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  1. Natalie Portman to play Thor, and will Jump a Shark on a Motorcycle.
  2. What, do you think soup is a biped?
  3. David Hedison who played Capt. Lee Crane on the TV version of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea passed away on July 18, 2019 at the age of 92.
  4. Sort of a Taylor Swift/Xena haircut.
  5. Much like destroying SHIELD in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the deaths of several major and beloved characters have written the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a corner. They are left with prequels and introducing new, more power, and less interesting characters and we'll end up with concepts like the Inhumans.
  6. i'm going crazy, and I'm taking you with me.
  7. The last time I was this bored I took hostages.
  8. Power Defense and Flash Defense are what VPP are for. We've all scene teams in comics where they villain has a power like a Drain or a Flash that overpowers the team in the first encounter, but then the tech or magician comes up with a way to protect the team so the villain can be defeated. A 5 or 10 Point VPP can cover a situation like this nicely.
  9. Variable Advantages is exactly what you need to buy for your strength. At +1 you can take use Armor Piercing, No END, Invisible [Sight] ("My hands are so face you'll never see the blow").
  10. Tactics is like Deduction for Combat.
  11. Paragon Val Char Cost 50 STR 40 15 DEX 15 25 CON 30 12 BODY 4 13 INT 3 15 EGO 10 15 PRE 5 16 COM 3 25 PD 15 15 ED 10 4 SPD 15 15 REC 0 50 END 0 50 STUN 0 Total Characteristics Cost: 150 Points Cost Skills 3 Conversation 12- 3 High Society 12- 1 FB: Press Pass 2 Navigation [Ground] 12- 3 Oratory 12- 3 Persuasion 12- 2 PS: Newspaper Columnist 11- 2 Rep: Superhero 11- 3 Seduction 12- 3 Streetwise 12- Total Skills Cost: 25 Points Cost Powers 10 Damage Resistance 10 rPD 10 rED 50 Multipower (50 Points) 5 u) Drain [STUN] 5d6 3 u) Entangle 2d6 DEF 2, Based On EGO Combat Value (+1), Takes No Damage From Physical Attacks (+1/4), Works Against EGO, Not STR (+1/4), Eye Contact Required (-1/2) 3 u) Invisibility [Hearing], No Fringe, No END (+1/2) 2 u) Leaping +10", 8x NCM 2 u) Running +5", 8x NCM Total Powers Cost: 250 Points Total Cost: 250 Points 150+ Disadvantages 10 DNPC: Renee Porter, Newspaper Reporter (Normal) 8- 10 Hunted: Cleopatra (As Powerful/NCI/Mild) 8- 10 Hunted: Mastermind (More Powerful/NCI/Watch) 8- 10 Hunted: Ultraman (As Powerful/NCI/Mild) 8- 15 PsyL: Overconfidence (Very Common/Moderate) 20 PsyL: Showoff (Very Common/Strong) 10 SocL: Secret Identity [Parker Adonis Gordon] (Occasionally/Major) 15 Vuln: Ambushes/Treacherous Attacks, 1/2x STUN (Very Common) Total Disadvantages Cost: 250 Points Origin: Parker Adonis Gordon was a Newspaper Columnist who wrote an editorial attacking Ultraman as a danger to society. While most people ignored the editorial Mastermind, Ultraman's arch-enemy was so impressed he offered Gordon superpowers so that he could become a rival to Ultraman. Given powers to count Ultraman's abilities Paragon has gained an undeserved reputation as a Superhero. He's also made an enemy of Cleopatra after attempting to seduced her and taking credit for the captured of Speed Demon. Paragon is an original character.
  12. Energy Blast. The special effect if you can throw anything and it will always return to you. You can buy it as an OAF because you need to pick up an item to make the attack.
  13. Why not just say the duplication was there in the first place? It's what Ultron would do.
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