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  1. Storn, Would you be able to do a piece in honor of the late David Webb?
  2. Cool. I'm running Avengers vs Orcus (Friday 3 pm), Baron Nihil's Revenge (Saturday 2 pm), and Ghosts of Kamchatka (Sunday 9am). 3 HERO games and 1 D&D 5e game (Throne of Bloodstone Saturday 9 am).
  3. Can you read PDFs? Erg.pdf Kapitan Ukrayina.pdf Kometa.pdf Kuznya.pdf Mamont.pdf Quake.pdf Steel Wolf.pdf Syeryebro.pdf Taiga.pdf The Whip.pdf Waverider.pdf
  4. What do you guys think of these? I'm going to have them fight Mechanon, but I might narrow down the list and improve the builds.
  5. Wow. I am really sorry to hear that. I lost two HERO friends in 2018. One of them was on the forums, I'm not sure about the other one.
  6. Hyper-Man passed away? When? What happened to him?
  7. Good to know. I noticed you have the Gal Gadot version. Nice work! Maybe I'll do the 6e version of your conversions, though I think they'd be at 350-400 depending on the character. And thanks for doing this project!
  8. You should do the movie (2017) version. That one definitely has FAR higher Strength than 15 and DEF than 20.
  9. Are you going to for a Highlander or an Eternals feel?
  10. Anyone attending or within driving/travel distance?
  11. I've never been down to DragonCon. Have you ever been to MACE in Charlotte North Carolina? I'm running 4 HERO games.
  12. I didn't go, but did the convention go well?
  13. Thanks, glad to hear!
  14. Who are Rommy? Cimerorans? Requiem? Nictii?
  15. The highest I've seen in my current group is 18 (a speedster).
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