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  1. So I picked up the Affinity publisher a little while ago. It has a really reasonable price plus it was on sale. I haven't had time to do much with it yet though.
  2. Same here. We also had Heroes trying to "aim" the target into things with knockback. It's superheroes and the game is supposed t be flexible. We are not playing D&D or worse Pathfinder. Not having a detailed rule doesn't mean it can't happen.
  3. That was odd to me until I thought about it. Then I realized I had noticed that feeling among D&D/Pathfinder players. I haven't been a regular D&D type in decades and PF just makes me nauseous. Most of my players come from games like Call of Cthulhu or GUMSHOE and seem to be much more open to long term development. I don't know how I could run a longer term campaign without a good recurring main villain these days.
  4. Shazam was never my cup of tea so I tend to completely forget that movie. But yes, it easily stands in the upper ranks of superHERO movies. As much as it pained me to admit that
  5. I do as well with my qualifier being "good world building". The vast majority of comics confused that with "grim dark dark grim scuzzy heroes are really villains blood splat blood". Batman was never a hero, he was a vigilante. But DC screwed up by not only trying to portray him as a hero, but grime'ing up all the other actual heroes. Marvel was pretty much the same. You can have a Hero in a bad place, but they are still heroes. But the morons writing them were all about making them "relatable" or "realistic" and ground the whole hero concept right out of them. I read several non-comic graphic novels. They are not superHERO comics. They are graphic novels. I have enjoyed several of the comic based movies as well as one or two of the non-comic based ones. Superman portrays an ideal, not a real person. When a self professed hater of the superhero concept makes a superhero movie, you shouldn't be surprised when Superman becomes indifferent killer man. I actually liked Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The Batman version was not bad. Flash was meh. The actor picked could have played a good Cyborg, but the version they made just pulled a "what the heck" out of me. Overall the DC movies with Superman have gotten worse each time, with Justce League only being dragged back up to the cliff edge overhanging the abyss by Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I really liked Cavill in the part, I would just like the part to be Superman.
  6. 1st, yes. 2nd, Superman is an easy character to make a movie of, but first you have to actually read a Superman comic. Normally I'd say ignore anything after the 80's, but to be safe ignore anything after the 70's. A weak writer slapping together a poor excuse for a story and then pasting a character and calling it Superman does not make a Superman story.
  7. Comics didn't fail because of developing canon. They fails because the creators completely lost sight of what a comic was and spun out into idiot land. For me the Mega cross-over didn't kill my interest in comics, they simply failed to to re-kindle any interest years after P-poor story lines had already made me abandon regular reading. Every once in a while I swing by ye old comic emporium to see if anything appears. So far only disappointment.
  8. Perhaps someone that has actually read a Superman comic from the time they wrote superheroes and not material after they stopped writing comics will direct? The modern graphic novels about indifferent bloodsplaterman have been disappointing at best. But then we are talking follywood and DC movies here....
  9. But far less camp. I think more like the 1950's Superman serials, police relations'wise.
  10. This! This is where the long term epic Champs game came from. The archenemy was never pre-planned, they developed from one of the recurring villains in the game. Plus, law enforcement are glad to see the heroes arrive. When I think superHEROES, this is what comes to mind.
  11. Can you give any idea of general needs for the pre-gens? Any guidelines, complications, or power/skill restrictions?
  12. I have an intro mini-campaign i am in the process of trying to make publishable for Hall of Heroes (maybe). I had stopped due to misunderstanding HoH requirements. It is a serial robbery campaign featuring GRAB and it is built using the 5thEd version from Conquerors, Killers, & Crooks. I've pretty much completed it in Spence lingo but will need to run it through a formal playtest. I have run variations of this since 3rd ed off the top of my head. But a version for public use requires an organized and coherent writeup. Which you know far better than I do. The hardest thing for me is player pre-gens.
  13. Tops going fast, but my beard is coming in just fine
  14. I am definitely not an artist but I can put together character write-ups. Like steriaca ask, what general concepts do you need and where are they. Helps with fleshing out backgrounds.
  15. Outcast friends? But fair enough. I've taken that stance on more than one show myself.
  16. May have been slightly early. It was the just the standard "new girl/guy trying to fit into new school" drivel in comics featuring a teen hero. A nod quickly passed. Like has been said, the show actually turned out to be decent with a good possibility it will be good. Of course it is very possible that they only teased a good show and it will quickly go down the drain. But I am hopeful...
  17. Ah.... I always thought she displayed a discerning level of good taste in supers. I thought it was a reference to something specific about Stargirl.
  18. In the end, Hero has a lot of moving parts and options. One thing I have done that was successful in introducing new players to a RPG (not just Hero) is to do a "practice" intro using their second character concept. I explain that with all Hero's options it can take a try or two (or more ) to actually get the effect you want. Making a practice character and then playing an encounter or two will help them actually build the PC they really want. Hero is one of those games that is truly easy once you grok it, but is also a "chicken or the egg" type of game where you can't really understand how the build rules work in building a character until you play an encounter which you can't really do until you build a character A run through demonstrating how the powers work in play really helps.
  19. A criminal gang pulling jobs such as GRAB (Black Diamond, Bluejay, Cheshire Cat, Hummingbird version) in the Champions Universe. Criminals and super-fights not grim dark and blood splatter. Recurring villains....
  20. I read through and mostly ignored the dice values listed since that is pretty much up to the GM and their personal decision on point caps. By saying 12d6 you ensure that new PC's will have 12d6 attacks. If you said 10d6, they would build to 10d6. I do have a couple small comments. You said: This might imply that Energy Blast always affects ED. EB can be designated to affect either PD or ED. Also there is not mention that the game power names (Darkness, Energy Blast, etc,) are simply a way to identify the game mechanic effects. While Darkness can be bought for the obvious effect of making an area dark, it can also be used to create an area where one can see easily but has no sound. You might want to include a paragraph explaining how to determine a potential ability/power's end game effect and special effects and then look at which game mechanic/powers actually achieve the concept. Consider the Flash (or any speedster), in the comics we see him run past a line of thugs, punching each one in a flurry of super-speed punches. Trying to buy up the PC's speed to the point they can punch out 10 or 12 henchmen is far too expensive. So what are we really doing here? Flash is punching each thug as he runs past at super-speed. As an example: Super-Speed Punches: 3d6 EB (vs PD) Area Affect (line), only in hexes Flash moves thru in this phase, selective target. Lets say Flash has 20 inches of Run. I move Flash 10 inches through the bank, ensuring I move adjacent to as many robbers as I can. Then at the end of my move I attack with Super-Speed Punches and do 3d6 to every mook I had moved past, yes because it is selective target you will have to make a separate attack roll for each mook, but Flash isn't sloppy. Rules requirements are met. move half and then an attack ending my phase. Narrative description of my turn: Flash unleashes and torrent of super punches as he zips past the bank robbers. Somewhere in your paper I would try to convey this concept. If you don;t then you will miss out on some truly creative Heroes and mostly see straight power buy blasters and smashers. Just a thought triggered by my own failures to get the concept across to new players
  21. Well, it is possible they have realized the downside of a "shared universe" and will leave this one separate. Maybe not likely, but it is possible....
  22. Looking toward post-panic. My FLGS closed its doors 3 weeks before C19 hit, so I have found myself without a gaming location. I do have a small group of friends that I game with on an irregular basis, though it looks like we will have the opportunity to game a lot more in the future. They were owners of the FLGS and as seems to be the case with game shop owners, their free time to game goes down drastically . Normally I have been running games with a horror content using Chaosiums Call of Cthulhu or Pelgranes GUMSHOE. A while back I got Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for D&D 5th Edition and have put together a game for after the panic with some friends. Hero: my rules preference is 4th, 5thR and then a distant 6th. I have far more resources for 5thR (extra books etc) than the other editions. D&D: I prefer 5th Ed or even AD&D but just cannot play D&D 3 point whatever (Pathfinder) or D&D 4th. Worse than GURPs in rulebook tonnage. Call of Cthulhu: I prefer CoC 7th Ed using Down Darker Trails, Pulp Cthulhu. I can play or run it, but I do not prefer Purest Mode. I have Achtung! Cthulhu (CoC 7th) and am looking forward to Dark Ages Cthulhu (under whatever title they pick). GUMSHOE: Fear Itself, Nights Black Agents, Fall of Delta Green and period modes are favorites. Looking forward to Swords of the Serpentine when it releases. 2d20: A newer system that is actually a lot of fun. The base rule system has been adjusted meet the needs across a wide selection of settings. Rather than trying to be a "general one size fits all" rule system, the core rules are modified to fit the setting and really handles action well. I own and have run 2d20 Conan and 2d20 Star Trek Adventures. I also have 2d20 John Carter of Mars. I have not been able to run it because it is very setting specific and really needs the players to understand the game world and it is far too much to ask someone to read a 190 page book . This post is mostly looking to see if there are any Hero types in my area open to a game or two, just chatting or maybe a pint after the panic ends.
  23. I noticed a commercial for a CW show called DC's Stargirl and recorded it. I record a lot of shows that tend to swirl the toilet these days. I watched it last night. I had to check the calendar to see if it was really 2020 and then see if I was awake and overcome suspicions I was in a coma or something. A CW Supers show that wasn't grim grim dark dark keeping time by bashing me in the forehead with its AGENDA!! 2x4. It has been a long time since I can remember reading a comic with Stargirl and I was pleasantly surprised. It's been over twenty years since they stopped making comics so I had to refresh myself on the character, but I think this TV attempt shows promise. As long as the idiots at the studio don't decide to "update" the story to be "relevant and edgy", or as I know it "crap all over the story in order to promote a personal agenda". I added this show to my DVR, hopefully the first episode indicates what the entire series will be like.
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