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  1. I'd love to but I'm already booked for Saturday night games. Grrrr.
  2. Makes sense. I attended MACE in 2019, as I have a friend in Gastonia who gave me a place to stay.
  3. Sure. What's the best export template that I can use to copy and paste to the boards?
  4. I do hope to attend MACE this year. Did you attend MACE back in 2019?
  5. Hello everyone, Based on the following build for aliens/xenomorph warriors (thank you/hat tip to to Susano/Michael Surbrook), how would you guys build the Praetorians and of course the Alien Queen? Xenomorph.hdc
  6. Do you have the stats for the giant turkey monsters?
  7. I did run it on Roll20. I think there was a listed HERO character sheet set there, which is what I used. It went well- we used Discord for audio and roll20 for tabletop.
  8. It went well. I suppose I could do something like that.
  9. So who is attending? PM if you had any issues and I'll get you the right links. And the convention starts in less than a week!
  10. Sure, please send me a PM with your email. Yeah, they're in the game but not listed on the game page.
  11. I think I'll post them on the discord, although they are actually posted in the roll20 site. Speaking of which, I do need to actually stat out the antagonists at some point.
  12. Yeah, I had hoped for Friday but they scheduled me for Saturday. Oh well. Looks like the 17th/this Saturday.
  13. The characters have been already made. I'll be happy to send them to you if you'd like?
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