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  1. What do I have to do to no longer receive emails?
  2. It will be considered the best DCEU movie ever.
  3. 1. The show is shot in Ireland making it the worst thing to be produced in that country since the DeLorean. 2. A desperate attempt to get Lucky Charms to sponsor the show. 3. Saint Patrick's prophecy of the Irish taking over the Universe in 2200 has come true. 4. The only way they could convince Patrick Stewart to work for CBS is to tell him he's doing Angela's Ashes. 5. The work of Leprechauns. 6. The Irish colonized Romulus. 7. The Writers only watched a Chief O'Brien focused Episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine a
  4. "You want to know how Davy Crockett really died at the Alamo? You have to be over 18."
  5. Wonder Woman (2017) to be set in World War One! Talk about no respect for the fans or the source material.
  6. 60 Active Points Maximum Types Brick Energy Projector Gadgeteer Martial Artist Mentalist Metamorph Mystic Patriot Powered Armor Weapons Master Levels Legend - 350 Points 200 + Disadvantages Superhero - 250 Points 150+ Disadvantages Hero - 200 Points 100+ Disadvantages Competent Normal - 150 Points 75+ Disadvantages Skilled Normal - 100 Points 50+ Disadvantages Normal - 50 Points 25+ Disadvantages Incompetent Normal - 25 Points 0+ Disadvantages Characteristics Legend Characteristics Amazon Superheroine Femal
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