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    CGlied reacted to Spence in What happened to HERO?   
    So much wrong with this. 
    Basically, if you don't have a lot of free time or don't already have experience in TTRPG then get out of my sandbox.
    Yes, experienced GM's can pick up Hero and literally build anything because they have a frame of reference. 
    But a game company in 2019 doesn't survive on the tiny margin of "experienced in TTRPG GM's". 
    A successful TTRPG company makes new players into experienced GM's by paving the way.
    This philosophy is exactly why Hero has plummeted from the #1 Supers RPG and one of the most well known universal RPG's to virtual extinction.   
    But to be truthful, I a not really up to forum wars and such so I'll just bow out here.  Once the Hall of Champions opens for business I will see if I can turn my concept into reality.  Once that happens we'll find out if I am either a genius or just another idiot tripping over their own feet. 
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    CGlied reacted to grandmastergm in What happened to HERO?   
    When I've evangelized the system at conventions and game stores, I've noticed that the fact that you have to roll low for attacks and high for effects/damage can be off-putting to players familiar with Dungeons and Dragons- I've seen at least 6 veteran players rage-quit the system since I started evangelizing in 2012.  Weirdly enough though, that was not the case for non-D&D players.
    From what I heard, D&D's sales grew like 800% of something crazy like that since the new edition started; and I do think that it has the overwhelming market share.  The trend of RPGs this decade has been to go "rules light," while HERO is certainly rules heavy.  Still, I think HERO's rules do make sense and are detailed enough to cover just about every situation.
    I do think that D&D's class balancing is much better for this edition than the beloved 3rd/3.5, with 3rd edition and 3.5 one of the least balanced RPGs that I played.  4th edition had great balancing, but was too combat-focused and elevated mechanics over RP for at least half the fanbase- which led to its disastrous failure.
    HERO has declined this decade, which is a shame given the quality of the 6th edition.  I think the Great Recession really damaged things, but HERO just doesn't have the visibility of D&D.
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    CGlied reacted to Cassandra in Dbz attack   
    EB Double Knockback with Linked EB Indirect
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