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  1. Our third episode, "The History of DC Comics Part I" drops tomorrow! This one goes pretty in-depth - the first episode ENDS with the release of Action #1, so there's plenty of story before we even get to that. dw
  2. Hey gang! Our second episode, "The Captains Marvel" just dropped. Please check it out, especially if you're a fan of publishers suing each other! dw
  3. Hey all! Long time no see! Just wanted to drop in and let people know that my new comic book history podcast, Explain This, Comics Guys!! began last week with its very first episode, about the history of the Comics Code Authority and the Code itself. New episodes will drop every other week - we've got six in the can already so we have some margin in case of illness, travel or whatever. You can check it out here: https://explainthis.podbean.com/ Thanks! dw
  4. Posting here one more time, as I promise not to spend too much time promoting other systems. But if you've enjoyed my work on Hero products before, I'd greatly appreciate you checking out this Kickstarter, which drops tomorrow (!!!) Thanks! dw
  5. Here's the link to the information page: http://explorersofthefantastic.com/explorers.html
  6. No plans for a Hero version now, but if this takes off, who knows? And sure - heel turns happen. dw
  7. Hey all! Just wanted to let Herodom Assembled that I'm doing a new Kickstarter! It starts October 29th, and here's the basic pitch: Explorers Of The Fantastic is a setting book for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, describing an alternate "atomic horror" Cold War of the 1950s and 1960s, where the third bomb the Allies dropped on Japan awoke giant monsters across the world. The Explorers are an organization of "action scientists" wearing matching color-coded jumpsuits and using astonishing technology to capture, contain or kill the kaiju before the Communists can get their hands on them. The amazing advances in science we've made from studying the creatures have given us technological breakthroughs, from ray guns to flying subs and soon interstellar travel! As long as we can survive the monsters, alien invaders and mad scientists, of course! Are you ready for the Fantastic?!? By Jess Nevins, Darren Watts and Jonathan Thompson, from Battlefield Press.
  8. It's Santo and Blue Demon from Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo, which is probably my personal fave. IIRC, it's right before they play a mean game of chess against each other while standing guard at the professor's mansion. dw
  9. Well, hey, thanks for that. dw
  10. That's awesome for you. I do this for my living. dw
  11. Piles of it - in fact, the Battle of Los Angeles gets its own adventure seed (p. 138 - I recommend using the Xenovores.) However, it's highly unlikely there will be any more Age books, alas - it's pretty clear the market just isn't there. dw
  12. A friend of mine played her daughter in one of my Silver Age games, and she worked great. dw
  13. Thanks for playing it! It's not one I've heard people talk about much. And yeah, Steve wrote most of the book- I did "1001" and the zombie material, and I think Jason did one of the mini-settings as well.
  14. He's my creation, as is the entire chapter, with Steve's editing. However, credit where it's due, it was Steve's idea to make him 666 points. My first draft came in at like 640, and he quite correctly scolded me for it. dw
  15. Much appreciated, gang! I have actually spent the last few days in the GTG office in St. Louis working on a project for Sentinels, so there has been much entertaining trash-talking happening. (What am I doing there? Alas, it's a secret for now, but hopefully not too much longer...) dw
  16. Very kind! Thanks, John - glad you liked it after waiting so long! dw
  17. We've sent them to a number of sites. I never heard of Rock Paper Shotgun before just now, and see no sign that they review non-electronic games at all? Are we talking about the same thing here? dw
  18. OK, genuinely my last try here. Golden Age Champions was a labor of love for me, and I'd have been delighted to do more like it, but without reviews and public support from fans post-Kickstarter sales simply won't happen, and without those the entire operation is pretty much non-viable. So if you have any interest at all in further Hero products like GAC, please go post a review somewhere you buy or get info about RPG products. We're more than two months in and Dread's review above is still literally the only one on the Internet that I can find.
  19. Hey Dread! Much appreciated, and thanks! If you have any interest, I'd be grateful if you could submit that to another site or post it somewhere else on line, particularly anywhere you personally go to get info on rpgs. dw
  20. Really, I don't. Whatever your favorite site might be, counts just fine. Here is cool. ENWorld, RPG.Net, RPGSite, Reddit, pretty much any place gamers gather will help. Any we get can be linked to in other places. But AFAICT we have none several weeks into the release. dw
  21. Gang, online reviews are quite literally the life's blood of online sales. If you liked Golden Age and have any desire to see a Silver Age (let alone a Bronze, Iron or anything else), please please please go put up a review on one or more other sites. I'd love to write more for Hero, but unless we can build a larger audience for the next book I literally cannot afford to. dw
  22. Hey all! Anybody here on the board a Villains & Vigilantes expert, particularly on the mid-80s scenario books and the characters and implied settings therein? dw
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