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How to repair a damaged Hero 6e1

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Well I finally tracked down a "reasonable" priced copy of 6e1 and I took the plunge right before Christmas. When it came in I was horrified that the entire book had ripped away from the cover! Nothing else is damaged - and from what I have read in older posts this is a fairly common issue with this volume since it is so heavy and only being held together by the inside sheets of glued paper.


So before I do something I regret - has anyone attempted to repair their 6e1? I want to repair it if possible rather than separating the sheets and putting them into plastic pages.


Typically when this happens with my other older books, I apply a lot of Gorilla wood glue and rebind the book back with the cover. After a couple of days, it is almost like new (maybe even better than before). But with the weight of 6e1, I was worried that if I glued the spine down flat, it would just rip apart again when I tried to open the book back up to the middle section (since there would be no flex).


I have also started to look into some companies that offer book rebinding/repair. Has anyone gone this route with good success? If so - can you give me some recommendations and approximate cost?


I guess I could always break the book apart and have it coiled - but man this would really sadden me. There simply has to be a better way to restore her back to her original beauty.


Thanks guys,


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The only way I know to really answer this question is to suggest you locate a bookbinder and see if they can repair it.  This may be a moot point as they are getting more rare everyday.  The last one I knew of in may area closed a while back.

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When I started buying all the .pdfs of the Hero books, I looked into how to bind them myself and came up with all kinds of interesting ideas. As far as preparing an existing binding, there is s specialty binding tape that re-sets the binding and the first page. Here's an example of how it works: http://www.wikihow.com/Repair-a-Book's-Binding   I have a friend who likes to do book binding repairs, and he says it's not really all that hard. Also, it is possible to simply add more glue to the existing binding: http://www.philobiblon.com/bkrepair/BookRepair.html   The main problem with this idea is that the paper cover liner in the 6e books is not the strongest and tends to tear, making the extra glue irrelevant.


​I know I'm going to have to repair my 6e1 soon, and I plan on doing an entire binding replacement with the double-sided and hinged tape. I'd suggest practicing on a junk book first! If you get to it before I do, please post your results!


P.S. They make specialized glue for this process which stays flexible with age. That's part of the problem with the original 6e books: bad glue and bad liner paper. All the equipment is available at a reasonable price (compared to the cost of the 6e1 book!!!!!).

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