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  1. Anyone who wishes to contact me please go to http://cassandra-harbingers-5th-Edition-champions.fandom.com/f
  2. Spider-Man and Batman up at my new site. Ms. Marvel almost complete (I'm working on Disadvantages).
  3. I've set up a new site http://cassandra-harbingers-5th-edition-champions.fandom.com I haven't had much time to work on it, but if anyone wants any help with character design just contact me there.
  4. Batman with Adam West would be the template.
  5. The best part of Four Color Superhero Campaigns is you can reuse the same villains because the heroes always taken them alive. And they get cooperation with the police.
  6. Thanks. I was banned for three months.
  7. Bad Blood would be a good campaign theme for Bernie.
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