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  1. I restructured her as the Champions Universe's equivalent of Black Canary.
  2. The canonical one is a weak speedster with a stolen artifact and mask. It would be interesting to have her be a British Champions version of Black Canary, actually.
  3. Which export did you use?
  4. how'd you do the character sheet?
  5. I did see his costume and the PC cereal boxes. They were amazing! I was playing Call of Cthulu: Sorrows in Tsavo, which was an adaptation of the Ghost and the Darkness (the killer lions of Kenya) but with a CoC twist.
  6. I figured it was about Fox Entertainment. But this sounds like a fun campaign.
  7. Did you ever make any characters? Anyone else try to make them?
  8. Hello, I think that the UK deserves to have its superheroes and supervillains fleshed out from the Champions 6e book. Here is a list: I did manage to find Albion in Golden Age Champions page 211. New Knights of the Round Table (membership undefined in 6e) Hyperion The London Watch (Blazon, Yeoman, Repulse, Swift Swallow) Nightwatch (Shade, Drune, Rhiannon, Taliesin) Evergreen Dreamscape Cuchullain Dweomer and the villains: Crusher Thrash Cat Clockwork Black Annis Lamprey Stormcloud Claymore The Redcap Fomorians
  9. You were entirely justified, hence why I referred to them as "bloodthirsty."
  10. 1) A Life Less Ordinary ended with the party breaking up after defeating the malevolent student council. Magical Girl Callisto didn't care much for the bloodthirstiness of the other PCs and left them to fight the demon behind the student council. 2) Revelations 1001 ended with the PCs defeating the Anti-Christ and then speaking with the resurrected messiah that humanity deserved another millennia before the last judgement. Their wish was granted and things returned back to normal 999 A.D. 3) Legacies ended with the new Freedom Legion defeating Baron Von Blackreich and his returned fascist supervillains (the old nemeses in the description), along with their New Reich and Murder Brigade allies. 4) The Temple of the 3 Valleys ended with Feng Wu administering the deadly Dim Mak to his nemesis Minister Mao (the tyrant mentioned in the description) and becoming the new master of the Temple of the 3 Valleys. Sanzo Sakai made sure that only he had the secrets of martial arts though, as he didn't entirely trust the other PCs with them. 5) Juke Joint Jezebel ended with the Black Company and their police cyborg frenemy Obriareus defeating the rogue AI ALEX with the assistance of Jinsei Corporation. They ended up getting paid their standard fee from Gunkoku and their standard fee+bonuses+medical care+new battlesuits from Jinsei.
  11. That's me. It depends on your character. PM me and I can send you the characters if you'd like.
  12. Nice. I kind of want to see Meep on the Borderland or Cereal Killers. I burst out laughing when I read the character sheets on the website. Did you do the character sheets for the cereals?
  13. Hello everyone, Is there a reference for the various Tiger Squad membership and their stats? I know Volume 2, Villain Teams has them in there- but there are only 5 listed. Please post them here.
  14. How did you make those character sheets? Do you have some kind of hero designer export template?
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