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  1. But I want to see the suit automatically deploy the step stool every time there is a shot with Cruise and woman in the same pic.
  2. Incorrect interpretation on both assumptions. First there was no assumption of infinite free energy. The Federation was extremely efficient with energy, but repeated episodes revolved around the need to acquire or protect energy resources. One example is the pergium in "Devil in the Dark". There are others involving Dilithuim which was rare can could not be replicated. The second assumption of an infinite source of free goods. You could replicate things as long as you had the requisite raw materials. This came up several times in Voyager and I remember the grumbl
  3. OK, seriously how did you pull this off? Are you "converting" 5e characters?
  4. Some might say too much. I remember playing it when it was new. I still think FASA going with Battletech instead of Centurion was a mistake. But we lost interest when the game shifted and added the clans. But back to BT. I was never able to get back into it because of the way the material is organized (or not organized).
  5. So, I never was able to like podcasts because every single one I tried was a disjointed, rambling unplanned mess. The host/speakers too fond of their own voices and telling unexplained in jokes and other garbage to a degree that they were torture rather than entertaining or informative. I noticed this thread a few days ago and when I didn't have a book to listen to on my commute I decided to give it a try. You may have single-handedly brought podcasts into my view as something useful and enjoyable. There are only two episodes left and I will have listened
  6. I voted the third option, but I would lean toward a setting that happens after WW3. Earth has slowly climbed away from extinction on a ravaged planet. The population will no longer tolerate even the appearance of large government bodies so currently Earth is a very loose confederation of small independent villages, towns and small cities. Both on earth as well as in the rest of the system. 500 years before now on one of the early post war expeditions to the moon in an attempt to recover technology from one of the old lunar bases, they instead discovered a crashed ali
  7. In this case, she doesn't need a costume. Just activating her powers will activate a "costume".
  8. Too bad. The new storylines are meh at best. And..There's a new Netflix Hawkeye show??? I thought Disney had pulled back all their titles in house.
  9. I wouldn't say backwards, rather approaching from the traditional everything is pre-built RPG direction. Traditional RPGs try to be pre-balanced and present the players with all the choices canned and ready to use. Since your options to build a PC are pre-defined, most people flip through the rulebook selecting "cool options" and then tack on as many as they can using them to "define" the character. HERO is different. I always advise new players to write up their character concept and abilities in plain language. Don't look at the book during this process.
  10. Thanks, but I'm not ready for another pay-stream site. I'll have to wait until I can find it either on media or one one of the sites I am already a member. There is a ton of Rugby. I just deleted over 40 matches because my DVR was overwhelmed. Two Australian Leagues (Super League and Premiership) plus the UK league. They were playing before soccer restarted.
  11. Aarrggghhhh.....the one place I cannot go.
  12. Small thinking. It is the spirit world and there are such things as spirit guides and such. A spirit guide in the form of a great panther with just enough CGI to add a fleeting glimpse of the human face of T'challa, and you're good. After all, this is Shuri's new path, not the old one. I have enough faith in Marvel Studios to believe they can do something in a tasteful manner.
  13. And it was an excellent wiki.
  14. Or she could prove herself "worthy" by discovering another path to the spirit plane. And I don't see any hard fast reason she cannot see T'Challa in the spirit world.
  15. Here is the link for the old tracker. https://www.herogames.com/files/file/202-the-hit-list/
  16. I don't have a solid answer, but there is a sharp divide between 1st through 5th edition and 6th edition. I don't think the polls as written here are really a reliable indicator because you get a lot of "I picked X because Y but I really would have preferred Z". I play more D&D 5th than anything right now, but it is my least favorite RPG. I didn't see any navigation tabs, drop-downs or well anything navigation so I don't really know what you are trying to do. But if it is intended to be something like the Forgotten Realms wiki, once you add something like their "Portal
  17. I loved the old Scout campaigns. Before they actually published their setting. No problems with players buying and reading all about things and than acting like their PC doesn't know. True exploring the unknown.
  18. Sorry about that, I was unclear. I didn't mean that the CW's teen melodramas have anywhere the ratings of other networks or that the DC TV shows were as good as the Marvel shows like Daredevil or Jessica Jones. What I mean is they don't need to. The CW needs teens to watch it. And they do. CW packs in enough teen angst melodrama fans across all its programming to easily meet its goals. Supergirl is a prime example. Pretty much a failure for its original network, but a success for CW. You don't have to be the biggest, you just need to have as much as you can h
  19. For the general population. But CWs shows, DC plus all the rest do extremely well for their target audiences. Everything they have is a Teen Melodrama/Soap. From that angle they are leading the TV pack.
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