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  1. Why am I wasting time talking to you when I have the perfect murder to plan?
  2. Oh, I get it now. It's because of Game of Thrones. Show a few half naked women and the Geeks will come running.
  3. The Flying Tigers famous painted a mouth filled with sharp teeth on their P-40.
  4. Overall, not bad. Nice they're all on the same Earth. But I think the new Stargirl series will be on Earth 2. And Ezra Miller did a cameo which could only help is career.
  5. I think she misses working the Kat Denning.
  6. Last nights Democratic Debate proved one thing above all. Tom Steyer is actually a character created by Donny Most. Welcome back, Ralph Malph!
  7. No matter what time period it is you'll find someone with a sword.
  8. "Swords? Only Girls fight with Swords these days!" The Duke of Wellington in Blackadder The Third
  9. Batman used one of those on the Scarecrow's van in The Dark Knight.
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