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  1. Well they have NCM in everything as a start- so that's over 200 points, and then do the CVs, but here are some of the characters. Jinx.hdc Psyker.hdc Skystep.hdc
  2. I'm going with a sci-fi rather than mystical route, but it could be changed to a malevolent alien entity rather than a mystical one.
  3. Yeah, some of the players love to think out things while others are more impulsive. Interesting. Do any of you guys have some interesting villains that you'd like to see powered up?
  4. I used Necrull. The PCs had a pretty easy time against him and his minions except one who was vulnerable to the BODY drains.
  5. 6e. I plan on letting it start out easier for the PCs, then ratchet things up for the challenge.
  6. I'll take both. CVs are like 12-14, DCs are 18, and DEF is 35 (non-resistant) and special defenses are around 30-40.
  7. Hello everyone, I was wondering if you have any suggestions for villains that can challenge superheroes built on 1,000 points. Feel free to suggest villains you've used from your own campaigns on top of any existing villains from the Champions source material. The heroes of the world are a group of bio-engineered "humans" that were made by a supervillain (The Kyphotic Man) but freed by a superhero (Caliber). I'm running this campaign in tribute to a late friend's plans to run a campaign featuring these characters. They showed up in the final session of a campaign I played in back in 2014, and one of the PCs was the superhero that freed them. Personally I hate reinventing the wheel, so please post and send what you have to help me out. Thank you all for your help in the past!
  8. Glad you liked it and enjoyed it. Thank you for playing! I had prepared things in case you guys tried infiltration or conning your way into the city, but you ended up going the direct route so I gave you a hard combat. I found that letting players "buy criticals" with heroic action points have worked well for convention games, so I will stay with it. I tried it at a couple of conventions earlier this year and I found that it made the game more fun for new players.
  9. As a house rule, the group I game with plays killing attacks as normal but with a 1/2d6+1 (so d3+1) STUN multiplier which we find works out well as a middle ground between 1d6-1 and 1d3 for the STUN multiplier
  10. I'd make them 400 points, not 300 with 75 points of disadvantages in 6th edition. 300 points is like street-level, or slightly better than that.
  11. I'm excited for U-Con, but I need to finish writing my adventures.
  12. MACE was a blast! I plan on attending next year!
  13. I know there were 2 additional books for that, but Steve & Larry ended up converting it for Savage Worlds due to marketability and greater ease of play with the latter system.
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