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  1. Bad Blood would be a good campaign theme for Bernie.
  2. Michael Bloomberg had set up his campaign headquarters in New Hampshire this week in anticipation of scientists he's hired completely a time machine.
  3. Harvey Weinstein threatens to release damaging information about an elected official, receives offers of pardons from three different Governors.
  4. Mitt Romney reveals real reason he voted for impeachment. He wanted to host Saturday Night Live. Claims he's funnier then Richard F. Kneip.
  5. Oh, and Supergirl's heat vision on the TV show.
  6. Joe Biden abandons Presidential Race to run for Senate Seat in South Carollina, claims endorsement by Chinese Leader dead for 23 years.
  7. Ablative Armor, Captain America's Shield, or Wonder Woman's Bracelets.
  8. The rumor is they treat you like a human being. I would love to be treated like a human being, just once!
  9. My first original thought is "I don't like you".
  10. Bloomberg's campaign is hampered by the fact that while it has spent millions on TV ads it's failed to get him on any ballots.
  11. You're right about that. After you've been accused of wanting to give Alaska away to the Russians accusation of cheating aren't going to matter.
  12. Lessons Learned. 1. Money isn't everything. Tom Steyer poured millions into Nevada and came in last. 2. Experiences isn't everything. On paper Joe Biden was the best candidate. A U.S. Senator for over 30 years, and Vice President for 8, he should have been able to make the case he was the most electable. He's been undercut by his personal performance and a crowded field that seems to have made him more desperate and less stable. The result is Biden tied for second place with the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. 3. The past comes back to haunt you. Four years ago there was a perception that Bernie Sanders had the nomination stolen from him by party operatives who had chosen Hillary Clinton instead. Her defeat seems to have proven their judgement wrong and now it's Sanders' turn. 4. Momentum is a thing. Sanders has won the first three contests and the perception he is unbeatable. The opposition is divided and unless they were to unite behind a single well funded candidate for Super Tuesday that perception will the reality.
  13. What right does the DNC have to stop the choice of their voters?
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