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  1. Here's Michael Surbrook's character Grenadier for that particular game setting. I actually came up with a HERO adaptation and conversion of the Kerberos Club. Darren Watts worked on a conversion to HERO for the setting but it was cancelled. Ges Seeger also came up with his own adaptation as well.
  2. As I do. RIP and my condolences to his family.
  3. Sadly, they've been going in that direction since at least 2015 (probably earlier given their location in the ultra-liberal/leftist Seattle area)- there was a moronic uproar about a "colonialism" (not necessarily a bad thing) and "racism" (which was false) in Tomb of Annihilation. But I think it's excessive and silly. I think the best call is just to give players and DMs options to run the game. If you want an escapist game where you can fight evil without any moral quandaries, keep alignments and evil races. If you want a game with shades of gray and moral dilemmas, then drop alignments and have no evil races.
  4. Nice, thank you!
  5. Yup, well there is a Doc Grond who is a PRIMUS Agent who played around and ended up like that, but kept his intelligence. And he's also looking for a cure for the condition.
  6. Yeah, it certainly is. And may get worse. But you might have a group that agrees with you. That's fair- he probably would shoot both rioters/cop-killers and bad cops.
  7. To be perfectly honest from you, I come from a family of cops. I recall growing up as a child with the fear that harm could happen to my parents. When I see the sedition, subversion, rioting, and other criminal acts being excused by the cult of BLM, its media apologists, politicians, and members; my blood boils. STOP TREATING COPS LIKE ANIMALS AND THUGS AND TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT. And I'm glad that Fox News is the ONLY network providing any kind of sympathy to police and their families like mine. I'm proud to come from a cop family, I'm proud to be white, I'm proud to be American; and I'm going to proud until I die. I'm sick of seeing this parasitic behavior from the gaming community. These cops would sacrifice their lives to protect us from criminals and terrorists- and yet all I see is an appalling sense of contempt, moronic cynicism, anti-american communist and anarchist sentiments, and flat-out sedition.
  8. And I would be on the Harbinger of Justice's side and with him. There are no excuses for rioting and looting, nor with sedition and subversion against the police.
  9. I'll be running a game in this setting at Origins Online on the weekend of the 19th.
  10. Yes, and I will be running the game the weekend of the 19th at Origins Online.
  11. Kurt Garwood's events are up: Champions UK: The Resurrection of Dr. Destroyer Friday June 19th 7pm to 11 pm Dr. Destroyer died a over decade ago- but now he's come back and he's come to the UK with his eye on Stonehenge. Can the New Knights of the Roundtable stop his nefarious plan? Dark Champions: City of Sin Saturday June 20 10 am to 2 pm In a world of superheroes but one ruled by corruption, disorder, organized crime, and where apathy is the order of the day, it is up to a group of street level heroes to clean up the City of Sin. Champions: Presidential Smackdown 2020 Saturday June 20 2 pm to 6 pm President Franklin Stone was elected in 2016 and is up for re-election. He's up against ex-superhero David Sutherland aka Invictus. Is this simply good vs evil or is all hell about to break loose? Young Americans: Evolution: Sunday June 21 2-6 pm The teen superhero group The Young Americans saved the world in 1987. 6 years later, they've finished college but must re-form the team. Can they stop a destructive war between humanity and mutants?
  12. I think a lot of games have moved online due to the coronavirus quarantines. You should attend Origins Online as it's free. I'm running 4 games that weekend. They're all 6th edition if you don't mind.
  13. Cool, I proposed my games and am waiting on time approvals.
  14. Congratulations! Was it superhero or something else? What happened?
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