  11. Yeah, the first version we put up last week went weird for some reason. We put up a fixed version a few hours later. dw
  12. OK, well, this episode is well behind the others in listens after a week. Does everybody hate Image? Are you tired of company dramas? Or was it just a rough week? dw
  13. Hero never came *close* to Vampire in sales. If we were ever "upper middle" it was because there are so many kitchen-table operations. dw
  14. Guns! Pockets! Capes a mile long! Gritted teeth and no feet! That's right, True Believers, this week Explain This Comics Guys!! takes on the History of Image Comics Part One and it's rat-tails and knife-pistols everywhere around here!! https://explainthis.podbean.com/ dw
  15. I have been remiss in not reminding those of you enjoying #WandaVision that Explain This!! did a full episode on Wanda and Pietro and their complicated history way back in August, which you can of course find here: Explain This Comics Guys (podbean.com) dw
  16. OK, True Believers, after even-more-than-usual technical difficulties, Explain This, Comics Guys!! is back on the air with episode #18, DC Does Marvel (And Vice Versa!) This one explains all of the different non-trademark-violating versions of each other's characters the Big Two use to get their respective titans to clash!! Learn about the Eggs-Men!! Thrill to a repeat appearance by Tasker's dog!! And enjoy my unrehearsed response to the death of Blue Jay!! It's all happening at Explain This Comics Guys (podbean.com) dw
  17. Well, anybody besides the very small number of people who have done so... dw
  18. So what could I possibly do to convince you to check out this podcast? dw
  19. After the champagne is put away, maybe take a moment and check out our dopey little comicbook podcast. Our latest episode is "Jack Kirby Vs. The World," in which we discuss how a man so universally admired as an artist and liked as a person kept finding himself battling the people he worked with. https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  20. I think we're going to put up Kirby next week, and I'm currently nearing the end of writing/researching the History of Image, which will take at least 2 eps and maybe 3. Tasker and I are also in the down times recording our character-by-character look at the unsung and misunderstood members of the Avengers. Dunno when those will go up - probably when cons come back and time becomes a pressure again. dw
  21. You've become part of a bigger universe, you just don't know it yet. Explain This, Comics Guys!! returns with the grand finale of our History of Marvel Comics, telling the tale of the Celluloid Age of Marvel! Expect a few more wild swings of fate before we get there, though. https://explainthis.podbean.com/
  22. Hark! The herald angels and whatnot are singing about a Christmas miracle - Explain This, Comics Guys!! has a new episode up a day early!! Please join us for a jam-packed History of Marvel Part IV, featuring Jim Shooter Vs. The World. The glad tidings are over here: Explain This Comics Guys (podbean.com) And you can bring us some figgy pudding over here: www.patreon.com/ExplainThis_ComicsGuys Happy holidays!!
  23. "I’ve wrestled with alligators, I’ve tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning And threw thunder in jail." Sounds like a guy who could fight Superman! This week, Explain This, Comics Guys!! takes on "Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali," certainly one of the strangest and most wonderful comics ever made. Explain This Comics Guys (podbean.com)
  24. There's a new Explain This, Comics Guys!! episode brought to you by our engineering department battling through plague, famine, firestorms, dinosaurs, and walking uphill in the snow both directions! Just to bring you tales of the early days of the Bullpen in Marvel History Part III, so you better appreciate it! Explain This Comics Guys (podbean.com)
  25. Joe Simon, Nick Cardy, Ramona Fradon, and Jack Cole. And lordy, yes second Neal Adams. dw
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