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  1. Do you have a deviantart account? Thank you. Let John Becaro know- us players just gave him instructions, pictures, and recommendations.
  2. 11 x 17 picture here This super-team was created by my current Champions tabletop roleplaying group around 2008 or so. It comprises Kabosh (a male demon who bonded with a good witch), Silverbolt (a speedster), Knightman (a power armored vigilante), Nemesis (a teleporting martial artist), the Black Enchantress (a sorceress), and Magic Marker (an artist who can reshape reality). Kabosh and the Black Enchantress were originally villains that were turned to the heroic side by the Li family (a family of metahumans that ran an academy for heroes), while Knightman, Nemesis, and Magic Marker were all students at the academy. Upon graduation, the heroes traveled to New York City and made their home base in Freeport (a fictional district of the city). The campaign has been running for over a decade, although not consistently. The heroes formed a super-team called The Punishers, owing to their harsher and more violent response to mystical, alien, mutant, and technological threats than four-color heroes (Knightman very much behaves more like the Punisher and Batman). Silverbolt joined the team in 2015. She is my character, and was created for another group in 2013 that disbanded a year later. Still, I had a fondness for that character so I brought her into the Punishers. She's probably the most well-adjusted, least violent, and nicest member of the team besides Kabosh's host (who is now a federal agent). Nemesis' player sadly passed away in January 2018, and I commissioned this piece to honor the history of the gaming group and to provide a permanent memory of all the characters. This team portrait was drawn, colored, and rendered by the multi-talented and amazing John Becaro.
  3. Bummer. Yes, there were a few GMs I like to play with (Rich Downey, Paul McNeil, and Shane Harsch) that I wanted to game with, but sadly their games were all sold out. Keep checking, there are always cancellations- if you want to play in the Legacies or the Temple of the 3 Valleys games, I could run those for 7 players. Let me know what I need to do to get you a slot.
  4. I have sold out A Life Less Ordinary, Legacies, Temple of the 3 Valleys, and Juke Joint Jezebel. Revelations 1001 still has 3 tickets left unsold. Anyone on the forums going to play in my games? Just curious.
  5. Storn Cook, Derrick Thomas, and Elissa Cain.
  6. Here are two, Anagram and Adonis- both buffed to 300 points. Adonis.hdc Anagram.hdc
  7. Any chance you could do some color conversions from 5th edition?
  8. Hello, I managed to get my games scheduled at Origins this year. I am not a part of a group, but I will be running a few HERO games at Origins this year. Here is my schedule: A Life Less Ordinary (HERO System, Anime HERO): Some students in Japan acquire great powers and must stop a force of terrifying and insidious evil from consuming their college campus. RPG. 4-6 Players. Wednesday, June 12th from 2 pm - 6 pm. Revelations 1001 (HERO System, Fantasy HERO): The End Times of Book of Revelation are literally coming true in 1001 A.D. Six heroes have been gathered by the forces of light, some of them far more reluctantly than others, to gather sacred artifacts that will help defeat the Anti-Christ and his forces. They must brave terrible monsters and great evil to acquire them, and then shall face the Anti-Christ and his army on the plains of Megiddo. This game is intended to be an entertaining and thought-provoking game, and every effort has been made to treat faith with the utmost respect, and no offense is intended towards anyone's individual beliefs. RPG. 4-6 Players. Wednesday, June 12th from 7 pm - 11 pm. Legacies (HERO System, Champions): You are descended from the superheroes that won World War II. Can you uncover the mystery behind their disappearance? Could it be the work of their old nemeses? RPG. 4-6 Players. Thursday, June 13th from 7 pm - 11 pm. The Temple of the Three Valleys (HERO System, Martial Arts HERO): Set in late-16th century China, a group of heroes from all over the world have come to a village to find a long-lost temple that contains the secrets of martial arts and great riches. They must also use their martial arts skill and superhuman wu shu abilities to defeat a ferocious tyrant and his minions. RPG. 4-6 Players. Friday, June 14th from 10 am - 2 pm. Kazei 5: Juke Joint Jezebel (HERO System, Kazei 5): Set in the anime cyberpunk world created by Susano/Michael Surbrook, a group of mercenaries find themselves in over their heads when they investigate a break-in at a corporate facility. RPG. 4-6 Players. Saturday, June 15th from 10 am - 2 pm.
  9. Thank you. There are some interesting ones from Dark Champions the Animated Series, so I'll post them here once I pass this exam this weekend.
  10. Yes, there are less options that players have for the most part. Newer players tend to find HERO's initiative to be confusing due to the speed chart. The problem with movement is that it's really easy to make a character that moves so fast that he or she can run off the map as a move action. It's much easier to do maps and grid combat in HERO than M&M. There was an optional rule called tactical movement that prevented players from abusing movement, but that tended to cause player bitching. Oh well. I do think M&M is a simpler system and easier for players to learn, but HERO has better combat rules and more interesting flaws/complications.
  11. I disagree, but I do think combat flows faster in M&M- but the movement rules in M&M don't work very well unless you limit them. whitehare.hdc
  12. I disagree. There are quite a number of interesting villains from Dark Champions the Animated Series who are very much like Batman villains. Would you like me to take a stab at White Hare?
  13. I'd say it would depend on the setting and how prevalent & powerful mutants are versus other supers, but yes the standard complication is 10.
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